HOW TO BECOME A CELEBRITY STYLIST in the fashion industry (steal my 6 tips)

Basia Richard: Have you tried to break into
the styling industry? Well, watch my video to get my six tips on
how to start styling celebrities. For tips and advice about how to get into
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a new video every Monday. Basia Richard: If you have been dreaming of
becoming celebrity stylist but you’re stuck and you cannot move forward, make sure to
watch this video to get my full strategy on how to start styling celebrities. Hi, my name is Basia Richard, and I’m the
founder of, an online course for aspiring stylists. I also have styled top celebrities like Selena
Gomez, Sarah Hyland, Olivia Holt, Irina Shayk, and many, many more. I’m sharing a top six strategy to get you
in a styling industry. Now without further ado, let’s get started. Basia Richard: Tip number one. Move to LA or New York city. It’s not a secret that big movie stars and
live mostly in Los Angeles or in New York. So if you are in the United States and the
reality is that you won’t be able to start styling celebrities until you move to where
they live. Now, if you live overseas, like in Europe
let’s say, you have to be in one of the major cities like London, Paris, or Milan, in order
to have a chance to style A-list celebrities. Basia Richard: Let’s move on to my tip number
two, which is get internships. Now, the best way to get into the styling
industry and start working with celebrities, is to get an internship with celebrity stylists. Now, I know some of you might be rolling your
eyes when you hear the word internships, but that’s the best and the fastest way to get
your foot in a door. Now, think of it this way. You want to get internships to build your
resume and start getting experience. It makes sense now, right? Now, even though that you might have experience
in a fashion industry, in another field, let’s say that you have experience in merchandising
or maybe sales. You still want to start as an intern with
an established stylist and it will help you to meet new people. Basia Richard: And that gets us to tip number
three, networking. Networking and meeting new people is vital
and extremely important towards building a career as a stylist. So now, who should you network with? Well, you should start with everyone from
the styling industry, like stylists, assistant stylists, photographers, makeup artists, hair
stylists. The more people you know, the more you will
have a chance to get into the styling industry faster. Now, you might not know that, but publicists
and managers who represents celebrities would be the ones that you want to know the most. And why? Celebrities who have representation like publicists
are the ones who hire the whole glam team for their clients which is stylist, a makeup
artist and hairstylist. So meeting publicists should be your number
priority. Basia Richard: Now the big question is where
do you even meet those publicists? Well, I talked about it. Internships. If you’re going to be interning with a celebrity
stylist, you’re going to meet publicists. You should also attend to all different type
of gatherings like models and parties, events, and new boutique openings. Also ask your friends from the industry if
you can tag along with them. You want to become friends with them. Trust me, I know some of you might be not
very comfortable networking easy. So let me know in a comment below which part
of meeting new people is the most difficult. Trust me, I know it’s not an easy thing and
that gets us to tip number four, build a portfolio. Basia Richard: So let’s start with what is
a stylist portfolio? Well a stylist portfolio, it’s like a book
that contains images of stylist work like editorial images, real red carpet images you
style. So essentially portfolio, is a stylist resume. Your portfolio should also basically showcase
your artistry and display your best work. And now, the most important question is how
do you build a portfolio? Well, you have to do test shoots and what
are test shoots? Well test shoots, some of them call them spec
shoots or like collaborative editorial shoots. When you style a model with a makeup artist,
a hairstylist, a photographer for free. So everyone on your team can get new work
images and add them to a portfolio. Now, test shoots are very, very popular, super
popular. And are the best way to start building your
portfolio and also gain momentum, like when you are actually working as a key stylist
so you can finally style a photo shoot and learn how to collaborate with other team members. Basia Richard: Tip number five, get an assistant
position with celebrity stylist and working directly for a celebrity stylist is the fastest
way to get you to start styling celebrities by yourself. And why? Well, first of all, you’re working for a celebrity
stylist. So now you’re making money, you’re gaining
experience, meeting new people, establishing your relationships with other creative people
in the industry and then networking. So you’re meeting photographers, glam team
and publicists. Now, as much as you might want to style on
your own it’s very important to remember that you are still working for a stylist. So your first priority is to keep doing the
best at your current job. Like keeping an eye on a big prize, while
gaining experience and meeting lots and lots of new people and this strategy was going
to get you to the point where you will become the key stylist and that gets us the last
tip, which is tip number six, style for free. Basia Richard: Now you should remember that
working for free should only be like sort of like a hook for a new client, which means
you only want to do it once or twice just to get your foot in the door and be introduced
to a celebrity. Your main goal is to do a killer job, which
will mostly guarantee that you’ll get hired and will get paid on next projects. Now lots of stylists will work for free at
the beginning and will do like maybe one or couple jobs for free or for like a reduced
rate and the reason for it is like I said, you want to get introduced to a new client
and then do the best job you can to have them completely fall in love with you. Which will lead to paid jobs from this same
celebrity client. Basia Richard: Now that you have a clear understanding
how to get into the styling industry and start working with celebrities, if you want to learn
more make sure to grab my 140 plus resources with industry expressions and styling terminology
that you need to know to get started on the right track and with the correct lingo. Also, if you want to join my inspiring stylist
community, I have a great private group of aspiring stylists just like you where I share
advice and tips. Now let me know which of my six tips is your
favorite and if you liked this video, make sure to like it and subscribe and share with
other aspiring stylists and I will see you next week. Thanks so much for watching and I will see
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14 thoughts on “HOW TO BECOME A CELEBRITY STYLIST in the fashion industry (steal my 6 tips)

  1. Thanks for watching my video. Share your favorite tip and don't forget to grab my 140+ free resources for aspiring stylists

  2. Neat video and I like your direct manner when you say /move to NY or LA as that is where the need for stylists are. You share relevant, real info- thx!

  3. Your job sounds so awesome! I like that you're realistic in terms of location too. Location and networking is definitely a key to the industry!

  4. This is very good ideas. But there are some seconds thoughts. The first at all beeing celebrytist stylist you have to know someone of them. Other intership is only for rich people who can afford not to earn. Another thing is that stylist need to be customer oriented personality. I work as a sales associate in middle luxury fashion and I am doing styling using products which I sell.
    And I want do personal styling and shopping outside the work. And I don't know how to start. I am looking for a Styling/ Personal Shopper course which help me take my creativity outside the companies I work ( Reiss and LK Bennett). I know how important is important fashion and body shape knowlegde and ect but as well psychological side because very often we have to work with people who they don't feel comfortable with they body shape. So let me know Basia what do you think about it

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