hello everyone this is Sandra and welcome back to my channel Sandra’s secrets today we’re gonna talk fashion what are the hottest trends for autumn 2019 if you’re new to my channel please don’t forget to subscribe and let’s begin the main three cans that I noticed are hid in fashion nowadays are something called the new bourgeois and I’m gonna explain about each one the first one is the new bourgeois the second one is 90s fashion and the third one is the romantic so I’m gonna start talking about each one of them and show you some examples from the fashion shows or fashionistas or even celebrities the new bourgeois fashion is more about mixing textures and prints and many many of the classic items but layering it out to make it look like more fashionable it’s rich it’s elegant but at the same time it’s very very modern where you see many prints textures and textiles go together and layered over each other when you see many silhouettes styled in one look that’s what we call the new bourgeois to get the new bourgeois look you have to have some very tailored sophisticated pieces and mix them together in terms of colors the new bourgeois is more of muted colors more nude tones earthy tones but with a pop of color here and there the new Volvo according to vogue is separates base dressing that celebrates personal taste over a single must-have item that’s what the new bourgeois is all about it’s more about embracing your own personal style maybe wearing things that don’t usually go together but wearing them all together but you know eventually the look works it’s more about embracing the adventure in choosing what you want to wear together you know experimenting with new things but with the classic items that you already have in your closet the new bourgeois is perfect for people who like to wear something more preppy and polished and textured and more tailored now for the 90s throwback or 90s fashion from the name it’s a inspired by the 90s era and the whole you know supermodel culture so many artists and so many experimenting with makeup and clothes it’s now retro considered so you can get the inspiration of the 90s and you know get the style of the 90s we don’t really have to wear exactly what the people and the 90s used to wear we’re gonna see how to implement the 90s style in our 2019 wardrobe when we look back at the 90s we noticed that there was some staple items let’s say that defines the era one of them if this suits suiting was huge in the 90s and it is huge today the suits are back the power suit with the big shoulder pads and more structured look and maybe oversized jackets so this is all back I think if you did not throw your jackets your old jackets you might find very good investment in your old jackets just by editing them maybe a little bit or changing how they look on you right now by the help of a tailor of or if you are good in doing that yourself the main characteristics with the suiting let’s say you can start by accentuating your waist even if you don’t have a huge jacket or a very big shoulder padded jacket you know you can just accentuate your waist with this with a belt so that will give you the 90s vibe in 2019 another huge thing in the 90s is the faux leather any kind of leather printed not printed silver gold black red any leather is in to stay you can just wear leather from head to toe like same color different colors it doesn’t matter or you can just implement some leather in your outfits like a leather vest maybe or a leather pants or leather shirt anything you like and from the 90s era the big trend that is trending in 2019 all over the place and it’s still going on strong is the animal print especially the tiger print and the snake print but the tiger print is like huge nowadays if you don’t like the animal print so much like in Asher or in pants or a coat or anything like huge like that you can just wear it as an accessories maybe earrings maybe belt maybe bracelet or even a headband because it’s so big in the 90s and you can just you know double down on the vibe on the 90s vibe and wear a headband with the tiger print on it and wear some leather with it and you will be like right on point baby the 90s throwback doesn’t only consist of the clothing but also of the footwear if you want to get the footwear vibe you need the square-toed shoes and something also was huge in the 90s I love it personally this is my favorite this is the cargo style actually either overalls like the one I’m wearing right now either denim or anything else I have a lot of clothes that fall into this category I were a lot of overalls I love them I enjoy them and I think it’s very flattering I also love the camouflage still trending it’s all in the cargo category everything with huge pockets and maybe wide pants and things like that that’s more boyish let’s say and you can elevate it always by wearing heels with your cargo pants or anything that you have it’s amazing trend I love it so much it’s so comfortable and at the same time it’s so unique in terms of colors the trending color right now is the piece – pistachio color is the color green you know light green it’s this color that you see here this color actually is maybe difficult for some people to wear all shades of brown is trending like you can take the beige the brown the camel any shade of brown is trending right now another difficult color that’s trending right now is the lilac color these are the colors that are huge and trending right now the piece – all shades of brown and the lilac one last thing from the 90s throwback I don’t know if you might be interested in this or not but it’s the Kate I personally am NOT a cake person you know like wearing capes in all sizes maybe long cape or short cape I did not do it yet but maybe if I found something nice I wouldn’t be against it but if you have a cape already you can go ahead and show it off maybe because it’s time for Kate the third huge fashion camp this year is the first the surge oh my god man what’s happening okay the third huge fashion camp this year is the romantic camp like ruffles embellishment feminine detailing it’s all in babies so if you’re a very feminine person it’s your season baby angel if you want to embrace this 2019 trend that is actually inspired from the Renaissance period you can wear something like exaggerated sleeves very exaggerated neck clients as well sweetheart necklines Victorian maybe necklines the dark floral print is like the print of this look you wear something with small flowers or big flowers we’ve seen all kinds of flowers and the runway and worn by celebrities everywhere you can embrace this style from the pieces that you already have in your closet look at the pieces that have some sheer some mesh some pointy flowery prints something you know very feminine and very fresh and embellished you know the things that you saw that oh baby this is not gonna come back well congratulations it’s back so these are the trending fashion styles nowadays the romantic the new bourgeois and the 90s throwback I am embracing the 90s throwback vibe a lot and maybe a little bit of the romantic and the new bourgeois I love the 90s throwback so so so so much let me know what is your favorite style of these three and what style that you’re gonna be embracing this year and which is the trend that you’re not gonna wear this season I hope you liked this video and it was helpful for you please leave me a comment and hit like and the subscribe and don’t forget to invite your friends to my channel I’m just starting on my youtube so I hope you give me some support and I will see you in my next video don’t forget to hit the like and the sub and invite your friends see ya

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