Heather Mills receives ‘highest media libel settlement’ in phone-hacking case

Both on behalf of myself
and for 90 other innocent victims as part of a class-action
legal suit, we have been awarded the
highest media libel settlement in British legal history. And with it, a complete
and unmitigated apology for the targeted smear campaign waged
against us by News Group newspapers, including hacking, invasion of privacy and the publication of
countless falsehoods and lies between 1999 and 2010. My motivation to win
this decade-long fight stems from a desire
to obtain justice, not only for my family,
my charities and myself, but for the thousands of
innocent members of the public who, like me, have suffered
similar ignominious, criminal treatment at the hands of one of the world’s
most powerful media groups. What many people don’t realise
is that News Group newspapers, owners of the now defunct
News of the World, and the current Sun newspaper,
through the destruction of my public reputation,
have also indirectly destroyed thousands and thousands
of other innocent lives through the profoundly
negative impact this has had on my landmine and animal
and children charities and our ability to raise funds.

34 thoughts on “Heather Mills receives ‘highest media libel settlement’ in phone-hacking case

  1. May this be the beginning of things .
    Yes groups like the murdocks must be held accountable for the things that they do.👍

  2. Lucky old Heather, still hobbling about and shagging the people with cash. Amazing success for an old bag with a tongue like a sabre and a face she uses to chop wood.

  3. Heather Mills receives apology and payout in phone-hacking case ► https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/jul/08/heather-mills-receives-apology-and-payout-in-phone-hacking-case

  4. Gee, after the reading the comments, I can see why Heather Mills is so upset. A lot of the comments just now were about her being a gold digger, bad person etc. I wonder if any of the people making those comments realized how they had been conditioned to think that way by the articles in the "News of the World" paper.

  5. Has this woman ever earned her own money, she makes a living claiming off other people, richest dolie ever

  6. People hate her because she and Paul were a poor match and the New of the World spun the stories against her. The lies in those stories is shown in the hatred for her in these comments. We have no idea what the relationship between her and Paul was.

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