100 thoughts on “How to Make Mission-Style Tacos with Tony Trujillo

  1. Eh what? I'm here to learn stuff and to get ideas. This was just some stoned skate boarder making food like anyone else would.

  2. theres no such thing as a Mission-Style Taco. It is close to a cali street taco though. But street tacos are only meat cilantro and onions.

  3. Guys, they are just tacos…what did you expect to learn? Its one of the simplest things to make in Latin cuisine…i dont get all the complaints here.

  4. I'm starting to wonder if Munchies viewers understand that it's operated by Vice Magazine. Even a better question … " Do they even know what Vice Magazine is?"
    I assure you, it's pages are not filled with amazing recipes and reviews of restaurants with Michelin Stars. Go check out the Food Network and leave people living how they want alone…

  5. That knife he is using is mashing the ingredients not cutting them and all the juices are getting squeezed out because its so blunt…

  6. met him at xgames 9 or 10 when I was just some little kid from Canada working for a radio station getting one liners. I remember being nervous as fuck that day and he was the first pro I ran into as he was walking out of the staples center.  The nicest by far out of any of em I talked to, signed my deck got a pic and read out the one liner like a champ. You made my day that day Tony, Thanks!

  7. You should prepare a salsa instead of using Herdez can. That meat is called carne al pastor, no carne asada.

  8. Ok so those tacos looked fairly good and they all seemed like cool, nice people, but all I learned from this How-To video is that his son might be transgender. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  9. Its Tony fucking Trujillo, i watched this cause the dude is a fucking genius on a skateboard, fuck a taco anything with Tony it is rad as fuck

  10. damn you live in San Francisco it looks worse than Mexico are the way you cook they don't even carry their shit like that

  11. These comments are fucking retarded. the grill cart is sick!!. Fycking chode wesels writing comments like seriously critiquing a fucking meal in the life skit. I liked it. Fuck you haters!

  12. The only reason why I see people disliking this video is because it doesn't seem like a cooking video more than a talk show…Viewers want to see the marinade being assembled and actually talk about food.

  13. I'm thinking about either the tenderloin or the mission, know what I'm saying, where should I move my wifey?

  14. As far as our Raza sensibilities go it's not so much the pre-seasoned meat that has us fucked up as much as the canned salsa…its super simple to make delicious salsa and rock it out..that garbage herdez salsa smells too much like product placement to me..homie did get the rest of the sides right including the canned chiles and that elusive carrot in the mix though…

  15. Do they just ask random people to make something? Some of these people don’t even know what a commercial kitchen looks like

  16. Y'all don't get it at all. If you need help making tacos, that's pathetic. If you don't know who Tony Trujillo is, that's also a shame. I came here to watch him do something like make tacos on a shopping cart, and I'm very satisfied.

  17. i was hoping he was going to put those tortillas on the grill or i was going to join the dislikes

  18. Mission style is a tortilla company and theres a recipe included on the back that you can follow to make mission style tacos

  19. 'fags on youtube' watch a video of pro skateboarder making food "why doesn't this dude make everything from scratch and know as much as people who went to culinary school" shit guys idk

  20. I was just gonna say …put them on the grill. Looks great love it !! I live in Arizona when its summer and its hot and just swimming and partying by the pool. This is our favorite meal 😀😎

  21. Fuck every hipster in San Francisco. They're worse than the homeless junkies shitting in the streets. Gentrifying pieces of shit.

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