How Much Richard Rawlings Earns a Month |lifestyle, girlfriend, cars

He is an American auto mechanic, car builder,
entrepreneur and a reality tv star who is famous for appearing in reality Tv series
Fast N Loud. We’re talking about Richard Rawlings. Richard was born on March 30, 1969, in Texas
to parents who were highly supportive of what he wanted to do. He attended Eastern High School and had a
passion for cars at a very young age. He got his first car at age 14. His career started with him joining Firefighting
Crew. He also started his Printing and Advert Company
and later opened his auto garage where he built cars. Later partnered with Discovery channel and
in 2012 he started a reality Tv with Aaron Kaufman. Along with the show, he also opened another
business called Gas Money Bar in 2013. Talking about his net worth and his lifestyle
he has a net worth of 15 million dollars with which he lives a lavish, awesome, millionaire
lifestyle. His mansion is worth 1.7 million dollars which
is 400 sq feet. His cars include Porsche Ferraris, Lamborghini
Countach, Ford Mustang. But which one is his dream car? Well, his dream car is nonother than 1932
Ford Roadster. He has been with three different women in
his lifetime which include Karen Grames, Suzanne Marie Mergele and now he is now with Katrina
Deason whom he proposed recently in a beach in Mexico. Taking about his feud with Aaron Kaufman Aaron
wants to be back in business but not with Rawlings. Rawlings only saw Aaron as an employee and
Aaron wanted to do things his way. And that’s a wrap on this video. Richard Rawlings has converted his passion
into a lifestyle and now his very successful. May he continue to be the same in the coming

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