How banks continue to adapt to digital disruption

Hi People, let me just take a minute to share
with you my observations in the banking industry. I mean, these days you hear many stories about
how Fintech, startups or even the GAFA’s interrupt the banking industry. Personally, I observed in a positive way,
how banks continue to adapt to the constantly changing consumer needs. Today as a connected consumer, I’m obtaining
more and more services via my online banking. TWINT, checking my balance sheet, and online
transactions are the services I’m using most. Now what priorities should banks focus on
from a simple user point of view? In order to stay relevant today, you the banks
need to focus on constantly improving the user experience. You want to offer the same quality onsite
and online. You want to embrace data and analytics to
better understand your customer needs and make insight-led decisions. Apply a user centered design principle to
deliver an amazing user experience. You go mobile, because more and more people
embrace mobile. And last but not least, personalize the experience
across all digital channels in order to enhance the customer satisfaction. Well, I hope this is useful to you, but remember,
as long as the Matterhorn stands, everything is going to be alright. Well cheers people from the Swiss mountains. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the mountains
too over these days. Transcribed by

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