High volume undercut – Sleek business look – Men’s fade undercut – Trend 2016

Hello guys! I’m Rasmus, and today I’m going
to show you some tips and tricks. First, I’ll wash my hair with shampoo and
conditioner, and afterwards I’ll show you how I style my hair. The reason I’m doing this the hard way is
because you don’t need to take a shower just to wash your hair. The reason why I’m using conditioner is because, when you use shampoo, you open the hair cuticles,
and the conditioner actually neutralises this and closes them, so your hair is ready for
styling. And it also gets soft and smooth! And good scalp massage also promotes the blood flow and hair growth. When I’m blow-drying my hair, I like to use pre-styling spray, because it takes out some
of the curls, and it makes a good hold foundation for the styling later on.
I’m applying about 20 pumps of the pre-styling spray evenly all over the hair. And now, blowdrying. I’m choosing the setting with the most heat and the highest speed.
I’m using the comb while I’m blowdrying, and I’m going to show you how to increase volume
only with the comb. Afterwards, I’ll show you how to make a smoother,
more even volume with the skeleton brush. You can already see that I’ve a good volume
now, but if you want more volume, you can just take the blowdryer and blow on this direction, and rub it. … and back again. Now you can see the difference. And I comb
it into position. Now it’s dry all the way down to the roots,
which gives it a lot of volume, and it’ll stay up in this position, so it’s actually
ready for styling. But first, I promised to show you what I can
do with the skeleton brush. I can make it more smooth-looking, and for that I just need
to add some moisture with the water spray. And now I’m ready to use the wax. It’s the
Silver Fox Limited Edition, and what’s special about it is the scent. It’s incredible.
So I’m going to show you how it’s going to stay up all day long with our new wax. Now it’s styled with a lot of volume, and
I really like it, but I forgot to say that when I’m using the pre-styling spray, I don’t
need to use that much wax. But anyway, the wax has extreme hold and light
shine – kind of a natural glow. Actually I’ve the hair that I like, but I
know that some of you guys like it more sleek, so now I’m going to show you how you can modify
this hairstyle into a more sleek, business hairstyle.
I’m going to use the water spray, Freestyler, and then I’ll blow-dry and comb it a little.
The principle is that you’ve dry roots and a lot of volume, but you can make it a
little more even on the top. A little trick: when you style your hair, you’ve a little leftover wax on your hands, and I’m using it on the sides, putting a lot of pressure and just doing like this… … and they’ll get totally sleek and nice. Now the hairstyle is done, and I hope you like it!
This look is a little bit more heavy-looking, but actually I didn’t use any additional product. I just
added some water-spray and softened up the wax with the hairdryer.
Now we’ve a more business-like look, and I think it looks amazing.
So I hope you liked the tips and tricks, and that you’ll like to write on the comment section
down below what you think about the hairstyle. So stay tuned for our next episode.
Stay classic!

100 thoughts on “High volume undercut – Sleek business look – Men’s fade undercut – Trend 2016

  1. جذابين خربو شعري وحق الحسين لحد يستعمل دهن باي فيلين يسوي كسره وتلف بشعر أني عليه كتلكم وانتو بكيفكم تردون جربو وشوفو شيحصل

  2. ممكن اسم الكريمات الي استخدمتن ارجو الرد

  3. Hi should we put it in the high or low speed high tempreture or low please and my hair get dryed and get be bad

  4. Hey whats the length of the top part of your hair ? My front is around 6 inches but always seems to fall flat

  5. Have to rewatch so I can pay attention to what he’s saying since I couldn’t catch a word from his beautiful face the first round

  6. Good explanation! I've recently donated pretty much most of my meter-long hair and now am left with an undercut which I'm not really used to style (beforehand I never styled my hair, just put it up in a manbun, but still 😉 ).
    Just bought a new hairdryer and round brush, gonna try out your technique.
    Thx, love from Germany <3

  7. With my respect u dont know how to make a hair style
    مع احترامي لكنك لا تعرف كيف تصنع تسريحة شعر
    Saygılarımla ama nasıl bir saç modeli yapılacağını bilmiyorsunuz

  8. I guess ur the kinda guy who doesn't like others handling ur hair……. U washed ur own hair standing over the basin

  9. Покажy каk 3ара6атывать85 бakсов каждый дeнь. Подро6ности на кaнaлe.

  10. Thank you so much, i like it, I tried a lot but still can not make my hair as I want with a hair dryer like you.

  11. i'd love to have hair like that but doing all that every single morning is a big no no for me lol. Waaay too much hassle lol

  12. Disconnected Undercut fits that one. It is great to Disconnected Undercut to have no siding just upwards not left not right i hope you get my point

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