HOW TO TIE YOUR DRESS (2019 clothing hacks)

hi I’m Savannah from LuLaRoe Savannah
Phillips and today I’m going to show you how to knot a Luluroe Carly but before I get
started make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell so you don’t miss out
on any of our fun videos. The Carly is our swing dress super fun swing dress
sometimes you just want to knot it to give it a little bit of extra detail so
today I’m going to show you several ways to tie your Carly in fun little knots to
tie all these knots you need some hair ties hair ties rubber bands almost all
of us have some hair ties around so for these I’ll be using hair ties so
that knot that I just had a second ago with that flower knot that’s the first
one I’m gonna be showing you you gotta pull up your Carly a little bit in the
back to give you a little bit extra to work with but you’re gonna make a real
big kind of ponytail here and tie your first a hair tie it over that now we
make them pretty tight just so that they don’t move okay once you’ve got this big
long the ponytail you’re gonna open that up nice and flat all the way around
that first ponytail and then you’re gonna take your second one and wrap it
around that first knot in the center puff it out a little bit and you’ve got
your little flower not for this next knot if you have done your
hair in a bun your hair in a ballet bun type thing that’s what we’re gonna be
doing so you again need to pull up that Carly on the back just a little bit
gives you a little bit more material to work with it makes it a little bit more
of a tunic style around the back as well so you’re gonna pull it into the big
long ponytail here and then spin it and spin it and spin it and spin it just
like if you’re gonna do a ballet bun on the top of your head you wrap it around
and around just like that again use your hair tie all the way around that one and you’ve got your ballet knot
so this next knot is super easy if you’re used to just tying your knot that’s
all it takes so I use this type of knot for when I
it’s knot all my shirts as well you’re just gonna pull your Carly up in the
back a little bit again give you that tunic style pull it nice and long kind
of like a big long ponytail and simply tie a knot
super easy knot if you’ve got this little tail you just tuck that in and it
makes it like a little rose knot some days you just want that perfect
tunic whether you’re wearing leggings or jeans and so this one I’m going to turn
it into a tunic a bit you want to pull it up nice and high on your
backside and then you’re going to get two two sections here to tie with so just
pull them in nice and tight until you’ve got those two sections closer to your
body and then you’re just going to tie a knot and then one more knot to secure it
and that brings your Carly up turns it into a little bit more of a tunic you
can Roush in the back perfect long tunic made out of your Carly and one morek not view I love that flower
one because it kind of cascades down so we’re gonna play off of that idea but
instead of doing the more intricate flower we’re just going to , we’re just going to wrap it around kinda like a bun and then tie it
off with your hair tie still gives it that fun little cascading hook put a
nice simple knot thank you so much for watching my video
on how to knot a Carly dress if you have any questions leave them in the
comments below and make sure to subscribe and we’ll see you next time

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