How To Dress Sharp… Even If You’re FAT (21 Large Guy Style Tips)

How To Dress Sharp… Even If You’re FAT (21
Large Guy Style Tips) [0:00:00]
If you’re a big guy, you’ve got a choice when you get dressed. Are you going to be
fat and sloppy or large and in charge? If your choice is the latter, this video is
for you. I’m laying out over twenty rules to help the heavy set man look amazing.
First up, get a little bit angry and say no to being sloppy. You want to go to the opposite
end. You want to level up your style. You don’t want to give anyone an excuse to judge
you for your size. A lot of people they do it all the time. They
look at someone that’s overweight and they say, oh, that person, he could fix that if
he actually just watch what he put into his mouth, if he went to the gym and exercise.
You know that it’s a lot more difficult than that and, you are still trying to be
the best person you can be, so you control that image.
There is a villain I love, the Kingpin. Look at the way the guy dresses. Yeah, no one goes
up the Kingpin and says, oh, you’ve had too many brownies, because if they say that,
he’s going to crush them. He leverages his size actually to his advantage. So, when he
walks into a room, he commands respect. Say no to sloppy. Don’t ever look like you’ve
given up on life, so pay attention to those small details. Have the courage to be the
best-dressed man in the room. Now, most guys they don’t want to stand
out. If you’re about 50 lbs, 100 lbs overweight, yeah, you don’t want to stand out, you don’t
want to be looked at, you don’t want to be snickered at. But, here is the thing, when
you are confident when you’ve got the courage to be the best-dressed man in the room, all
of a sudden, yeah, some people are going to snicker at your way, but most people are going
to look at, hey, what is this guy bringing to the table. They’re going to get past
is very quickly when they see that you actually have a lot to offer.
Next up, let’s talk confidence. A lot of big guys have lost a bit of confidence. Maybe
they played football, but they gained a lot of weight since their playing days. Okay.
Well, let’s look past that, let’s look what you have to offer.
You are great with numbers. This is something that you really know as you’re getting up
to give that presentation. Focus in on what you can control. So, think about what you’re
good at. Everyone has something that they are strong at, something they’re good at
and focus in on that to build up your confidence. Next up, you need to practice dressing sharp.
You don’t wake up one morning all of a sudden start wearing nice clothing because if you
do that first day you’re wearing a costume. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes and
you’ve got to accept that. So, you want to go through that transition period in which
you practice dressing sharp. Maybe you slowly start to bring and upgrade
your shoes, maybe start to wear a suit, a casual suit. Maybe you just want to go for
a sports jacket, maybe a leather jacket. All of a sudden, you get better. You go out there
and you learn a bit more and step by step, you improve.
Level up your uniform. Your uniform is the clothing you default to every morning when
you wake up. So, think about what’s the message you want to send to the world. Are
you a consultant? Are you a lawyer? Are you a master plumber? Understand, that you could
have a uniform would send the signal of, hey, I got twenty years experience in this profession
and this is what I do. So, you’ve got a uniform if it’s your own business.
Or maybe it’s something, again, if you’re in the professional field that you start to
wear a jacket. Yeah, everyone else is getting away with shirts, they’re working from home,
but you realize you know when I meet people at the office I want to put my best foot forward.
So, level up the clothing that you default and all of a sudden people are going to notice.
Understand fit and get all of your clothing to fit you. You need to know the name of your
tailor. But, that first thing I started with, understanding fit. It’s something that a
lot of guys don’t actually understand what clothing actually fits them.
Most big guys, guess what? They buy clothing that’s way too large because it has to fit
a certain part of their body and then they compromise in other places. So, yeah, they
find a pair of jeans that could fit them in the thighs and you know it’s still a little
bit big in the waist area, but they just singed it down with a belt.
The problem with wearing trousers like this is that they are disproportional and they
don’t fit you on so many areas. So, you want to take it and you want to get that clothing
adjusted to fit you. And, a specific fit issue, get your trousers hemmed. Get your jeans hemmed.
Again, so many guys buy jeans that are oversize and they’re a little bit long and they say,
oh, I’m not going to worry about it and you get that fraying in the back. Guys, it’s
a bad look. Get them adjusted to fit you better. Size down. So many large guys, again, they
actually aren’t going out there and trying different types of clothing. They put on that
extra, extra large shirt and they say, oh, you know it fits me. But, it’s still actually
too big. You could just wear a large or maybe an extra large or maybe you want to actually
try new brand that actually make something that’s going to better suit your body type.
So, these next two points are for when you dress sharp. You want to look for trousers
that fit you at the natural waist and you want to look at suspenders. If you get a pair
of trousers and they fit you a bit higher. The natural waist is going to be closer to
your belly button. Think about it. When you’re singeing down
a belt, you’re actually trying to put pressure in on something that actually is shaped like
this and that’s why your pants are falling down all the time. So, why don’t you solve
this problem once and for all and start investing in trousers that fit you better.
Yes, you can even take trousers that fit a bit lower and get suspenders that will hold
those up, that actually works as well. But, I really like it when you find trousers, again,
that are made to go a little bit higher and, again, the suspenders actually are going to
use buttons on the inside of the trousers. [0:04:55]
And, I don’t think these needs to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway, avoid skinny
clothing. Skinny ties, skinny jeans, skinny lapels, just say no.
Now, why do you need to avoid skinny? That’s a good question. And it’s all about proportion.
So, when we look at a large man, how do we tell someone is a giant from a distance? It’s
actually the proportion of their head to their body. The same thing when we see a guy that’s
incredibly small because that man’s head in proportion to his body is actually larger.
So, you want to make sure that you’re always thinking about proportions.
Whenever you’re going to buy a shirt, you want to look at that collar. Does that collar
seem small? When you look at the small size and you look at the extra large size, are
they actually using about the same size collar? That’s a bad sign and that’s why I recommend
most large guys are going to be served best when they go for custom clothing when it comes
to their shirts, when it comes to their suits because they can make the lapels, they can
make the pockets, they can make everything just a bit more proportion to your size.
Now, understand that if you can’t afford this, then definitely you’re going to want
to go find brands that work for you. And that’s the next thing is you want to be able to find
brands find stores, two points right there, that actually work well with larger men.
And, if you guys have some stores or brands that you recommend, let me know down in the
comments. I want to hear from you guys. But, you want to find brands that actually are
built to your body type. I prefer you actually go and support your local menswear store.
A lot of these guys are very knowledgeable. They see about a hundred guys every single
day who come in and have issues and they’ve got to solve these issues try the clothing
on. And, again, that’s a big point I hit on
is try on clothing because you never know, hey, actually this fits and this looks great
on me. I never would have considered maybe you know a sweater, you know a cardigan like
this. I think it actually can look great on a larger guy.
And, let’s talk about your silhouette. Your silhouette is not the fit, it’s actually
closely related to proportions and this is the profile that you cut from a background.
So, what you want to do is you want it to be taller, you want it to be leaner. How can
you do this? What are the particular items that you can bring in? So, let’s get into
that. One, hat. Yes, not many guys wear hats nowadays,
but a larger man wearing a hat is going to be perceived as taller. And, let’s also
talk about your feet. Boots, shoes with heels, you want to bring this in. Again, we’re
trying to increase the height of the overall silhouette.
Now, I’ve talked about jackets, but you know sports jackets I do think look great
on guys going with casual suits. But, let’s talk about other jackets that you can bring
in. Cardigan is tech – it’s not technically a jacket, but I think, again, it can create
a better looking profile. You can also bring in leather jacket, you can bring in jean jackets.
All of these are going to go beyond the waistline. And now, let’s talk about actually color
– you know the colors and stuff like that. You’ve got contrast and then you’ve got
monochromatic. So, monochromatic is when our top and our bottom basically are trousers
and our top actually matched in color. They don’t have to exactly match.
You could go maybe with a pair of black trousers with a gray jacket. You could go with a blue
jacket with a dark tan pair of trousers. Right there, you’ve actually got a pretty streamlined
look even though the colors aren’t exactly overall monochromatic.
Then, you’ve got the opposite which is the high contrast. And this is what you want to
be careful of because if you’re wearing that white shirt with black pants and you’ve
got that belt that cuts you right there, all of a sudden, where are we being drawn to?
Where the colors meet. And this is where so many big guys mess this
up because we’re being drawn our eyes right to your waist. Instead, throw a jacket on
that combination. You want to find a way to allow the eyes to go up and down with the
color. So, two other areas that the big man can get
a huge win, the hair on his head and the hair on his face. Both of these you want to make
sure you’ve got impeccable grooming standards. Why? You don’t want to give people any excuse
to think that you’re sloppy. So you want to be careful with the beard, be careful with
that hair. Twice a month, you want to be going in to
see the barber. At the minimum, maybe every three weeks. So, schedule it, go in, see your
barber, tip him well, and make sure that he’s taking good care and giving you a style that
actually maybe has a bit of volume on it. Why? Because all of a sudden it’s going
to make the head look a little bit larger. Your head in proportion to your body can actually
– usually stand to be a little bit larger. Now, what if you shave the head? What if you
don’t have any hair up here? Let’s pay attention to that facial hair because you
can grow a beard and, again, elongate the face, make the head overall look better.
And, I see so many men pulling off and looking great with beards. One of the things they
cover up as well is the double chin. So, if you’ve got a little bit of fat in and around
the neck, make sure and grow that beard, just looks really good.
Now, if you watch today’s video and you’re not a big guy, well, thank you very much.
And I know that you still got some awesome tips. Well, guess what, guys? I’ve got you
covered with this video right here, how to dress for any body type.
So, you are tall and thin, you are regular size, but really muscular, you are small and
round, guess what? I’ve got you covered with this video right here, how to dress for
any body type. Go check it out, guys. I will link to it as well down in the description.
[0:09:51] End of audio

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