AH HELL! We’re sinking! We’re the Vagabrothers, and this is Helsinki Finland. [intro sound] Sorry that was a really lame joke [yeah]. It’s actually a really cool city. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland, home to about one in every five Fins. Small, compact and full of style, this waterfront city opens up to the Baltic Sea and bridges Scandinavia to the west and
Russia to the east. In fact, forgetting independence a
hundred years ago, Finland was caught between the empires of Sweden and Russia. And Helsinki is a product of the
push and pull of empire growing up around the floating fortress of Soumenlinna, fifteen minutes by ferry from downtown Helsinki. ‘So-one-milena’ as it’s pronounced is a
UNESCO World Heritage site that was built by the Swedish, captured by the Russians, and finally taken back by the Fins who opened it up to the public. But we didn’t come here just to float around on an island; we came here to visit Helsinki, one the most stylish cities in Europe. Fins are known for their design legacy, which is rooted in simplicity and puts function over form. It’s something you see just
walking down the street: from the renovated historical buildings of the Tori Quarter, to the modernist buildings from nineteen thirties, and more recent additions like the Chapel of Silence. These days Finnish design translates into sustainable street style: something that Visit Helsinki showed us right when we arrived by hooking us up with a grab-bag of local apparel, including Costo backpacks made from recycled denim and wooden sunglasses from Pollot. So we headed over to Tori Quarters in Helsinki’s design district to meet with Hannes Bengs [Hello] founder of Costo who spoke to us about Helsinki’s style in general and his project in particular. Growing up in Finland, it’s always been a big thing actually, ecological environment nature and everything about it, so it’s a normal thing for me. But you can’t be too hip, too trendy because
otherwise it won’t last. The trend goes, you know, it lasts for half a year. You have to have the classic design too. We produce all of our caps and other accessories, all of our industrial and raw materials, like the fabrics is from sofa factories, small pieces that they can’t use in in the industry. That emphasis of quality over quantity is also shaping another aspect of Helsinki’s culture Cuisine! where a new generation of young chefs is shaking up Finnish food by focusing on local, organic produce, the best of which is found in the recently renovated Old Market Hall where we shopped around for some cured salmon and spoke with some of the local fish mongers. I love that word. The traditional cured salmon is just a fresh salmon fillet, and on top you’ve got sugar, sea salt, and dill. And then you leave it. The next day it, will be ready to be sliced and eaten. Before leaving the market we stopped for a light bite at Story where we ordered traditional dishes like cabbage casserole and salmon soup before speaking with the head chef Teemu Aura. The food is quite simple, a lot of natural ingredients: less on the blade and more in to the flavour, and more in the story of the ingredients. But that just whetted our appetite for more. So we ordered takeaway lunches from Sun Restaurant and had a gorgeous picnic in the park. After lunch we treated ourselves to another Finnish specialty, Chocolate before heading over to Cocoa Coffee Shop to experience Helsinki’s famous café culture over coffee and cakes. Serbuk, Lingonberry in chocolate And blueberry with liquorice rum We had heard that Finns drank more coffee than anyone else in the world, So we asked the owner why Finns were so obsessed with coffee. Wherever you go they always offer you coffee, so it’s coffee all over. Well I think what also we are trying to do is drink less but high-quality. But of course we still want to have more and more high quality coffee shops in town. We caught one more coffee at the iconic Café Regatta, which overlooks the Baltic Sea and some of Helsinki’s beaches. Yes, they have beaches. It was so hot we even
did some supping, stand up paddling [SUP] on the Baltic Sea. In summer it never really gets dark here, which means most of the drinking is done in daylight, which made it pretty easy to find
our friend Eva and local drinks blogger Ilkka Sirén who took us on a pub crawl through the Bohemian neighbourhood of Kallio So Kallio was this sort of a working-class district in
Helsinki, but now-a-days, it’s a very sort of a young, hipster kind of a neighborhood with a lot of cool restaurants opening up here, a lot of good clubs. The younger generation travels all the time, and with that I think with the food and then comes obviously with drinks as well. So they learn it and when they come back here, they really sort of try to make it happen here, as well. If you like great cocktails or great wine, great beer, there’s definitely a bar for you in Helsinki. All right, cool ,so where’s the next place? So next place is quick. We’re going to go drink some Finnish beers. Okay [Yeah] sounds good. In the past few years, I think the demand also for good quality
beer, so craft breweries, have been really booming. It’s, I think, a world -wide phenomenon. People are really getting the same sort
of geeky enthusiasim as many wine people have about wine, and now we are, as well. We’re getting geeky with our beer, but we spent less time with our noses in our glasses and more time with the glasses to the lips. [Absolutely] Cheers Beer is meant to be enjoyed. That’s right. It was a late night with Ilkkas, and after a week running around Finland, and a couple of days in Helsinki, we were in desperate need of some relaxation. So we met up with Ollie from Feel The
Nature Tours who took us to a peaceful lakeside cottage in
nearby Nooksio National Park to show us just how close Helsinki is
to nature. Dude, just went fishing. Now it’s time to pop in the sauna. We going to do it Finnish style. Naked! [Laughing] We wonder why people think we’re a gay couple. We’re actually just brothers. I think it’s because we’re well dressed. Yeah [laughing] After a couple of sessions in the sauna, it was time for a nice barbecue overlooking the lake with the beautiful
sunset. The perfect ending to our time in Finland. Thanks for watching and big thanks to Visit Helsinki and Visit Finland for making this entire trip possible. If this video inspired your trip to
Finland, check the info-box below for links to their web pages. Also ,as always, if you enjoyed the video, give it A thumbs- up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel for more travel videos every Tuesday. We really appreciate your
help in growing this project. All right. If you have any other tips for us in Helsinki, write your thoughts below in the comments box or tweet us on social media @Vagabrothers. That’s all for this week! Make sure you guys tune in next week, and as always, see you on the road. [Previous Video] Finland ‘Wife-Carrying Championships’ [Another Video] ‘Craft Beer Pubs of London’


  1. Guys ur video encouraged me to visit Finland….my dreamland. Previously I was told it's a country of bleak weather and silent people's. Hahaha
    But it's a vibrating one. Love

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    Greetings, thank you for your collaboration.

  3. Ich selber bin ein Finne,lebe jetzt seit 30 Jahre in Deutschland.Finnland ist immer noch eine schönste Land der Welt.

  4. I live in Finland and still can't afford national soup or a just a good meal in a restaurant. Finland is so expensive. And Finnish service is very unfriendly. On top of it, Finns always make it clear to you that you are not a Finn. (I'm Russian).

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  6. I can’t be the only person wondering if the dude in the shades at the beginning is smoking a joint

  7. Helsinki ist nothing, boring and not much to see…. visit Stockholm, Tallinn or At.Petersburg…much nicer

  8. Not really good cocktail bars and Finnish beer doesn't taste…. For poor quality far too high priced…

  9. Asun Suomessa, mutta en Helsingissä. Todella hyvä ja asiallinen esittely ja pojat ovat oikeessa siinä, että moni suomalainen "juo" olutta eli kaljaa! Kannattaa katsoa kokonaan tämä filmi!

  10. On June 13th I will be in Helsinki for a few days and I found your video interesting and useful for the suggestions you give.
    If you have some time, take a look at my travel channel at "youtube cesare linoto". Thank you.

  11. Blithering idiots – I will never understand, why modern "men" prefer to behave like mentally retarded children. After 0.05 seconds, I quit.

  12. You are really goodlookin boys! Just been to Helsinki for two days..The church of silence I missed,but Getta our guide did do as much as she could.Toloola bay was awesome as was the art piece dedicated to the music composer..

  13. When i talk about Finland to other people, i many times talk about the F1 drivers or the Rally drivers, and i also talk about the big war 1939 – 1945 against Sovjet! Other maby talk about Mumin Troll!.:)O:)

  14. We drink coffee because winters are depressingly dark, cold and miserable. The habit just sticks through the summer.

  15. Finland was never concurred by Sweden, Finland used to be East Sweden, same country, same rights, still kinda is.

  16. More like out of style 50 years ago. I have been there only once but i can see they try to copy the Swedish but with a bad metrosexual way. People are so rude too.

  17. I visited Finland as part of a trip through Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in October/November a few years ago. I was in Northern Finland in the Artic Circle visiting Santa Claus Village. It was -10.5 and I thought it was wonderful. I found the people in all 4 countries friendly and helpful. The scenery was beautiful. We travelled a lot by train and other forms of public transport. Coming from Australia I thought the transport costs were reasonable, everything ran on time and was clean and comfortable. Of all the countries I visited I enjoyed Finland the most.

  18. Juz took on rare Hot day otherwise ever chill n Tropical region always kudi wit koodee yeah poolu virachininurukum but nowadays some indians entering to work n spoil da climate 😍

  19. Leave hesa behind and go visit the smaller towns around Finland… Those are where the true Finnish culture lies

  20. this is so useful.

    When your teacher asks you to do a project of one of the northern countries:
    everyone:İT İS COLD

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