100 thoughts on “How to Make Better Videos with The Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube | GaryVee and Kevin Allocca

  1. What’s the most frustrating is that Gary is fully aware of his interrupting, yet still can’t help it.

    You’d have thought he would have a minute before the chat and say to himself “Right Gary, your entire audience is aware and gets pissed when you cut people off, so just sit and listen until my guest has finished his sentence”

    🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ come on Gary man! I challenge you.

  2. I dont think you interrupted kevin. You guy just having an awesome conversation 🤗 thank for the free content Gary

  3. Love you Gary, please the next time you have any guest just check how strong their voice is in the record. I usually have difficulties listening to them whether you have them on around a table (like in the interns conversation) + in this video I couldn't have listened to what the guest is actually saying without subtitles and it's not always correct.

  4. I don't watch TV, I just listen to your content because I believe this is an awesome opportunity to be mentored by one of the best, we get to hang around with you thanks to YouTube, even influenced to do so many things….
    P.s practically doing stuff, taking new challenges each day.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. Such an important topic! I think what Kevin talks about concerning that people are starting to look into the analytics is true, but at the same time people still seem to gravitate towards seeing how other people are doing it, rather than do it themselves

  6. kind of a shitty episode. please more information on the technical side of things and less bullshit about geriatrics and their 100th birthdays. get on your shit G!

  7. You should let the kid get an entire thought out. Kinda hard to watch when your both talking at the same time. Slow down Gary

  8. Gary Vee you are the best. I love your content i have learned a lot from you. Thank you so much for the professional interruption but let your guest talk at least. but you are great man.

  9. GARYVEE IS THE MAN. I've taken all of Gary's advice,jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on target to make a milion. I've even created a youtube channel to follow my progress, (my channel is about chess). I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. PEACE

  10. Talking to a guy who works direct at YouTube could've been invaluable insight yet you cut him off every single time he talks. I like your videos a lot but this consistently happens and is never something you work at or learn from as you claim to when its happened in the past.

  11. Great video! It seems like everyone has a great growth hack but putting out content is key and helping your audience

  12. LOVE GARY VEE‼️‼️‼️ so many gems 💎 I love watching the content! Inspired me to create my new channel, starting up next week!!

  13. 31:08 Gar vee Knows latin trap is raising ! bad bunny, maluma and ozuna taking over. latino gang on fire!

  14. I love the push to impulse creativity is the best form of a way to grow and be different. Very nice tips!

  15. The Fact that people gave feedback about you cutting guests off and you apologized shows a lot of class my guy !! Salute !

  16. Gary, there was a lot of lost value for the audience here. You spent almost every moment you had to talk, talking about yourself. This man has a very very unique, and inside perspective and take on what it takes to win on Youtube. He would know better than most, and I don't believe you saw the value in that. Please do better. You are serving a community here.

  17. Gary keep doing you bro some people don't process conversations fast enough to even know what a hard stop is! What they don't understand is you already know the ending of their thought before they spit it out and your energy and intent is who you are!

  18. Honestly love Gary. Been listening to him since Freshman year of college (2yrs ago). I wanna talk to him for an hour, not even about business or money. I feel like we would bounce so many ideas off each other in that time. Give me 2-3 years, I'll reference this comment when this meeting actually happens. I'm sure a lot of people comment this kind of stuff, but I fucking mean it.

  19. I love this. The conversation is amazing. And how Kevin keeps up with Gary's brain and the conversation is fun to watch. LOL

  20. Gary, How about trying to get Kevin Allocca back on and do the interview again. You did a great job, but you were pressed for time and trying to squeeze a lot in. 

    One thing this video made me do was go watch some of your old videos (the Viddler days). Wow!!! You have a lot of energy now, but back then it was off the charts!!! 

    It is remarkable how you have evolved over the years. You were good back then, but now you are GREAT! Most people hit their prime at 27, I think yours is probably 57.

  21. Best takeaway for me there was the make shit, look at data, learn, make new shit – very build, measure, learn loop!

  22. Yo Gary you gotta let ppl talk sometimes man. I kinda get it people will go on and on and you want to get to point or your mind goes a hundred miles an hour but damn it’s not just this video either little food for thought.

  23. This is extremely helpful. I haven’t been watching your videos very long but but I’m finding everything very helpful. I’m putting work behind each listen as well. Thank you so much. Hopefully I get to cross paths with you soon

  24. Yes Gary! I always gravitated to the elderly. My grandparents (87) are my biggest fans and they are my biggest role models. Grandpa has done great with stocks and has multiple properties and I plan to buy his 50 acre farm 10 minutes away from my hometown in Michigan. I love the idea man they can make some great content. And you’re right they always start with “I wish”.

  25. Imagine if the guy suddenly bursted out, "Bro, STFU while I speak" and then laughed and talked on with Gary speechless for a moment and see how he would respond.

  26. "Not me cuz I was selling alcohol." It's odd because I started watching you in early '07 and enjoyed the hell out of it for one simple fact; You spoke about wine (something I had NO desire to drink and never have, still to this day) in a way that ANYONE could understand. It was incredibly refreshing for someone to speak about a foreign (and somewhat traditionally complicated) topic using vocabulary that anyone can understand (and you even made a point to point that out from time to time). I miss that type of content.

  27. Thank you, Gary! I definitely needed to hear this. Sometimes I still struggle to put out consistent content but hearing this just made me want to work harder on my Youtube channel, the journey of my real estate career as a young, new agent in this generation.

  28. OMG YES, ageism is B.S. and your incubator for 60+ yr olds is needed; my mom has dementia, is 72 and applied for UBER last month. Made me laugh and cry at the same time!

  29. Gary! This is my wife’s account. But it’s yo boy Penta Dank and thank you for putting respects on Nipsey Hussle, TMC 🤘🏾🤘🏾

  30. G$!, where/how? is the best place to find early business / IPOs / creative ideas before other to get your own perspective for investing???

  31. Thank you very much. I'm daily learning and daily improving on my channel as well as branding myself. These are the videos I enjoy because I can grab my notebook and take notes the whole time. Thank you.

  32. Right before the 30 minute mark when Youtube man tried to say he has a mostly American audience..😂🤣.. like no, it's pretty global, was an understatement. 🤷🏾‍♂️You had one job bro 🤘🏾

  33. Love GaryVee, used to spend my days at work listening to his podcasts instead of music! Super inspiring. So much so I decided this very day today to make my YouTube channel and post a video with my cellphone it sucks but check it out. Support and constructive criticism is always welcome. Stay tuned and stay thirsty my friends!

  34. GARYVEE IS THE MAN!!! Ive taken all of his advice and he has encouraged me to case my dreams of becoming a YouTuber! I post weekly videos and would love some support! Please hit subscribe and check it out!

  35. Great vid love the interview and the angle of where things are going with YouTube and culture in general. Love the pace and site down interview format. Keep it coming! 😎🤙🏻⭐️

  36. enjoyed the podcast I'm looking to start my own podcast paired with video and writing and this helped kinda shape my path

  37. Seeing the comments about Gary Interrupting the speaker, even before watching the video, made it impossible for me not to realize it. I think we’re all so use to Gary being the speaker and listening to him that, now that we actually want to know more about what the person across from him is saying, the interruptions seem that much more apparent.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoy Gary’s content however this is probably the first and hopefully only video I will not get through. I empathize with Gary because he’s a “Brainiac” and so it may be hard for him to hold in his excitement and give his opinion right then and there as opposed to digesting everything the speaker has to say and then commenting. It’s likely his unique way of processing the information, which unfortunately comes off as he’s not listening. However, I think we’ve all beaten a dead horse in the comments section and Gary understands that this is something he needs to work on if he wants to be a better interviewer.

  38. Boy!! It must be so hard doing an interview with Gary with all of the interruptions and quick passionate cutoffs he comes with. Soooooooo hard! But its Gary Vee. 🤗

  39. Guys I need support from everyone please subscribe for my YouTube channel maybe in the future I will add English subtitles it will be real story from man who’s not afraid dreaming ✌️☝️🔥👊🇺🇦😘🌯🔜

  40. Gary, I am total fan of yours. LOVE your content. Unfortunately, I got ZIP out of this. It did not deliver on the title "How to Make Better Videos with The Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube" — this missed the mark for me. First time I had not takeaways.

  41. garyvee your awsome i have took all your advice and made a channel and stepped out of my comfort zone and showed my interests on makeup and girly things on my channel i would love some support on my new channel and one day i will make the million love you gary you cool

  42. Just listened to the podcast but was disappointed by all the interruptions. Respect the guest. Have Kevin Allocca back for round #2 and let us hear what he has to say. Thanks.

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