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don't you just love those houses that are beautiful clever well-designed and everything works how it's meant to every single little detail plan down to the nth degree the problem is that's the exception and not the rule so what do you do when you've got a negative well you turn it into a positive force and that's exactly what's happening here Katie and Anthony's house this is actually a carport that doesn't block its ever seen a car with car there's a great big step there and it's low very low nudies but you know I think we could do something with the space I come Jason welcome nice any food how are ya is this where you park your imaginary Porsche it's meant to be a car carport but we lit lack of driver there we don't use it for that space at the moment initially we tried to make it an entertainment space but there's quite dark I really like the architecture of this house when you're standing the street and see the whole thing but when you're standing here all you see is a dated red brick a low roof grey trim steel poles pretty tired yeah not to mention the floor the gardens are very tired absolutely very low maintenance bit too low maintenance got the air conditioning unit here I thought this is your outdoor entertaining city a good fit so you wanted to feel nice and fresh and kind of relaxed absolutely resort like what's that word resort okay with resort living as our inspiration we're gonna hit this space a Frank Sinatra at play in Palm Springs kind of feel with stone floors 60s inspired furniture and crisp blue and white if you can use can you see this concrete slab here well I can have you cursed at it with all its ugliness and cracks it's about to come up is it the better to come up now it comes to jackhammer you might just need your ripping and tear well there is a sort of method to my madness I started on the outside edge so I've got somewhere to push the concrete you got to think about what you can live break it up into sizes that are manageable not too big not too small otherwise there's too much to clean up now what we're going to do is turn that I saw that you had yep and we're gonna come out to the edge of this step and turn this into a garden bed because what you don't have here is a lot of privacy because of that Street net so if we screen this out and soften it when you're sitting down they won't see you you won't see them it's gonna look great okay so what I've got planned here is your outside air conditioning unit it's pretty ugly it is we can't move it so I think we have to turn the negative into the positive and try and disguise it somehow it's a flat pack piece of furniture so pretty easy to find but with that we have to just tweak it a little not too much just have to take away this side rail here I've never actually used a drill no first time for everything so it's in Reverse now so pop it in there that position right holding it fan it okay so we need to take these out we want to extend the legs cause it's not quite tall enough to go over the unit means we have to drill it's really soft timber it's only pine so it's very simple yeah that's great and a cat again see you're an expert already these little guys here or the leg screen too so they pop into the hole and then you just bash them down with a hammer then it's the leg just goes in it's bit like putting them Jimmy Choos on how you get a bit more height next we'll give it an undercoat I think the secret with this look is that we're going to go quite neutral as the base and all of the color will be in the accent which is really nice because you can mix and match then you know as years go on it's you're not sort of stuck with one definite color icicles in it what are you doing with the top coat we're gonna go white okay I've gone for a gloss finish hard-wearing outside and won't shop too many marks from grubby little hands yet where you seem to attract those how's it going girls good it's dry all right type of looking good now we obviously need ventilation for the front of the air conditioning unit so I think this garden screening is gonna be perfect it's not hard to cut you could do it with a handsaw I'm gonna do a nice clean cut just with a circular saw there we go and give it a coat of primer and it's ready for the Duramax which is perfect for plastics it's looking good looks fantastic I love this screen in black you know I think it's nice and fresh in the white there we go ah looks fantastic really nice they're very clever little disguise don't you think for the ugly old air conditioning unit absolutely it's gonna look much better coming up I get started on giving this place a dance floor worthy of a Palm Springs after entertainer and Tara works are measured on the trim giving it a fresh splash of color I made if you were gonna do over that area what kind of paver or tile would you go for I'd like for bigger bigger pavers so this natural perhaps and a bit of money on it yes well I think we've got exactly that this is blue stone and I reckon we do this simplest pattern which is straight both ways so there'll be no cuts yep and look at me buck brilliant can't later said now in a canister rock tiling a paving one of the most important decisions to make is where you start so you know where your finish now I'm gonna start at this corner here which means I've got a nice full paver the first place you see I can't hide anything here so I want it to be perfect I'm gonna go straight across there and then straight down here it presented to where everyone's gonna sit the door this front entrance and you'll get the job right they might notice I've got a little half bull nose there if you're doing lots of stairs or if you're doing around a pool you want to have a finish like that so it's not sharp underfoot but one piece with the whole bull nose can be quite expensive good thing is with a natural stone like this bluestone it's easy to cheat it and do it yourself you just need neighbor runner okay let's talk paint you guys are doing such a great job I'm loving this I'll go it's a gray is so good and it's so modern and the little plant in front of it I think looks really fresh so I think if we continue that down here and we have the darker gray above the window think with the windows themselves maybe a slightly fresher color like more of a crisp white so you carry on with the white and I can't appeal with the gray I've got to say this is made such a difference isn't it the one thing though I think is letting it down is this cream across the eave yeah so if we just tie that in by painting that then I think the whole lot will blend and look really crisp now every job has this tricky bit and this one is the air conditioner I could get an electrician in disconnect this tile underneath it and then get him back but it probably cost me floor five hundred bucks or I can tile up to it in front of it and around it because Tara she's got me covered I'm saving money and talk the red brick wall at the back of this carpet was sucking the life and light out of the whole space so I want to decorate it first job cover it with blue board now this stuff is especially designed for outdoor areas it gives you a lovely smooth surface to work on I've used a special masonry glue on the back and wall plugs and screws to fix it in place while Tarot works on the back wall I'm taking a break from paving to tackle something that's caught my eye now unlike the pebble create this concrete is actually a pretty good Nick it's just a bit ugly so so 50 bucks you can really dress concrete up with a coat of purpose paint what I mean by purpose is stuff that you can walk them usually one that dries fast and the colorful Terapeak that's our ties in with the grazers she's using on the house that's important always to have an exit plan oh it's my tiling assistant just in the nick of time color what do you think I love her Sofia for color the idea is to make this a whole feature wall but instead of just one solid color breaking it up so doing the whole bottom section with this beautiful blue tile and then top section white the reason I went for tiles instead of paint is to draw lots more light into this area so these tiles will actually reflect a lot more life and just create a wall of interest okay so I'm putting some adhesive up this end and we won't go too far it does tend to want to dry pretty quick today so we'll just do a small section at a time and that way we've got plenty of time to work there's still plenty of work ahead on Katie and Anthony's Palm Springs themed outdoor entertainer later I finally get the hands of the garden and Tara goes in search of inspiration for her finishing touches now I needed a break but it also made me look good with Tara you know ladies first that sort of thing doesn't that wor look nice but there's actually a method to my madness of a little bit of time for these tiles to set so I can actually stand on them now because I was running out of space this way and it's a better look that Tyra's tile goes down to the floor and they're all nice and level and I'd but up to them so tiling is done to add some life to this previously dark and lifeless area we got to put in some hanging baskets these succulents in these gray pots will work a treat now from the look of the house and the look of this ceiling I would suggest that it's asbestos that it's not worth drilling into it's just to hang a basket so what I've got here are three discs that I've glued with a lot of liquid nails and you can hang a fair bit away from them so one two three I can drill into that rather than this save my health and have some good looking plants i money going into that pathway again to be safe rather than sorry I like the gray grout what do you think yeah it looks good it's nice contrasts I think it's probably more durable for you outside to not be white you know you've got that little bit of grayness to hide the dirt Ln your practical don't say I'm not a gentleman thank you thanks for leaving that course down for us made it a lot easier so it's nice really pops Katie is the expert Tyler Feb you Nader and any further jobs right the tool room you got the work I can't even find that usual Anthony no wonder he doesn't is it's looking fantastic tara tiffany blue is actually my favorite color mine too what girl doesn't love tiffany blue so on that note what i think i need to do now is just to head out shopping i need to get some gorgeous bits and pieces just to keep this color going and style it up so you sit back and relax on investment sounds great all structural landscaping done now we've really got to dress it up and give it that Palm Springs look a little earlier Graham checked out a very nice garden that made great use of succulents so I'm gonna fire a few of those ideas for you we want low-maintenance and year-round color not to mention style if you have a look at all the plants here they're all very architectural this little agave here and the cactus there well they've got a little bit of a spike or a pricked on so when you're planting him it's a great idea to wrap them in an old blanket wear long sleeves and just take your time now it wouldn't be Palm Springs darling without some palms and this one here is wash and Tony or a buster they are native the Washingtonians in the Palm Springs area any the same thing applied for gold on the Gold Cup staff and probably one of the most unusual place for putting today is this hallowed call big red because of these beautiful flower spikes this will get slightly taller and each one of these flowers will get about 1520 settlers tall best thing about it in the middle of winter when the gardens are gonna be trapped you'll have this big explosion of rent and as a contrast to all those sculptural plants some dichondra Silver Falls can spill over the wall and soften everything up coming out with Jason's Palm Springs garden taking shape the styling process can begin and I'll show you how shopping high-end can be the best thing for your budget because inspiration is free and now we're on the homestretch with our finishing touches ready to go before I begin styling for Katie and Anthony's new space I'm going to make a quick pit stop along the way because something has caught my eye if money is no object then the world's your oyster but I still say no matter how much you have to spend it's worth going shopping for inspiration and a place like this says Palm Springs to me Palm Springs really came into its own in the 60s it's where the Hollywood a-listers would escape to to relax and unwind a very cocktail lifestyle now design and Technology evolved so much in the 60s furniture had cleaner lines it was also more durable thanks to plastic coated metal amazing for the desert in California and great for Australia too some thinking for Katie naps me we don't need a relaxing kind of sofa it's not that kind of space what they do need is a dining table some chairs something like this around so they can sit up and entertain well now I've got my inspiration I can find the furniture to suit my budget one of the first things I noticed when we pulled up was how expose this space was to the corner now it's not overly busy but the last thing you want when you're sitting out here with your loved ones is headlights and people peeking in so we've planted those giant still its ears now they're only about 70 centimeters toward the moon but they can can get quite tough there's a nice contrast with the strappy leaves we've got it for crown now this will send out a spike a little bit like a guy mere lily and it can get sort of 2-3 meters tall here we go let's hide this ugly absolutely did that Wow perfectly disguise that looks much better so cool really good and these pots are fantastic too I love the color of those in the height and it's functional too yeah use it as a table how good of these chairs have for you to fluff em replicas only $89 each so now we have the look of Palm Springs on a budget beautiful it's nice and fresh I love it it's not bad is it ha it's me thirsty what do you fee I absolutely love it I think those bins that used to live here gonna have to find themselves a new home just magnificent it looks fantastic I think we're gonna really enjoy using the space absolutely love it and it's just lightened up the area that's amazing well it's actually nice too because we continued the gray with the paintwork all the way around so it's not only the side of the house that's changed I think the whole dynamic called the house from the front has changed and also your plants that you've got now you won't find another house in the suburb that has the same plants like you've got real talking pieces in the garden really didn't expect the pebble credit was under there I wasn't quite sure how this to turn out but I love the floor it's really nice I think it kind of goes to show that you can have sort of things you don't always love about a house but we actually haven't done very much it's all about camouflaging and I guess working with what you have and making the best of it and you've done it yeah it's fantastic I even like the red brick now it works well I think it looks fabulous yeah right okay far out the Bobby let's go

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  1. I think most of it looks beautiful except those tiles, to me they look like something i've seen in many a public toilet…I'm also surprised they didn't put any lights up, lanterns etc to bring more light in, and a screen for privacy and I would have brought a small cosy sofa and an outdoor rug <3 Having said that, if the homeowners are happy, then it's a success <3

  2. What a horrible idea covering the brick-work with bathroom tiles.
    It looks awful. If someone did it to my patio I will have it ripped off straight away. BLUE AND WHITE TILES YAKY

  3. [Link Here== is exactly what I have been searching for. The photos and text are inspiring, and what makes it that is due to their styles and other things involved. You can use it and decide how you want your landscape design should be.

  4. I still don't like it. Those wall tiles make it look like you're in a toilet. The low roof needs to be raised to make it look bright.

  5. 13:09 what is the name of the palm on the back is it a big red too and can i get the full name thanx

  6. There was nothing wrong with concrete floor . New ideas didn't drastically change except tht new set of plants

  7. Bad spot to put table and chairs infront of condensor unit. In summer it will blow hot air out, in winter it will blow cold air (if unit is heat pump) toward who ever sit in front of it.

  8. It evokes the Palm Springs look, but it is concrete and gravel against loud colors. I’m not sure it’s worth the expense to tile since paint is cheaper. Love your plant selection. Weird to see how you’re willing to put this style in Australia.

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