How to Change the Code on a Digital Combination Door Lock

These combination push button locks are great
for added security and privacy at home or in your workplace, and we’ve already done
a video showing you how to install one – click on the little i in the top corner to see that
video. In this video, I’ll be showing you how to remove the keypad and change the combination.
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the link in the video description. Remove the two screws at the top and bottom
of the internal handle, and then carefully slide the keypad from the front of the door.
If you can, be careful to leave the spindle in place, to avoid having to realign it later. Turn the keypad over and remove the rubber
gasket, and you’ll see some screws holding the backplate in place. Remove these screws
but be careful – there are springs underneath that you don’t want to ping out and get
lost. With the plate gone you’ll see 5 RED tumblers
and 8 BLUE tumblers. The red ones are coded, and the blue ones are non-coded, meaning it’s
all the red ones which need to be pressed in – in any order – for the lock to open. Press the C button, but don’t turn the keypad
over otherwise everything will fall out! With the C button pressed, this releases everything
so that you can lift up the tumblers using some tweezers or a pair of pliers, and insert
coded and non-coded tumblers wherever you want them to be. Here, I’m changing the
code from 12345 to 67890. Pay close attention to the shape of the tumblers
and which way round the left and right-hand sided ones need to face in order to fit. Once you’ve arranged your tumblers to the
code of your choosing, replace the plate and its springs, being careful to line the springs
up correctly with the tumblers. Then screw the backplate in place with those screws.
Test your new code several times to make sure it’s definitely working correctly, and then
refit the keypad and internal handle to the door. Before you close the door, check again several
times that the code is working and also that the spindle is working correctly so that the
internal and external handles are both able to operate the latch correctly. If you found this video helpful please give
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one of these locks, click the video just there, and if you’d like to see how to build the
Ultimate door security system with three factor authentication, click the video down there.
Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you soon!

8 thoughts on “How to Change the Code on a Digital Combination Door Lock

  1. Thank you so much for this video! Most of the other videos are old and much less useful. This video is perfect!

  2. PERFECT video: Concise, clear and well-produced! Bravo! And Thanks!
    This video applies to nearly ALL brands of combo locks that use this type of keypad layout.

  3. hello, can i ask when you change the pins how would you start? what i mean is how would you make sure the first number of the code is say a 6. is it the first number you alter is the start of your new code? i don`t understand how you order the code. thanks

  4. At 1 try per 2 seconds worst case it will take you 40 minutes for all possible combinations. The average person against a random lock 20 minutes on average. And if someone had a stylish password that was "easy" it would take probably less than a minute brute forcing this kind of lock…

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