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from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Today, we’ve reached Gauthami Krishnan’s residence
at Film Nagar, Hyderabad. I’m sure you can see
all the trees around. Since the greenery is so good,
I’m sure she would be a good cook too. I’m very excited. So, let’s go inside and meet her
and see what delicacies she’d prepare for us. Are you ready?
Was this good enough, director? Touch up, please! I hope we’d wind up
before 2:00PM. The minute the clock strikes 2:00PM,
I would leave. You people are causing delay.
So, plan accordingly. What are you planning to cook?
– Chicken Seemagana. By when would you prepare the dish?
– She’s getting her make up, so don’t talk. So, what are you planning to cook
for me and for the audience? Cook for the audience too?
I’ll have to buy lot more chicken then. Ma’am, please don’t
show your back to the camera. Don’t look straight into the camera.
Face the camera, that would do. And also don’t show your back to it.
– Alright. Sure. So, let’s check out
what all ingredients we need. ‘Add the right amounts of all these.
I don’t exactly know how much is right though.’ So, now we know
what all ingredients we need. Now, let’s find out
how to prepare the dish. Shall we begin? Hold on. What are you doing?
– I’m tying up my hair. That won’t be needed.
Loose hair would look good on camera. So, let’s find out
how to prepare the dish. Let’s begin, Ms. Gauthami.
– Firstly, we’ve to finely chop the veggies. You need any help?
– No, thank you, I’m good. I insist I do this.
I’m not a very bad cook either. Take all my close up shots right now. Take my close up shots
while my make up is still on. Is this good enough?
– Yes, it is. Let’s go for the commercials. Independence..
What was it, again? The poster is right behind you.
– Independent sun flower oil.. It is Independence refined sun flower oil.
My bad.. Independence refined sun flower oil’s..
What’s the show’s name? ‘Let’s cook’.
– Independence refined sun flower oil’s.. ‘Let’s cook’! This is Independence refined sun flower oil’s
‘Let’s cook’. Let’s take a break. What did you name this dish?
Chicken Seemagana, right? Why did you name this that? My mother hails from Telangana
and my husband hails from Rayalaseema. That’s why I named this Seemagana.
– What makes Chicken Seemagana different? Everyone uses the same ingredients, right?
So, what makes this different? This special chilli powder
makes all the difference. So, this special chilli powder
makes Chicken Seemagana special. So, you prepare this powder at home?
– No. I bought it at the local store. What course are you pursuing, Neha?
– I’m in the final year of college. Is your college close by?
– It is just around the corner. Aren’t you attending classes today?
– I’m not, since you all are here. This is so cute.
– Say ‘hi’ to all my collegemates. They’re your fans. What was your college’s name, again?
– Shivani College. To all kids of Shivani College,
I, on behalf of ‘Let’s cook’, say hi! I’m tired already. Do I’ve to speak more?
– No. This much should do. Don’t you think she’s blocking the frame?
– Yes, she is. You mind moving out of the frame?
– No problem. Bye! Since, we need footage for the show,
I have to keep blabbering. So, I’ll ask you
about your personal life. I really don’t give a damn
about your personal life. But, I’ve to ask
for the sake of footage. I’m least interested
to ask you about your personal life. Ma’am, let’s go for the commercials.
– Yeah, sure. Let’s go for the commercials
before you start cooking. Ms. Gauthami, I can see you’re all set
to cook. But before that, let’s take a break. This dish seems interesting.
Get me a pen and a paper. I’ll note down the recipe. That won’t be needed, aunty.
I can remember this recipe by heart. I’ll help you
when you start preparing this. There aren’t even a dozen ingredients.
– You’re right. Shall we begin? I’m very excited.
What’s the 1st step? The 1st step is to turn on the stove. Turn on the stove, ignite the flame
and place a pan on it. You think people are too dumb not to know
that the obvious 1st step is to turn on the stove? Turn on the stove, my foot! Please, begin.
– We need to.. – Hold on. Should we next add some oil?
– That’s right. Now, the next step is to add the right amount
of Independence refined sun flower oil. We don’t use this oil to cook.
We use a different brand of oil. Please explain to her how it is done.
– Irrespective of what oil you use you’ve to say you use Independence oil.
– You’ve no choice regarding this. Don’t you want the gift hamper?
Independence oil sponsors the gift hampers. We’ve also added oil. I was invited to cook my recipe,
but look who is cooking. Why do anchors want to cook all the time?
Shall I? No, I’m good.
– She says she is good. Shall we now add chicken?
– Your decision. What else do you cook well?
– I cook almost everything well. Your husband is a lucky man. Yeah, that’s enough.
– I’m glad. Are you good at singing?
– No, I’m not. Even a line from your favorite song would do.
– I feel shy. Don’t feel shy.
I’ll join you once you begin singing. I want to see you
put your good voice to sing. “There is the sky.
There is a cloud in the sky.” “Then came a thunder
which shook the sky” “and turned the clouds
into drops of rain” “which in turn watered the trees
on which lovely birds make nests.” “You are one such lovely bird
and I need you.” What’s with your expression?
Smile like you’re enjoying the dish. Please, smile.
– This is very nice. This is too salty
and I can’t eat any more. This seems simple. After heating the oil,
onions and all should be added and what after that?
– W-Well.. She added something before adding tomatoes.
– Chillies, I guess. This is why I asked you
to get me a pen and a paper but you spoke like you had
eidetic memory. She’ll summarize the process now.
Note it down atleast now. Guys, so this is my version
of ‘A honest cooking show’. Many of you requested me on Instagram,
to make this video. I hope you enjoyed watching this.
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Let’s reach the 1 million mark ASAP! You want me to go and talk?
– Please, don’t. But I want to know what they’re talking.
– You want to know thay’re talking about? Don’t worry.
I’ll go find out. Yeah. Even I feel..
Thank you. I hate it
at my place. You know who screwed up your life?
Your husband. He puts you through hell.
I told you not to get married to him. But you said he loves you
and crap.

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