How style and fashion can empower you – The psychological power of style 1

Hi everybody and welcome to my still
very new YouTube channel. I am Thea and today I will tell you how
style can empower you and you will learn how to find the items in your wardrobe
that will help you feel empowered in important situations. This is the first
video of a little series I want to do about the psychological power of style –
and about how style can help you for your inner well-being and also your
mental health. I experienced in my own life how important the power of style
can be and so I want to share my thoughts on it with you – because I think
it’s really important that we as women empower each other and encourage each
other. When I speak of style I mean the way you style yourself: the way you groom
the way you dress the way you wear your hair – everything on your outside where
other people who will meet you can get a little glimpse of what’s on the inside.
So let’s dive right into today’s topic: How can style help you feel empowered
and how can you use your personal style to feel more confident? Let’s talk
about our clothing: clothing can be a kind of second skin for us. It’s a
protection from the outside world, it protects us from the weather, it protects
us from other influences that come to us and it sometimes also helps us to hide a
little bit behind a mask or a facade sometimes – and sometimes we use it as a
kind of security blanket. But style can actually do something more for us: it can
empower us! In the last years there have been several psychological studies about
clothing and today I want to tell you about two of them. The first study I want
to tell you about was made by Professor Karen Pine at the University of
Hertfordshire (I hope I pronounced that right). In this study they had two groups
of students. One of the groups wore superhero shirts and the other group
wore normal blank plain t-shirts. Then they made them do some mental ability
tests – and guess what happened? The students with the superhero shirts scored better in the tests. And thye also said that they felt more likeable, that
they felt superior and that they even felt physically stronger.
Isn’t that great? Just by wearing a superhero shirt! I will tell you why the
results were like that in just a minute. But let me tell you about another study,
this was made by – let me look that up – this was made by Adam and Galinsky at
Northwestern University. And in this study they also had two groups of people,
and one group wore white lab coats and the other group wore just
their normal clothing. Then they did some attention tests with the test persons and
the people with a lab coat scored better. And to take the experiment one step
further, they again had two groups of people and they gave both groups the
exact same white lab coat. And then they told one group that they are wearing
artistic painter smocks and they told the other group that they are wearing
doctor’s coats. And in the attention tests the people with the doctors coats
scored better. This is because in our society and our cultural background
being a doctor is associated with being a well educated and intelligent person. So
just by wearing these doctors coats, the people embodied the characteristics and
qualities they associated with being a doctor and scored better in the tests.
And the same is true for the superhero shirts – the people who wore them felt
more likeable and felt stronger because superheroes are associated in our
society with strong and likeable persons. Adam and Galinsky called this phenomenon “enclothes cognition” and it captures the influences
clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes. Just by wearing
an item we can prime our mental processes to work in a special way,
because we – in most cases unconsciously – embody the symbolic or cultural meaning
of the item. What does that mean for our daily lives? We can’t and maybe don’t
want to run around in superhero shirts or lab coats all day long… What I want to
show you with these examples is, that if you are wearing an item that has a
special or deeper meaning for you – it can be a symbolic meaning, a cultural meaning,
it can be a personal meaning – then you will embody the meaning that this
clothing item has for you while you’re wearing it. And if it’s a positive
meaning you can empower yourself and feel more confident or perform in a
better way. From my own experience I can tell you it’s working. When I was a
teenager I had this little black dress – my mother had made it for me and I
really loved it, and I wore it on special occasions like weddings or when we went
to theater or when I went to a ballet performance. And I felt so sophisticated
and elegant in it, because, that’s what we associate in our society with little
black dresses , don’t we ? And I still have some items in my wardrobe which I use as
my…. let’s call it “power pieces”. And I am wearing these power pieces when I want
to feel supported by my clothing for important occasions. Now I will tell you
how you can find your personal power pieces in your wardrobe. Reflect on the
terms “successful” or “polished” or maybe “sophisticated” and then go to your
wardrobe and find the items that you associate most with these words. If you
have an important situation coming up and you don’t have items that reflect to
these words… go, buy them! Keep these terms in mind when you have
an occasion coming up like maybe a job interview or maybe an important meeting
with a client where you have to present something – or something else where you
need to look successful or polished or sophisticated. You can also play a little
bit with it. You can think about a date night – and when you want to look
beautiful or sexy on that date night then go to your wardrobe and check the
clothing in it and find the pieces that really correspond with the words
“beautiful” and “sexy” for you and then go and wear it on the date night! If you
have some power pieces in your own wardrobe please share them in the
comments! I’m really curious to hear from you and I also want this channel to be a
place where we can all inspire each other and maybe it’s helpful for someone.
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5 thoughts on “How style and fashion can empower you – The psychological power of style 1

  1. I generally feel confident in black clothes, but there is one combination that makes me feel strong and super-confident if you want to put it this way: it's a black blouse and black slacks. When I wear these I have the "come at me bro"-feeling 😀

  2. Hello Thea! I'm here from the GB YT Collective group. I like this video! I love the psychological science on this 🙂 It's so interesting! <3 Have a wonderful day!

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