I Went To The Bridal Salon From “Say Yes To The Dress”

(upbeat music) – Risk is essentially
anything that could go wrong and in the corporate space, we do risk planning to really make sure that we stay out in front of any possible barrier to
the successful delivery of the project, so it could be having resources that aren’t made available
when we need them to do certain activities, it could be a contractor who doesn’t deliver a piece of the project on time, and, you know, the key
to our risk planning is making sure that, as a project manager, you’re asking those questions and looking for those things so that you are identifying them early and have the time to do the planning around mitigation plans that could either head off the risk before
it comes to fruition or, if it does happen, that you have a contingency plan that you can implement to keep the project moving forward. – That’s certainly, risks
are a significant situation we all look at, which you know, we’re talking a little bit about threats and you have those, you have the threat which is a negative probability, you know, something negative happening, but also the opportunities which are not often sometimes, but if you can find one, you
need to export it of course. My experience dealing
in defense contracting, in that industry, we had great risk because our product, the products that I was responsible for, must
meet certain little specs, and they were very tight tolerances, and extremely significant
layers of testing. I mean, you know, multiple hours, various chambers, various atmospheres that they had experienced. So great risk involved in
some of the sub-components that you would get from
a sub-tier supplier, that they have to meet those specs, and if they did not meet the proper specs, then I had a risk because
I get false readings on tests, etc. Also one of the biggest
challenges that I’ve faced, I had five sole source sub-tier suppliers because of the proprietary
ownership of that component, and each of the shortest lead time I had on any of those suppliers was 20 weeks. So you see the risk there to schedule. If they’re behind, if for anything, so I had to develop a major risk register, which I tracked, and also you would basically have categorized all your risks, which are the greatest
catastrophic type of situation you can develop risk responses to that. And you have others which were lower risk, you put like on a watch list. You know, if this happens,
it may delay a week. But if this happens, it
could shut the program down. So you gotta be aware of all those, and you have to manage those risks. And the last thing I’d say is
risk management is iterative. You know, it’s a cycle that never stops, cause there’ll be risks once
you develop a risk response and you implement that,
and then you determine the success of that response, sometimes you have second
and third order affects to that response that create other risks, or maybe opportunities, you don’t know. (laughter) But and the quality aspect
was some of the greatest risks I faced.

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  2. My mom always would tell me weather or not something “made me look slender” and I understand that she wants me to feel good about myself but her saying that just made me think that I wasn’t actually “slender” but instead, needed close to make me appear slender. When Kirsten said that they told her the dress made her look slender I just thought about how I would react to someone saying that to me. I would most likely put the dress away and look for something else.

  3. Anyone else realizes the subtitles are for a completely different video? It talks about project managers and implementing contingency plans xD

  4. Aww i wish they would have let her film the appointment kinda like say yes to the dress she deserves an episode tbh! But oh well still beautiful dresses!

  5. I know how you feel and I’ve watched many videos about you being self conscious about your size, but my God you looked beautiful in that second dress!!! But that 3rd dress was stunning!
    Tbh, you could wear a paper bag and you would look beautiful because you have this beautiful personality that shines through when you smile! And I’m sure you will be beaming ear to ear that day!!
    Sending prayers and positivity for your big day!

  6. I’d be pissed if a random person told me my outfit looked “slenderizing,” because I think we all know what that really means.

  7. I'm watching this in 2018 with the closed captioning on, and I have a question. The captions have nothing to do with what this video is about. I can hear just fine, but it makes me wonder how many non-hearing people watched this video and were just confused the whole time.

  8. Nobody can make a woman (of any age or size) look like a slutty, trashy, street-walking pole dancer quite like Pnina!

    Oops…did I say that out loud?? 😀

  9. Does anyone know who designed the dress that was in the shop window at the start? The one with black details on it? Thanks!

  10. I was just watching say “yes to the dress” and I’m obsessed with it. You look so amazing in these dresses!!

  11. My favorite was dress #2 but totally understand the boob thing, I thought you were gorgeous in each, though. And btw, super jealous of your amazing hair! Best wedding wishes!💜

  12. That last line is so accurate. When they brought out the dress I ended up picking for my wedding, I hated it on the hanger. Once I put it on, it was a whole different story!

  13. This was in my suggested on YouTube and I laughed so hard. Bc the only 2 things I’ve been watching on YouTube lately are say yes to the dress clips and ladylike😂😂😂🙃

  14. I love this video 😍😭 i am a huge fan of Say yes to the dress, randy and every say yes spinoff.. the gown you loved looked gorgeous!!

  15. I've seen this video at least 15 times but i never realized that THE FIRST DRESS LOOKS JUST LIKE MINE :O Except mine has sleeve-ish pieces that are over-the shoulder. I love it ///^.^///

  16. I don't know if it's just my computer or my browser, but the closed captions for this video are not remotely what this video is about.

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