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different types of blazers. So we have seven different
types of blazers for you to give you some inspiration as to how you can style them for the office. Before we jump in, don’t forget to hit that big red Subscribe button, and to hit the bell to be notified every single time I post
a new video every week. Okay, so let’s jump into
the seven different ways that you can style a blazer. The first one we’re gonna
cover is a little bit more unconventional, and
that is the leather blazer. So you can wear leather at the office if it looks presentable and acceptable. In this case it’s got
that nice blazer shape, a little cute peplum type of blazer look. It sits right on the hips
and is a little bit cropped so it’s not too long,
and it styles beautifully with different types of suits. In this case I styled
it with a pencil skirt and a blouse underneath. As long as the rest of your
outfit is corporate looking and professional, you can
always throw on that blazer for a little touch of edge
with your office outfit, and that little extra
touch of glam as well. I love mixing the black blazer as well with black palazzo pants,
or black flared dress pants, because the black in the dress pants tends to be a different shade of black than the black on the leather blazer. So it gives a contrast,
it gives a different interesting dynamic feel to it, and it really looks professional for work. To the leather blazer, you can always add a really cute clutch
or a nice professional square looking bag for the office to tie the leather in together. So you have the leather in your handbag with the leather in your
blazer to pair things together. Or if you don’t carry a handbag, maybe you want to wear a pair of leather high heels or shoes. It can always be vegan leather. This is a faux leather
blazer that I’m wearing in this picture here. But, whatever you have on hand, whatever is easy for you to get access to. Pair that leather with another element of leather in your
outfit, and you’ll be able to tie it all together, and make it look seamless and awesome for work. The second blazer look is a long blazer. I love a long blazer because
I think they are so chic. They elongate the body, they make you look super sophisticated, and they pair nicely with a lot of different garments for work. This is also a great one that you can wear to the office on casual Friday because it can add that
touch of professionalism to a very casual outfit. So in this look I simply
paired my long blazer over a black t-shirt and
a black pair of jeans. It’s perfect for that casual Friday. Really easy to throw on, and keeps things looking
elegant and simple, and sophisticated at the same time. If you want to dress
it up one step further for Casual Friday, add a cute boot heel, or maybe a nice pair
of statement earrings, and you’ll be able to finish off that really professional
look for your casual Friday. So a long blazer again is so, so elegant and very flattering on the figure, because it hits the
curves at the right spots. So, it cinches in at
the waist a little bit to give you that illusion
of a smaller waist, and it falls onto your
hips very seamlessly, giving you that nice
hourglass shape on the back. So if you are somebody
that doesn’t really have an hourglass figure or you have more of an athletic looking body, what you can do to give yourself a little bit more curves if you’d like is throw on that long blazer to give you that perfect seamless hourglass look. The third type of blazer that we’re going to talk about today is
the double breasted blazer. Not only are these blazers super trendy but they are very flattering
on the figure too. So because they tend to
be a little bit longer than just hitting you at the waist, they tend to sit more around the hips, it’s also going to elongate your torso. You’re going to look super elegant in it, and it’s an easy way for
you to incorporate a trend into your office wardrobe. Because it’s also, it’s one
of those trendy timeless items that you can wear for a really long time, because it is a blazer, even
though the double breasted is currently really in. So how I paired this
blazer was with a pair of cigarette pants, very
simple cigarette pants. Because it allowed me to give myself that really nice hourglass
shape once again, because it does hit a little lower without being too, too
revealing at the office at the same time. So I love a great double breasted blazer with a nice cigarette pant. I have also worn this
double breasted blazer with long flared dress
pants at the office. But sometimes I feel like that look is maybe a little bit
too baggy for my figure. But if you prefer a baggier look then this might be a great option for you. I prefer it however with a
nice pair of cigarette pants. The third way I’ve styled
this double breasted blazer in the past as well is with a dress. I love wearing a super
cute dress for the office, throwing on that double breasted blazer, and calling it a day. And you can even take
it that one step further and tie the blazer with a belt to give you that cinch at the waist,
and to give you the illusion that your blazer is kind
of part of your dress. So these are three easy
ways for you to style your double breasted blazer. The fourth type of
blazer that you can style is the simple black classic blazer. This is an absolute staple
in every woman’s closet for the office. It is a go to blazer that
everybody should have because it’s so versatile
and easy to throw on. Now if you need more tips
on your staple items, I have a staple items checklist that you can check out in
the description box below, where you’ll be able to make sure that you have all of your
staple items for the office. This black blazer in
particular is really a key one, and can make a difference in how you get dressed in the morning. So this blazer, I like
to style it personally with different colored elements in my look while remaining neutral. So sometimes I will do the all black look. I will wear the black blazer
with a white button up and black dress pants. Keeping it very suit like,
very classic, very simple. Other times however I like to mix it up. So I’ll will throw on the black blazer over a black blouse and
wear a baggier dress pants in a khaki color. So I love this look. It’s a little bit more
youthful, more trendy, more in style for the office while remaining professional
at the same time. And the key difference
here is that everything, nothing is exposed. So your behind is not exposed. You’re not flaunting all of your curves too explicitly at the office. But you’re still remaining
within your style, within your age range, and
professional at the same time. So that black blazer can
really go with a lot of things. Like I said I like to wear it sometimes with loose dress pants. Other times I like to wear it with tighter khaki dress pants to mix it up and to give it that dynamic feel. Because like I mentioned,
that black blazer is super, super versatile so you can pair it wit colors, you can
pair it with neutral colors like the khaki, and you can
pair it with simple black. The fifth blazer we’re gonna talk about is a classic light colored blazer. So in this case I have a
white blazer that I love. This is an unexpected
way to wear a blazer. A lot of people don’t
think to wear light colored blazers to work, but they can be very chic and very professional as well, just as much as a darker colored blazer. So I like to pair my white blazer with black for the most part. I really like that contrast
of the white and the black. Other times I will like the contrast of the white and a navy blue, so this is also a great option for you. A light colored blazer is a good way for you to also tame a
bright color in a look. So let’s say you’re wearing a bright colored, like neon, maybe not neon but like fuchsia
or magenta pink ensemble, or maybe just a blouse that’s fuchsia or like that magenta pink
that’s very, very bright. You want to maybe tone that down a little bit for the office. Wearing a white blazer is
the perfect way to do so. It’s especially great for the summertime but you can wear this white blazer, or this light colored blazer
in the wintertime too. I will mix it up, it
depends on the season. In the summertime I do like to wear my white blazer with my navy
blue cigarette dress pants. But in the summertime, but in the wintertime I
prefer wearing my white blazer with a white button-up,
having that white on white. And then following that with
a pair of black dress pants. So it’s making this
suit look very classic, very professional, but
also gives it a twist because normally people would have worn or paired the white button-up
with a black blazer. In my case I prefer to pair
it with a white blazer. So this is a great way for you to style your light colored blazers for the office. The sixth type of blazer
that we’re gonna talk about today is a cropped colorful blazer. So a cropped blazer is a really fun way to mix things up as well,
because we always think, when we think of the word blazer we think of that classic
black seamless blazer, which there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s also fun to mix things up with a more cropped boxy blazer. So, in this case I’m
wearing a colorful one. It’s really a fun piece to
add to my corporate wardrobe to add in some color
because a lot of the times like it’s so hard to add that
color into your wardrobe. If you need some tips on how to add color into your wardrobe, check
out this little video in the I up above on how to add color to your office wardrobe,
because it could really give you some inspiration as
to how to brighten things up for the wintertime,
especially when it’s so dark this time of year. But anyway, this cropped boxy blazer can be hard to style,
but when it’s done right it can look very, very chic. So the way to style this blazer is because it’s so cropped and square, you want to wear something that flatters your bottom figure very, very well. So in this case I chose
a pair of palazzo pants, flared dress pants. But you can also choose a pair
of cigarette pants for work. Another great way to
style this boxy blazer is with a fitted pencil
skirt because it’s seamless, and it’s easy to wear. And it gives you that contrast of fitted and slim at the bottom and a little bit baggier
and boxy at the top. So this is how I would style
this cropped blazer for work. This next blazer is a suede blazer. This is actually very unexpected. Definitely not gravitated
towards for the most part. People don’t think to wear suede as much in a blazer form to work. But it is a good way to mix things up. So you can throw this over a nice dress because it is cropped. You can wear it again a little bit like the other cropped blazer. You could wear it with
those cigarette pants. Those are some simple ways for you to style that suede blazer,
and to play with textures. So what’s great about the suede texture is that it’s soft, so
you can wear something that’s a little bit more rigid in the rest of your outfit,
or something that is maybe a little bit either silky, or maybe just a simple cotton
will do the trick as well. But play with those
textures, mix things up, and style your suede blazer in a way that will make you feel like you’re not wearing something too
baggy in your whole outfit, but that will still look
professional for the office. So like I said I love
pairing this suede blazer with a dress underneath,
because it gives that contrast of the textures, but also keeps things professional and classy. So there you have it. These are the seven
ways that you can style a blazer for work. Comment below which
look you liked the best, because I really want to know which look you liked the style the most, or which blazers you
already have in your closet. If you enjoyed this video please hit that big red Subscribe button, and hit the bell to be
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LLEGANCE YouTube channel. If you want to watch more, here is a video on how you can style
pencil skirts for work, and here is a video I mentioned about how to integrate color
into your office wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I will see you guys next
week with a new video. Bye.


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