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also guys welcome back to my channel my name is Leo Chen I love the taste out and in this video I'm going to be doing an H&M summer Sean Paul went to hmmm recently in the store and I found some really great pieces so I decided to do a big shop off video I also did a spring shuffle video earlier this year so definitely check it out and a lot of you guys asked for summer one so here it is alright let's get right into it first up I'm actually wearing a shirt from H&M right now this is a sleeveless shirt I really love this style shirt well the summer season it just gets too hot of course I'm just thinking with link blinds a little bit more charm established this way this is for the really really hot days when I just can't have any sleeves this is a yellow printed pattern shirt you have this pump three prints all over the shirt so it's nice to have this as a pop of color but summer season it's a short sleeve summer shirt I really love this like cream off white colored not your typical white color the navy blue flower print all over it you got this like big flower print overall very classy looking this sure I can definitely wear on the weekends hang out with friends and I think this will actually look really nice with a blazer as well this is a navy short sleeve shirt with these polka dot pattern all over it it's very subtle very classy really like the look of this it's definitely a nice subtle pattern that you can wear in the summer season nothing too crazy and it's just a little subtle pattern coat plane maybe shirt this is a red short sleeve shirt this has some really big bold Hawaiian print on this I think this is one of my favorites of the haul so far really love this Hawaiian print I think it's really big this summer season and you can have a lot of fun with this easily paired this with white jeans black jeans kind of matching the colors and the shirt here thanks this is just a plain white short sleeve shirt now this is a must for the summer season I'm you can't go wrong with a plain white shirt this you can really work for anything work for work even to a wedding this is amazed that are just way too high you need something that's breathable cotton and short sleeve so this is definitely a must to have in this moment seasons a can color shirt with this lemon print all over it so this is actually $12.99 this is a size large and I absolutely love this sherry fight one of my favorite from this shop called video I love this crazy bull lemon print it is perfect for the summer season this is great expecially for vacationing I can just imagine working this in like Greece or something or chilling in the island over all this subject great shirt you got this like deep navy blue as a base and you have this really nice pop color with all the lemons another short sleeve patterned shirt was definitely more subtle in the color I think it's like a dark gray with some green in it like a dark gray dark green this is a great summer shirt for cities like New York City where it's not super vibrant but have a little bit more of that like city style to it orchid color is great for going now going to the bars it's you know darker color not screaming at you not as vibrant as the other shirts in the shop all yeah you can easily wear this with some black jeans boots and this is great for a night out the camp style shirt this time you have this Navy color with all these cheetahs all over it another one my favorite shirt in the shop all it's really perfect for summer style in the city I love this print this is a little bit different from all the other tropical and trees and bright color prints you've seen so far the little gray shirt to wear to the Wow you can pair this with some brown sneakers or some Brown booties but not least with the shirts this is striped short sleeve shirt though there essentials to have for the summer season of this Navy stripes going down on the shirt and some classic like you can really wear this anywhere and everywhere this is great especially for vacation time showing on the just anything you think of water and the summer season I think this will go perfectly for but also you can easily dress this up or down depending on you need for the season mix up I have a pair of these cargo shorts this is a great alternative to the usual short so you might see like something baggy or something long I think these hit just right above the knees so this is perfect Boca season mix up I have these two pair of shorts but they love the styling on both these shorts you got these stripes going on on the black ones you got this double bar on one side kind of advising a comp around a little bit and then on the great ones you have the one bar going across both designs are really stylish and I think a little subtle decoding this makes a big difference these shorts will be really nice to wear on its own all the items will be listed in this description I believe most of these shirts range about $12 to 20 the most I specifically picked these because they're cotton so very breathable you can wash them you can try those no problem and you can just keep wearing them the whole season I pick sides large because it's summertime you're gonna be sweating you want some air you don't want to close to be soaked I hmm they usually tend to shrink a little bit and so if I get a medium it might be too tight afterwards so large is a great safe bet for me but also for size large if you think the sleeves are too big or too large just roll them up I love how they look once you give them a roll once you're poised and looks a lot better hope you guys enjoy this hmm summer shuffle video let me know which one of these 13 items is your favorite in the comments below subscribe to my channel if you haven't already it'll help me out a lot that you guys for watching

8 thoughts on “H&M SUMMER 2019 TRY ON HAUL | Men's Fashion Haul | Levitate Style

  1. Hey man I’m just starting YouTube myself and let me just say this video really gave me some ideas on what to look for in the summer! I actually bought a shirt similar to those at cotton on for a crazy steal of $10 but I saw similar shirts to those also at H&M I appreciate you showing us how they would look and why they benefit during the summer ! 🙂

  2. Lived the videos Leo!!! I bought the mustard yellow palm tree print shirt and I can’t wait to wear it! Now I need to go and get the one with the cheetahs/leopards! Well done man!

  3. I usually always go for a lemon print, but that third off white one looks so good!! I love white for summer clothes, even though black is my staple color. It’s breathable and creates a soft, slimming appearance.

  4. Tie for me between the first yellow shirt and the lemon one 🍋🍋🍋🍋💛

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