How to Study for Your Learning Style

HACC Tutoring presents,
“How to Study forYour Learning Style”! Alright, you’ve got a big test coming up—
what are you gonna do? How will you study for it? Some students think that there’s one magical
technique that will help everyone learn, but that is NOT the case. Sure, one strategy might
work well for some, but it won’t work for others because we all learn in different ways.
That’s why it is so important to identify your own personal learning styles and use
study tips that work best for the way that you learn. The most commonly identified learning styles are visual, auditory, and tactile or kinesthetic. So, the first thing you need to do is find out
which of these is YOUR learning style. You might already have
an idea of what your style is, but we recommend taking a learning styles
inventory to get a better picture. There are a bunch of these available
for free online, just make sure you pick one from a reliable website,
like this one from Answer each question as honestly as you can
and see what results you get. If you discover
that you’re a visual learner, that means you mostly learn by reading
and seeing pictures or diagrams. With that in mind,
here are some studying tips to try: Tip #1:
Avoid visual distractions while studying. Turn off the TV
or Netflix, and face away from windows
or doorways to focus better. Tip #2:
Use colorful highlighters to make text stand out. Consider using different-colored
highlighters to identify different types of information so that you can SEE the differences
easily while you study the text. Tip #3:
Use flashcards for key definitions and explanations. That way when the test comes, you can see in your mind what the card looked like and remember the facts. Tip #4: Watch instructional videos
like the one you’re watching right now. You can look for useful videos on websites like
YouTube or Khan Academy that specifically cover the concepts
that you’re working on in class. If you discover that you’re
an auditory learner, that means you learn more
from speaking and listening. If that’s the case,
try these tips: Tip #1:
Speak up in class. Sometimes it can be intimidating,
but asking questions and participating in class discussions
will really help you lock in key information. Tip #2: When you do settle in to study,
avoid auditory distractions. Find a quiet place to study in,
silence your cell phone and either turn off your music
or set it to something that won’t distract you, like a soft instrumental track
or some white noise. Tip #3: Read your notes or textbook sections
out loud to help you better remember the content. You can even record yourself doing this
on your phone and then listen to it later. Tip #4: Watch instructional videos. I know
we suggested this for visual learners, but the great thing about videos is that they’re
also really good for auditory learners since you can HEAR
the explanations and examples. If you find that you’re a tactile
or kinesthetic learner, that means you learn best
by touching or doing. Here are some tips
if this is you: Tip #1:
Take frequent but quick breaks. You probably have a fairly short attention span when you’re trying to just sitting there trying to study, so break up that study time by spending a few minutes walking around or stretching every once in a while— just make sure you
come back before too long. Tip #2: When you do come back and you review your notes or textbook, try to tie the content
to real-world examples. You’ll remember things better when you connect information to actions. Tip #3: Do something physical while studying,
nothing super distracting like jumping jacks, but fiddling with a rubber band,
squeezing a stress ball, or even tapping a pencil
could help keep your mind focused. You might find that you have traits that are
from a couple of different learning styles, and that’s pretty normal, so don’t be afraid
to try new study techniques to see what helps you. The key is to embrace your strengths
and recognize your weaknesses so that you can get the most out of your studying
and ace that test. Want to learn more tips
for succeeding in college? Stop by the Learning Center
at YOUR HACC campus to talk to a tutor. And don’t forget to check out our other cool online
videos. See you next time! [music]

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