How to maintain a human connection in a digital world

– All right so, I’m out on the street of Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a beautiful state, beautiful city, this is Evan Carroll, we’ve just met. – Just met. – Introduced by Stan Phelps. Evan tell everybody
what it is that you do, what do you specialize in? – Sure, so I help companies be more human in our tech driven world. – That’s great, people need that. – Yes, I really think so. – We hate feeling like
we’re talking to a computer. Okay, so what’s something that a person watching this who wants to be more
productive, and a better leader, what can they do to be
more human in their work? – So I tell folks they
should let technology do what technology does best, so that people can do what people do best. – All right, so what’s the difference? – So the difference is, we want technology to
do the repetitive tasks, remembering things,
keeping up with things, and we want people to
be on the front line. People answering the phone, people interacting with us. – So true. – So in your every day life, think is this something
that would be better as something I do myself, and it’s going to be part of my brand and part of the interactions I have, or is this something
better left to technology? – Yes, let the computers do the rest. That’s so true, because that something I talk about is avoiding multi-tasking. You got to focus on people, we want to feel that we’re important. And if we don’t, we aren’t human with people, we disconnect from them. – Use your CRM, use your phone, all those things to remember everything, so that you can be present with the person when you’re right in front of them. – Fantastic, so Evan, where can people go to
learn more about you? – You can find more at – Great, and we’ll link
to your profile as well. Thanks so much, pleasure to meet you Evan. – Pleasure meeting you.

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