100 thoughts on “How to Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork With Andy Roy

  1. Honestly if you left out the koolaid it would probably taste alright. It’s literally just ramen, slim Jim and pork rinds. So just a bowl of super salty noodles and meat, which I couldn’t imagine being horrible lol

  2. The judge said16 months in drug court or 18 months in prison i said give me 18 month is prison ill get free teeth

  3. He is using the wrong kind of koolaid. You need to use the one with sugar premixed into it. The one he's using has no sugar so it's super sour.

  4. If you make all the pieces smaller, leave out the siracha, use better chips, use less hot water, and wrap it all in a chip bag to steam, it tastes way better.

  5. Prison food? Yeah right, fuck off. If it doesn't contain hair, blood, semen, roaches, spit, you can't compare it.

  6. This man probably been through so much he just not scared of anything anymore judging by the way he talks and act which is great tbh, a great way to be happy is just to not give a fuck

  7. Koolaid don't work unless you tryin color ur noodles ….we use prison koolaid cuz they already sweetened

  8. I remember flipping the fuck out when he got his teeth. Me and all my skater homies couldnt believe it, a toothed Andy!

  9. Andy that s&s pork would of been good, but those coolaids don’t have the sugar in it like jail tubs. If you had added sugar it’s would of been bomb

  10. Why tf would you use that many Kool aid packets. One packet makes an entire pitcher of kool aid that stuff is extremely concentrated no wonder it was terrible 🤣

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