How You Can Profit From This Massive Secular Trend…… | #ShiftsHappen #GX #GXISTHENEWFX

Hey everyone Shorupan here I’m the CEO
and co-founder at Global Xchange. In this video I want to address a topic
that’s really changing the way people think about money and this trend has
been existing for a couple decades now we’re the largest institutions in the
world along with cutting-edge startups have tackled this one issue how do we
digitalize money and many schools of thoughts have emerged to tackle this
issue you have on one side cryptocurrency enthusiasts like us who
believe that it should be a decentralized protocol that governs this
transition and then you have other companies and other institutions who
believe it should be a more centralized approach whether you fall into it either
one of these schools or thoughts that’s irrelevant because what I want to
present to you today is an opportunity to monetize on the greatest paradigm
shift of your generation shifts like this don’t come along very often this is
one that will change the fabric of the way the economy functions and although
these may seem large and out of reach topics at Global Xchange we’ve spent
months studying exactly how individuals can position themselves to benefit off
of this incredible paradigm shift and I want to share that with you in a webinar
that I’m hosting where you can get it under the hood look of this transaction
the tools that we’ve built that will assist you in monetizing it and also how
you can position yourself to make this transaction the biggest one of your life
we think this is something that everybody should get educated on as it’s
happening with or without anyone no matter what anyone wants it is so
powerful and it’s something that you need to know about so I’m excited for
you to learn about it and I’m even more excited to see what you do with this
powerful information

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