How to knit a dress for a girl (2~3years) , knitting dress 대바늘 원피스 뜨기[Part3]

Hi SARAH & OLIVER. Did you finish your skirt well?
I will start the last part of the project next week. Fold on both sides in half against the hole and fold again in half This way, mark the marker at the center point. after that,
Unfold and place a marker at 6CM on both sides of this marker in the center. Then I’ll get the markers off the center. a Put a needle into the black thread and make a nose with 8 noses. Take your first nose with your normal nose. The remaining thread is then held like a needle With these three fingers in total shape
Please catch the thread. Do index finger Back to front Back to back in this state
When you put your right needle in this way Now I have one nose. Do this again Now I have 8 noses made of nose. In the state of being created I’ll give you a nose between these markers.
now This way,
Please take off this way. Now,
I made 32 noses right now. Again, in this state, make a nose with nose nose. 2
3 4 5 There are a total of 48 noses including a nose 16. I will now turn the knit and work on it.
Now that we have to make the merchandise on the table On the back, I’ll do a full purl.
a Please purl to the black thread. Yes, the purse is over.
Turn the knit again Now, I’m going to have a color scheme from this time on. Like a skirt, Black White
I’ll make you a black white cross. plain The second, Black Shilo White Shiloh, Black Shiloh,
White Shilo Let’s just do it. Turn your knit back
Please purge. When the purse is over, turn the knit again plain. In this stage,
You can do it. In this way, Repeat this and float until it reaches 12cm in total. I’m 12 cm wide. Now, in the context of
Now, I’ll stop the last four noses. The middle nose will purl. Now, he snorted his nose. I will purge the rest. Well, last time I left my nose. Cut the yarn by about 20 cm. And then,
Please put a knot in the hole. So now you have to stop the nose
I did. The remaining nose should be folded 6th step with the knitting needles and nose. Now you’re going to make a string.
9 I made a nose 1 nose with rubber
Please float until the total length is 30cm. Let’s float until it reaches 30cm in total with a rubber ball. I’m finished with 30cm.
In this stage, we’re gonna make a buttonhole in the middle of this button. so Now the four noses are rubber feet
plain Purl plain Purl Now this time,
I’ll make a buttonhole. Empty the needle
I’ll do it. Please wrap the thread around. Then I have two noses
Dukomoa Please purlet. Next shot Purl plain Turn it back Purl plain In the middle,
There’s a hole in the button. I made two more holes with 2cm spacing and I got a total length of 36cm.
Until Give me rubber and nose. Now, the two lines that you pulled are finished.
I made three holes like this Adjust it according to the height of the child.
I’ll finish it now. Give me two strings of rope Give me a button. This way,
I’ll sort out the seal. First turn the chest part back 4 fold in half at the nose point
Please give me a break. Here too 1 2 3 4
I folded my nose I stitched on the edge of this Now fold the seam on the top in half and sew it up and clean it up. So I sewed everything inside like this.
Here is a 1cm distance from the sides where the skirt and chest parts are connected Please stitch this part. Please stitch this too. Now you’re going to put your strings on.
On the other side of the hole Please connect with the chest part. Please do the same with me. I’m going to give you a button now. So along with the likes of the two buttons
You can either give it away or just put one in the middle. Please put the button according to your taste I gave you a button like this. According to the key Please put the button in this way. That’s how it’s done.
I’ll be back in the next video. Thank you.

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