Imaan Hammam reveals her Fenty outfit for The Fashion Awards | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

She is ready to party. Let’s do it. Hi, Vogue! Come in. I’m Imaan Hammam, and tonight I will be getting ready
for The London Fashion Awards. I’m so excited to see
what I’m wearing tonight. Look at this. Look at this! We’re in my room,
getting my nails done for tonight. Hair is done already. I’ve been in a chair
for six hours braiding my hair. That was last night. No sleep, but we’re here. We’re trying my outfit for tonight. There are plenty of outfits here,
ready for me, made for me. Thanks, Ri! I met Ri… Sorry, I call her Ri. …at the Fenty x Puma show. She asked me to walk for her show,
and I was like: Yes. I definitely got a little goosebumps and I was super excited
and a little bit nervous. Since then, we just became
really good friends. She was there with Jahleel,
creative director of Fenty. Hey, Vogue. I am looking at the rack
and I’m already obsessed. My favorite option for the red carpet is this backless suit
that has yet to be seen by anyone. Fitting normally takes
around two to three hours. Sometimes there is a seamstress
and we have to… make it a little tighter in some places,
or change the silhouette… My go-to red carpet is definitely,
I like to be comfortable in an outfit. I love suits. I feel like a woman in a suit
is just so sexy. I’m excited to just see
all my girlfriends, the people that I work with, as in Anna Wintour
is gonna be there tonight, Edward Enninful… After that, there’s the after party. My favorite for the after party
is this wrap skirt. And I want to take this turtleneck
and just… give you a little crop.
-Like a crop top with a skirt? Yeah, so you’re super sexy,
but still elegant. You’ll be super comfortable, and it’ll move really great
throughout the night. -Let’s go.
-You ready? -Let’s try this on!
-Let’s do it. -I’m coming!
-I want to see. Let’s go. You look so good. I’m so excited I cannot. -It looks amazing on you.
-Oh, my God. I could not have a better muse. Guys, I’m so… -Have a look behind.
-Yeah. This is like my dream look,
I would wear this every day. I love it with those shoes. -This is the look, guys.
-I feel like this is the winner. I’m sold. For sure. For the after party…
It’s a little showing. Wow. Wow… So good. The leg… This is so hot. Everything just fits perfect. Amazing. All right, guys,
we’re getting a neck mask. Because, you know,
that neck gotta look good. I look crazy for sure. As you can see,
my makeup and hair is done, and it’s time to go to the Awards. But first,
I got to try on the look one more time. Come with me. I’m dressed and ready to go. We’re doing the final touches, fixing the outfit, doing a little highlighter on the chest, and especially the back
because it’s open. Yeah, I think I’m ready, guys. Thank you for spending
this beautiful day with me. But it’s time to go now. Bye.

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