How I Tried To Fit Into My Wedding Dress

– [Man] What’s wrong? – My dress doesn’t fit. – [Man] This is very tragic. Why doesn’t it fit? Are you gonna get it fixed? Okay. (techno music) – Here’s my nipple. – [Man] Are you saying no to the dress? – I’m keeping the dress. It was very expensive and I love it. I just need to make my body fit into it. I don’t know if you guys could tell but, I’m getting married. Here’s the problem. I bought a wedding dress
that was too small. At the store she actually
told me to get a larger size. I tried on the sample and it was the size. I didn’t really think about
the fact that the sample had been like really stretched out. So I got the size I wanted
which was not my size. Like six months later it comes in. I go to try it on and I can’t zip it up. I never thought I was
gonna be the person who had to try to fit into my wedding dress. I wonder if this happens
to a lot of people? – We actually see a couple
of those every month. Hello, I’m Susan Ruddie Spring. – [Sarah] How often do you
have brides that come to you and they have gotten
dresses that are too small? – Dresses can always be made smaller but dresses can’t always be made bigger. It’s really best to buy
something that’s the correct size and making sure that if your bust is a 12 and your waist is a six
and your hips are a 10, you don’t buy the eight
because it’s in the middle. You have to buy the 12 and
take in the other parts. – [Sarah] Why do women
order sizes that are smaller than what they should? – Brides do that along
with several other things which this is their big day
and they’re being photographed and everyone they know is gonna see them. – Has it always been that way? – I think it’s always
kind of been that way. But I think there’s way more pressure now because there never used to
be Instagram and Pinterest. – I immediately got home and was like, I need to go on a diet. I need to be shedding for the wedding. I looked up diets,
cutting dairy and gluten. I’m gonna be trying to
cut out a lot of carbs. We’re doing a lot of salmon. We gotta a beet, you know that’s healthy. Okay it it’s kind of
like the Whole 30 light ’cause the Whole 30 was
like too hard for me. So I’m gonna try some different things. I already lost a few pounds
just from drinking water. I feel like I just have
to go down one size. So it seems doable. I only have to lose two inches on my waist and then the dress should fit. I signed up for a shit
ton of exercise classes. And I have the whole feeling of like, I can’t believe I waited ’til
now to try to get healthy and lose weight. This is amazing and easy. I’m feeling, I’m feeling healthy. I’m feeling active. I’ve been weighing myself. In the first week, I was like freaking out because I actually lost four pounds. You know that’s huge. More weeks passed and my weight just was moving up and down and the wedding diet, the exercise, it wasn’t doing anything. Even at my smallest, I had
tried on the wedding dress and I could get it zipped up. Take it off ’cause I can’t breathe. If I breathed out, the
entire thing would burst. This eating healthy thing is
stupid and it’s not working. I need get skinny quick schemes. I read somewhere that Gas-X
can help the dress fit because you might just
be like a little bloated and so maybe this will be the difference. I’ve been taking Gas-X and
like where you would be bloated my dress is A-line so
it’s not tight there. It’s tight above that point
so Gas-X is not the solution. I gotta try something else. I bought these waist trainers
that Kim Kardashian uses. – No stretch marks and a flat stomach. After you have a baby is a waist cincher. – So I was like she’s got a
skinny waist, they must work. And actually when I put
that on, I was like, oh wait maybe this does
work because it really does make you much skinnier on the waist. It just like pushes your
fat down here I guess. It feels like it does something right away ’cause I measured my waist
right after I took it off and It was like an inch
smaller but your body just goes back to the way it normally is after a little bit. Maybe it would help me get
the dress on initially. Go to take it off to put your dress on and immediately it just is like pfth. It doesn’t change your actual waist. I wanted to fit into the
dress but the became like, I need to be skinnier. And then it became, why can’t I do this? Why can’t I, I should be able to do this. I should be able to follow
through and become this person. If I can’t do it now before my wedding, when will I ever do it? Trying to fit into my dress
has made me into a psycho. And I want to know why. I talked to the wedding
dresser and she mentioned. – ‘Cause if I could go back and gt a PhD I would get a psychology
degree and write a thesis on bridal psychosis. – And that gave me the idea
that I should try to find like a psychotherapist
that could explain to me what the hell is going on in my head. Why have a become a crazy person? – What do I want to feel and
what do I want to experience? What do I want it to look
like and what, you know. – Yeah. – All of these things kind
of collide in such a way. It’s just like this tsunami of overload. My name’s Katherine Schafler. I’m a therapist in New York City. And I work mostly with women. – Why do so many people feel the need to do the shedding for the wedding? – Things need to be perfect is just a real gesture for control. And so much about weddings
is out of control. Women are always taught
that they can do to control their lives is control their bodies and control their weight. It just sort of dumbs it down to like, if I can just get to
this number on the scale, then I’ve controlled the situation. – People set this goal weight
and then they don’t reach it. And it’s like, you feel
really bad about yourself. – You’re making your happiness
based on an external outcome. And whenever you do that and you keep that singular relationship
you kind of fuck yourself in that way. You’re only happy because you’re skinny. And so if you’re no longer skinny anymore than you won’t be happy. Right it’s okay to wanna be
pretty and look your best and put your best foot
forward and all that stuff. If the only way for you to
feel happy on your wedding day is to be a certain
weight or a certain this or a certain that, it just
doesn’t work that way. If you focused on the
goal weight, the product, and not the process. Like you wanna lose ten
pounds anyway you do it. You know some people can like insert feeding tubes into themselves. (upbeat music) You kind of fake it because you’re like I guess I’m supposed to
really care about this. – I became obsessed with like
looking a particular way. – What do you think that
being skinny or whatever is gonna make you feel? I think it’s gonna make me
feel really proud of myself. Being able to say like what other things make me feel that also in
addition to looking my best? – She made me feel a lot better. Like I’m not going crazy but
I still need to fix my dress. So like the dress’s waist
is not hanging at the waist. It hits me above my waist. Like I can’t lose my ribs or anything. I can do with like adding a
bow or straps or anything. Please come help me. I could’ve lost 15 pounds. That fuckin’ dress wasn’t gonna fit me. I didn’t want to spend any
more money on this dress ’cause I already spent
so much goddamn money. At this point, a month out,
it’s like buy a new dress or I’m just gonna have to eat it. So I reconnected with the
wedding alterations expert I spoke to. She found a spot for me to come in. I gotta go to the dress place. Coming back to you. – Okay. – I was gonna have to break my ribs to fit into my wedding dress. She suggested checking the
seams to see if the dress could be let out. You can’t always make dresses bigger, but I got very lucky and she was like, there is about an inch that
I can let out at the seams. Thank you so much for fixing my dress. I paid the money which I’m pretty sure the money I paid to have
that done was equivalent to the money I spent on all
these weird diet weight loss contraptions and pills. – What we’re really here for
is to give brides confidence because we know that
they’re gonna look gorgeous when they’re done. We just help them a
little bit along the way. – The dress fits now. I am so thankful and relieved because this was something that’s
been all consuming, trying to figure out how to
make my body fit the dress. When obviously in the end I
just should have had the dress fit my body. Ohhhh god weddings make me crazy. Ow. Oh that hurt. Ow. – Hey Unsolved is on a new channel. You know your part. – [Both] Subscribe here. – That was my part.

100 thoughts on “How I Tried To Fit Into My Wedding Dress

  1. Everyone is getting so mad, but it is explained in this video how it is not healthy to lose weight for this reason

  2. Folks, as a recently married person, let me offer this to anyone in the universe who needs to hear it. Don’t diet before your wedding! Don’t buy a dress that’s even a single size too small in the hope that it will motivate you to lose X number of pounds. It won’t! It will cause you undue stress and anxiety (see this video as proof) and keep you from enjoying all the wonderful social aspects of planning and celebrating your upcoming wedding. Buy a dress that you love in a size that fits you comfortably and relax in the knowledge that you haven’t added he wildly unnecessary stress of dieting to your wedding planning process.

  3. This is stupid. In the end you're still not happy with the way you look. What did you solve ? Change your habits of eating and with time you'll achive the healthy body, not the skinny one.

  4. Buzzfeed needs to take this down. Lots of unhealthy habits and things that can give girls/boys ideas for disorders.

  5. Judging from some of the comments, I feel like a lot of people did not watch this video until the end 😂

  6. Omg let her lose some weight if she wants! She’s not saying you should do it too… it’s for her wedding!! Jesus Christ

  7. Bought my prom dress 6 months before prom, gained 14 pounds during exams (a lot of stress eating), tried to train it off in 3 weeks, ate almost nothing, didn't lose much weight cause it stressed me so much that my body said no. Had to wear spanx from head to toe, no bra, could barely be zipped up. Broke the zipper later when I went to the loo. Never again such a dress, they don't forgive you gaining a pound. Now I've got a flowy dress, way more comfortable, always fits, perfect for any wedding etc. Wish I had done this in the first place.

  8. I'll definitely buy my wedding dress a size bigger because I don't want to be stressed like I was with my prom dress.

  9. U paid to extend the lining… That cost nothing but 2 minutes….. God American is Soo capitalistic

  10. Uuuuggggghhhhh! Why do people hate carbs?! They are good for people. Cholesterol is what’s unhealthy. This women is absolutely beautiful. She really doesn’t need to loose weight. It’s a horrible message for young girls. Why didn’t she just get the correct size in the first place? It makes us think that we SHOULD be super skinny. This is how young girls develop an eating disorder. Not a great message, Buzzfeed.

  11. As soon as a person starts talking about losing “inches” rather than pounds, it isn’t trying to be healthy anymore. It’s trying to be skinny

  12. My grandma made my mothers wedding dress !!
    Im really proud and i wanna also make my dress myself
    ( i also make clothing )

  13. It had a good message at the end, you are more important than clothes, clothes should work for you instead of trying to change yourself to fit the clothes.

  14. She spent money on the waist trainer, the gym and on the psychotherapist… modifying the dress would be cheaper

  15. “Expensive dress” bruh u just spent so much for those psychology classes and diets and the exercise classes..etc, could have bought another dress

  16. Clothes are supposed to fit us, not the other way around. This sends a really poor message to lots of girls and women out there. Do better.

  17. Title should have been “Women experiences .5% of what people with eating disorders experience for years”

  18. Yes it was expensive, yes this is a bad message. Not because she is trying to be skinny. But because she was stupid enough to NOT accept what size she really is. You don't fit, don't buy it. You have intentions to loose weight? Ok! Buy it smaller but don't start you exercise routine 6 MONTHS after you buy it and go cry on the floor because you don't fit. This whole thing is so stupid

  19. I’m a Bridal consultant/ alternation assistant if she needed it to fit it would be really pretty
    If she added mesh gussets to the sides under her arms. That is actually a popular design that most designers already put into gowns. It’s great to know her gown had seam allowance.

  20. It’s not just for weddings. Women and men tend to get the size clothing that they feel they want to be usually for the opinion of others. I get clothes that fit me at the moment. Even if I’m on track with losing weight in the process, I still only just buy the clothing for my size at that moment. It’s true, it’s so much easy to make clothing smaller but not as easy or sometimes not even possible to make clothing sizes larger.

  21. this is so triggering 🙁 please put a disclaimer or a trigger warning for people with eating disorders!

  22. This happened to me during prom. I didnt eat an actual meal for 3 months. It was mostly lettuce and water.

  23. This was by far one of your dumbest videos buzzfeed. Why didn’t she try and get the dress let out in the 1st place?? Why didn’t the seamstress recommend this before she went on this weight loss journey….waste of time

  24. Waist trainers do work but it's not a quick fix. To see more longer lasting results (like Kim Kardashian), you need to wear them for several hours a day almost everyday for several months.

    Also, I don't know how many weeks/months her wedding was but in the time she spent trying to find ways to lose weight she could've hired a personal trainer in that time to help her lose those inches with real results and fit in her dress.

  25. People have really been hating on this woman, but I think she was pointing out that it is a problem to be so fixated on size that you put yourself in situations like having a dress two small months before your wedding. The attempt at rapid weight loss, the gasx, the rigorous exercise, the waist trainer, no those aren't healthy, but this is genuinely how a HUGE PORTION OF WOMEN THINK. I think she honestly is being so real in that yeah she's kind of being an idiot, because when it comes to body image and controlling issues, we can all be idiots a lot of the time. I think this was a mildly insightful video into genuine thoughts of a bride to be.

  26. Losing weight should be about feeling healthier and ditching bad habits, not fitting into a dress. Don't go for a look. Go for a feeling. If you feel happy and healthy in a BENEFICIAL and ACTUALLY HEALTHY way, that should be the goal, NOT attaining a NUMBER.

  27. She thought she was getting the right size because the size they had in the store fit her, but it was stretched out

  28. I was watching this and eating chips and then in my head I was like, “maybe I should try to lose weight” and then I looked down and saw my chips and I was just like nah

  29. Not the most positive video about wedding but still have some good points and still is informative. Insecurity is real and the obsessiveness is also real here. Don’t know why people hating on this so much. Not all videos should be about what you want to watch.

  30. Lol you’d be surprised how often this happens. Ribs can’t get smaller. Literally everybody needs alterations so it’s better to get a size a little big so it can be fit perfectly. The bridal shop I worked at made people initial and sign by measurements of their body versus dress measurements and seamstress recommended size. Just let it out!

  31. I want that style dress!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Also you were always beautiful and finding it’s fun to be healthy is empowering

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