56 thoughts on “HOLIDAY Hot Miami Styles Outfits TRY ON HAUL!

  1. Although your natural hairstyles are my favourite, I love love this hair on you. The two piece fringe shorts set was my favourite, the short sequin one sleeve dress came in a close second.

  2. All looked lovely on you but you stood out in the long black sequnced with the slits & the polka dot looked really cut 🥰

  3. I love all of your hair videos, but here in the USA we have enough problems with our sisters running around here looking like sluts, whores, and hookers half-naked. A lot of women are going to be in judgment before the Most High YAH for running around looking like whores think they can dress any way they want to. Is that why women are taken for jokes?.

  4. Ooops!! almost forgot to let you know my favorite outfit on You. Okay I have 2 favorites, the first outfit, You looked Knock-out Gorgeous!! And my second favorite outfit on You is the Red Dress, You look so Elegant .

  5. Adanna!! Your laugh is so infectious i love it. And i love all those outfits. My favorite is the 1st one with the one sleeve. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Oh also, i love that hair on you

  6. Sisters are more beautiful with their clothes on rather than walking around looking like they are trying to sell their bodies, also the lake of hellfire awaits females who dress this way. NO REAL MAN WITH ANY RESPECT FOR THE MOST HIGH (YAH) would even date nor look in your direction dressed like that and certainly not want to marry you. Many females are shameless and cannot understand why you get one night stands and never become a wife.

  7. For the first time since I started watching your video, I'm seeing your full body 😂😂 I've been seeing head and shoulders only. Hope I'm not alone ooo

  8. Ada oooooo
    Hey, I'm in love with the polka dress.
    I didn't wait to finish watching the video.
    Pls , I urgently need the link to order one.
    Girl u too much ohh.

  9. So gorgeous 😍 all of them are lovely and sexy. My favorite are the long red one and that short black one for clubbing 😘😘😘 happy holidays my dear

  10. Girl all these outfits are 💥💥💥you look really nice in all of them. Are you selling these because I'll definitely buy.

  11. You look fabulous in all of em Ada👌 my faves were the fist sequence, the polka dot dress and the sequence cream top with skirt❤️

  12. I love your accent and how relatable you are but baybay that Tina Turner black 2 piece is bomb. I just don’t know when the heck I would wear it!

  13. Looking great. Love the looks. I have a multi-colored sequins dress for New Years Eve also. Not the same silhouette, but still sexy.I love your hair ❤. Is it a weave or wig?

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