How To Set A Hydrofarm Digital Timer – Titan Controls, Century, Vivosun, Viagrow, Aspectek

Today I’m going to show you some of
the features of this timer and demonstrate how to program it. First
let’s give it a once-over. There’s a three-pronged outlet, a three-pronged
plug, another three-pronged outlet, and we’re back at the display. I’ll flip it
forward so you can have a look as well. If you receive the timer and the LCD
is blank you’ll need to plug it in for a few hours. It has an internal battery
that charges a microchip and the microchip stores the current day and
time as well as the programming information. In order to set the current
day and time you’ll need to use the clock button here. In order to set
it you’ll hold down the clock button and while keeping it held down you’ll use
the hour minute and week buttons to set the time and day to week. So let’s do that.
To set the time and day of the week, I’ll hold down the CLOCK button, use the HOUR
button to adjust the hour, the MINUTE button to adjust a minutes, and the WEEK
key. You’ll see the week scroll across the top to select the day of the week. Now that we’ve got the current time and
day set, we’re ready to program. This timer has eight different programs and
for each of the eight programs you need to set the timer’s ON and OFF times. You
don’t need to use all eight programs but you have that flexibility. To select
each program you’ll use the PROGRAM key here. If I press it once you notice this
is where I’ll set the program 1’s ON time, and I’ll show you how to do that in
a moment, and press it again, this is where I’ll set the program one’s OFF time.
Press it again, this is where I’ll set the program two’s ON time, then program two’s
OFF time, program three’s ON time, program three’s OFF time, etc etc for each of the
eight programs. Then it just loops back around. If you ever want to get back to the
initial display, which is the time and day of the week, just press the CLOCK
button. So let’s set program one. To get to the programming options you’ll press
the PROGRAM button. Here we’ll set the program 1 ON time by
using the HOUR, MINUTE, and WEEK buttons. So if I’ll press HOUR. Let’s set this to go
off at 7:30 p.m. So use the HOUR button to select the hour, the MINUTE button to
select the minutes. When it comes to the WEEK button, we have lots of
options. Right now you’ll see that it shows Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.
That’s when it’ll turn the lights on. If I press it again, this is Thursday Friday
Saturday. Press it again to keep scrolling through. Now it’s showing me
every day of the week. Monday only. Tuesday only .Wednesday only. Thursday
only. Friday only. Saturday only. Sunday only. And it has every combination
you can think of. Monday through Friday. Saturday Sunday only. Monday through
Saturday. Monday Wednesday Friday. Tuesday Thursday Saturday. And we’re back to
where we started. Let’s say I want this to go every day of the week. So I’m going
to set it so that the timer works every day of the week, it
turns lights on at 7:30 p.m. every day of the week. Now to set the program OFF
time I’ll press the PROGRAM button again and now you’ll see it says program 1 OFF
time. Use the HOUR button to select the hour and if the lights are coming on
7:30, I want to turn off around will say 10:30, or 10:32, and I’ll use the WEEK button again to
select what days of the week I want this to happen. Since I set the on time
for every day of the week, I’m going to set the off time for every day of the week. So program one is set. If I wanted to set
program two now I would press the PROGRAM button and I’d go through the
same steps using the HOUR, MINUTE, and WEEK buttons. And you’ll do that for all
the programs should you choose to use all eight. I’m going to put in a program
two so I can show you another function of this timer. If I set
program two’a ON time, and let’s say now I’m going to set program two’s OFF time, if
I later decide that I want to clear this program, then what I’ll do is I’ll
use the R key and you’ll notice that it will clear it. So if I scroll
back to program twos on time I want to clear it, I use the R key. You’ll
notice how it goes blank. Now I want to shut off program two’s off time and
clear that by using the R key. Now to turn the timer on and off you
will use the ON/AUTO/OFF button. I’m going to go back to the clock display
real quick by pressing the CLOCK button. So you’ll turn the timer on and off using this
button here and you’ll notice that it’ll scroll off, auto, on here every time I
press it. What this means is when the timer is in the off position there will
be no power supplied to these outlets. I press it again… In auto mode the timer
will function at the times that I’ve programmed in programs one through eight.
If I press it again… on means that power is being supplied to these outlets. So if
I happen to be home and I want my lights to be on I’ll use the on key so that
there’s power supplied here and I can turn on the lamps. If I’m away from home
I wanna put it in auto mode so that the timer turns on the lights at
the times I’ve designated. So let me show you another little handy function of
this timer or feature of this timer. You’ll notice up here, this little bubble
is going to appear when I hold down the week and hour button. See the little bubble
show up? I’ll press them again so it shuts off and back on. When that little
bubble is on this feature allows the timer to randomly turn on or off the
programs within a two or thirty two minute interval. So if I’ve
set the timer to come on at 10:15 it’ll come on randomly between two and thirty
32 minutes within that time frame and that way it’s random. It looks like
someone’s actually home. The lights aren’t going on and off exactly at the
same time every night. So that’s handy! One other thing to note when choosing
this timer is that the programs turn power on and off to the outlets
simultaneously. That means that you cannot program program 1 to only turn on this outlet and then use program 2
or 3 to only turn on this outlet. It doesn’t work like that. Either power is
being supplied to the outlets or it’s not. I hope this review has been helpful and thanks so much for watching.

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  14. I am in discussion with Century about this digital timer. It is sold as hydrofarm. Please be aware that there is a slight current that stays when the timer is turned off. That said, if you use a L
    ed light there will still be a low glow in the off cycle. It does not go totally dark. I have not concluded if it causes problems but you will not be in total darkness.

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  22. Excellent video! One thing I might add is that even after following these directions explicitly, your timer STILL DOESN'T WORK… press the reset button with a pencil, (that small one on the lower right side of the face), and start from scratch. My timer sat unused for a couple years and that's what it needed.

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