How to: Shoot Fashion Editorials on a Budget

[Music] He guys and welcome to a new video
here on phloshop my name is Joseph. In Todays video we’re going to talk about shooting
fashion editorials on budget. If you think it’s something you’d be interested
in kindly stay till the end of the video. Let’s roll the intro
So today we will be shooting with the lovely model Penny and we have Coffee_Session as
our Art Director for the Shoot and we also picked these outfits from Luxoca. We have
Joseph, my name she on makeup and I am gonna put their links actually in the video so you
can check them out if you want to. So Let’s just jump right into the video.
Since we’re going to be shooting Fashion on a budget, I am going to be using my Canon
6D Mark I it is an entry level camera currently going for about $900. I am also going to be
using my Godox V860 MK ii speed light and I am going to be using a 120cm octabox from
FotodioX. I also borrowed a hand painted backdrop from Canvas Backdrops, if you don’t have
anyone you can borrow a backdrop from you can just paint ply wood, or just get anything
you can paint and add more character or texture to the background.
A lot of people immediately think of 3 to 7 lights when it comes to shooting editorials
but you’re equally good to shoot fashion editorials on a budget with the little gear
I listed earlier. I always place my lights above and angle to
down towards the model at about 45 degree angle and for me this creates a more identifiable
and realistic lighting since the sun is always going to be above, as in we’re just mimicking
sunlight with these artificial lights that we have. The next thing is to also check if
the camera settings so I always make sure I am shooting at about 1/160 Shutter Speed,
my iso is also at 100 cuz I need as little noise as I can, I also decided to shoot at
an aperture of about 4.5. I placed the model quite close to the backdrop
so we can see the texture on the backdrop and this is another reason why I chose the
4.5 aperture because I wanted a decent amount of Depth of Field but I also wanted it to
be just enough to allow the texture of the backdrop to show through.
We also decided to go for a very sassy look that portrayed confidence and embraced felinity.
We directed the model to show more of her chest towards the camera and we also asked
her to show the long slit the dress had by asking her to bring one leg forward and tip
toe in some cases, so the outfit can fall gracefuly for a better silhouette. After she
got the idea of the pose we’re looking for, we just went on clicking and varying the angles
till we got what we wanted. So yeah! Basically that is it. So with one
speed light, we have been able to shoot a fashion editorial on a budget and if you liked
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I am leaving some images here for you to look at. These are raw images untouched straight
out of the camera. And I will see you in the next Video.
Peace [Music]

16 thoughts on “How to: Shoot Fashion Editorials on a Budget

  1. Love the video. Pls whats the reason for shooting at 1/160 shutter speed? I taught it was good to take out as much ambient light as possible

  2. WOW! I'm an older White man and I gotta say – that is one GORGEOUS model! Love your work. You are a super-talented photographer. Everyone did a great job on this shoot.

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