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[Applause] [Applause] hey guys welcome back to my channel hope you all do really well we are back from New York and back home in our living room which by the way looks so different now with the white or this kind of like beige couch we did also get this white unit in the back that I will probably show you guys in one of my upcoming vlogs anyway today I wanted to sit down and talk to you about some of the new things that I've recently gotten for summer some new favorites that I have accumulated that I hope are going to be really helpful and useful to you guys as well I've got some new skincare items I've got a supplement that I've been taking for my skin that I've really been loving some makeup bits I've also got two books that I want to recommend to you guys and also some little fashion items so this is kind of like a mixed haul slash favorites I'm gonna start with the clothing items first I was at Zara at the other day and good old Zara okay it's a dangerous place for me but they really do have some beautiful things anyway I found two dresses that I really loved and that I think will be perfect for it this time of year this is the first dress it's a beautiful blue kind of cotton very lightweight dress and it's got this beautiful pattern on it in like a navy blue and white and then you've got that kind of soft blue background it is so comfortable you guys I wish you could like grab through the screen and touch this fabric it is so so soft against the skin and it feels really nice and very flowy and I love this little ruched waist detail as well you guys know that I love a good like detail around the waist I think it always just accentuates the figure and I think it would go really well with my thin little Dior belt that I got last month I did feature that one in my latest haul if you guys haven't seen it I will have it linked below and how beautiful is the color I mean it's so so summery and just like fresh and beautiful and I cannot wait to wear this and then the second dress that I found is this one right here it's also quite flowy it's really beautiful it's kind of in this like neutral color with a little bit of light green and some pops of black but mostly just like a really nice soft color palette I think it is so pretty and it fits so nicely as well it's just kind of like airy and flowy and lightweight and easy and breezy but it's still really cute and it's comfortable as well which is always a priority for me I think either of these dresses would go really nicely with either my Valentino sandals deflect and Roxette sandals in the nude color cuz those go with pretty much everything I think this would fit really well with those or for more kind of like casual and laid-back feel the white vents could go really nicely especially with this dress I think just a casual pair of you know white vans or any like white easy sneaker would go really really well and again just be extra comfortable but still cute moving on to the next item that I got from Zara it is actually at the top that I have on today which i think is so stunning it's in a nice kind of like soft linen fabric and it's of course only one arm so you've got one arm out and then this sleeve reaches all the way down and then it's got this beautiful gold detail over there which i think is really nice but I do like to just kind of pull it up a little bit so it kind of sits over there on my arm and then it kind of like rucious a little bit more here on this sleeve I love the way that it fits and it's also cut really nicely on the bottom kind of in like a little triangle and I just think it's so cool kind of like different and edgy but still really chic and you know modern and elegant I think this could be really cool for a day event or even you know like a nicer evening you could pair it with some black pens or black skirt or something like a little bit dressier or you could wear it like I have it on today with you know like a denim skirt or a pair of denim jeans and kind of make a little bit more casual but I think it's a really really cool and unique piece and then to kind of accentuate like this part of the body I put on some bigger earrings today these are from Zara as well but not recently but they do always have something you know similar to this in stock I'll see what I can find online and have some linked below for you guys but I think this is a really nice like complement to this kind of off the shoulder or one shoulder type of top switching something a lot more casual I did also pick up two t-shirts when I was in New York I got this from a brand called a ritzy or store called a red SIA that they have in the US this is a super super soft white t-shirt and it's got three little hearts right there which I thought was really cute and this is again so so soft I love t-shirts that are like this that just feel like butter on the skin makes me very happy and the little heart detail here is really cute as well so I wanted to share that with you guys I will see if I can find this online and then I also got this t-shirt from a brand called Madewell and it's got such a beautiful message on it it says love to all and it's in a rainbow shape and it's got like the rainbow color so when we were in New York it was actually Pride Week so a lot of the stores had specialized merchandise where a certain amount of the proceeds would go to a specific charity to support the LGBTQ community and this was one from Madewell and I thought it was really really cute I'm not sure if this is still available but again I will have a look and if I do find it I will have it linked below let's move on to some skincare so I did place an order on cult beauty and I also got a few things when I was in New York this you guys have seen me talk about Lots before this is from drunk elephant it is their protein II of moisturizer nothing new here but I did have to stock up because I ran out of mine and I wanted to let you know I'm still using this the loving this a great moisturizer to use during the summer as well because it's very lightweight has like a nice kind of gel consistency but it's super super hydrating I wear this under my makeup you can write at night you could mix it in with a few drops of an oil like rosehip seed oil if you want to make it even more trading for the night time but a really great overall moisturizer such as that I would mention that I've also been really loving this rose deep hydration toner from fresh do you guys see that it has these little petals inside so these are actually real rose petals which i think is really cool this is really nice now for summer if you feel like your skin's a bit dehydrated if you're getting a lot of Sun and you want to put back the moisture on your skin something like this is great because it's very lightweight you can kind of layer this on with a nice serum on top and then a very light moisturizer and then you're getting that hydration but it doesn't feel like you're putting too many heavy products on your skin it also has a really nice scent like a fresh rosy type of scent but it's really good it's nothing too strong but it feels like nice and therapeutic when you're putting it on your skin so I really like this something else I've been loving is this serum from the ordinary this is a 10% lactic acid plus h a which is hyaluronic acid you guys probably know that I am a big fan of exfoliating my skin nothing like too crazy but I often exfoliate to regenerate the top surface layer and assets like this are a really nice way to gently exfoliate that top layer of your skin I think this is a particularly good for this area over here I've noticed a lot of difference right here where I have some enlarged pores and I think we just all tend to get a little bit more texture in this area and also right here between my brows on my forehead I put this on at night just a few drops it's very like runny and watery so you just need a little bit you rub it in and then you proceed with your skincare routine I wouldn't put this everywhere though just really target this in the areas where you feel like you need it I have definitely noticed a smoothness in this area and also between my brows and the ordinary is nice and affordable and a lot of their products are very effective and I think this is one of them I did also pick up this one I just wanted to mention it to you this is the 30% aah a and 2% BH a-peeling salut it says it's a 10-minute exfoliating facial I haven't tried this one yet so I can't give you my opinion on it but I believe this is more of like a supercharged version of something like this definitely a lot stronger and something that you're not supposed to use you know in like a nightly basis it's more of like a facial type of product it has gotten a lot of good reviews though and a lot of people rave about this so I just wanted to mention it exfoliating your skin a few times per week with a nice acid like an H a PHA is just so so beneficial for your skin for keeping it bright fading dark spots or sun spots or old acne scars and just kind of generally keeping your skin bright and even proper exfoliation is key for that and a good vitamin C as well staying on the topic of skin I want to talk to you about a new supplement that I've been taking so this is a cold q10 supplement so coq10 is a nutrient that our body naturally makes but as with a lot of things in her body as we age the production of certain things start to slow down same thing goes for collagen for example so that's why we want to make sure that we're eating well we're taking good supplements that we can support our body and continuing to produce those things that we need not just for like you know our skin and for our hair and like the aesthetic part but also just for the health and the well-being of our bodies so coq10 is an essential nutrient that our body needs to produce energy it's also just a really important antioxidant that ourselves use to protect themselves from oxidative damage from sun exposure and things like that and when you read about what supplements and what nutrients are really good to take for skin health Co Q 10 comes up over and over again so Co Q 10 is something that has been shown to really help with skin health and with preventing it from losing elasticity keeping its glow so this is a supplement that I've really been enjoying taking I also take two other supplements for my skin and a few others that I could maybe do a full video on but I think that these are the most important along with the coq10 so zinc I've mentioned that I take zinc in luck and lots of video because if you do have acne if you do suffer with problematic skin it could be that you are deficient in zinc this is hands-down one of the most helpful things that I do for my skin and preventing acne keeping my skin clear so we highly highly recommend zinc and then I also take the Viridian clear skin complex this has a few different probiotics prebiotics also got burdock root zinc as well and a few other skin supporting ingredients in here so this is something else that I would look into moving on let's talk about a few new makeup items that I'm really loving so the first is this eyeliner from fenty Beauty this is called the fly liner and it's in their black color it is what I have on my eyelids today I used to wear eyeliner all the time and then last year 2018 I don't think I wore eyeliner once maybe a couple of times I kind of fell off of it and now I'm back on and I really love it I was on the hunt for a new liquid liner and I heard that this one was really good I really loved the tip I don't know if that was helpful I hope I will do a close-up though but I really love the tip of this eyeliner it's super super black and pigmented and it lasts really long as well it's everything that I want in an eyeliner it doesn't budge or move around or get like you know smudgy throughout the day it just sits on locked in place I did wear this when we were in New York and it was so hot we were sweating but the eyeliner stayed on so that's a really good point I've also been really enjoying the easy-bake loose powder from Hooda Beauty this is in the shade pound cake and I used to use the Laura Mercier loose translucent setting powder I've been using that for years probably for five years now I just about and I do try different things but you know I always end up going back to the Laura Mercier but this is really good and I like this has just a little bit of pigment so it's not completely clear and I'm someone who really likes to brighten it there under eye area because I feel like it just makes me look more awake more fresh more bright so I do enjoy that extra bit of pigment underneath my eye is completely sets the concealer it makes everything look really nice and smooth and again very bright another powder that I've really been enjoying is this one from shoei this is the soft focus hydrate and set powder in the color light this was sent to me about a month ago and I've really been enjoying this this is more for the days where I just want to get ready really quickly I don't want to open a low setting powder and you know dip my sponge in there and then you know put it on and let it bake the finish of that whole process is really nice but this is really great if I'm just kind of running out the door and I don't want to fuss too much with my makeup I just apply my concealer like normal I'll take a little brush like this dip it in there and then just set underneath my eyes with a little brush like this and it really sets the concealer in place but it does not make it look dry or crease up too much because that's usually what happens if I don't use a loose setting powder like this or the Laura Mercier usually press powders they will look good for a little bit and then after a few hours I'll see like little crease marks happening underneath my eye I also set my t-zone with this and it works really well for that area as well so this is something I would highly highly recommend let's move on to a few hair products so these are also things that I got recently this is a new tub of the hair mask that I've been really loving it is from Coco and Eve and it comes in this really cute box over here I just saved this to show you guys and in the box it also comes with this hair brush that you're supposed to use when you've got the hair mask in and then you can like brush your hair to really make sure that you're getting the product all over your hair but anyway this is the hair mask or the hair conditioner that I've been using and I love this I was first said this in PR and then I've since gone and bought many many on my own they do have this on cult beauty and this stuff works you guys this is really really good if you color your hair or any highlights or you know you straighten your hair curl your hair it's really important to use a good hair conditioner or a good treatment mask like this it really softens my hair oh and it smells incredible very like tropical and kind of coconutty and just refreshing and beautiful and then the shampoo that is new that I've recently got in is from virtue it is their recovery shampoo it says it cleanses replenishes and nourishes this friend is also free of sulfates parabens phthalates colors and dyes so this is a fairly new product I've only used this a few times but so far I do really like it I will continue using it and let you guys know if it's something that I would highly recommend but so far it's been really nice and this also smells really good this smells like a tropical pina colada or something it's like being transported to a nice vacation destination when I'm washing my hair these days so these are the two products that I'm currently using and really loved and the last things I want to share with you guys are the two books that I'm currently reading one of them is a little bit newer and I haven't finished it yet but I know that this is gonna be good this is the daily stoic by Orion holiday it says 366 meditations on wisdom perseverance and the art of living I have heard so many people lately talking about stoicism and referencing it and it's something that whenever I hear it mentioned or hear principles from it it just resonates so deep with me I feel like it's very close to a lot of the principles that I have for myself or you know different values that I want to live by so I was really intrigued I decided to get this book and this is like little bite-sized takeaways and little philosophies that you can apply to your daily life and it's written in a way where on each page you have you know a different day of the year so you open it up to the current date and then you have a small passage here that you would read that you would reflect on and it's just full of wisdom here in the back it says a richly rewarding spring of practical wisdom to help focus on what's in your control eliminate false and limiting beliefs and take more effective action make the daily stoic your guide and you will grow in clarity effectiveness and serenity each day something like this is perfect for incorporating into your morning routine just taking a few moments to you know set the tone of your day and focus your attention and set intentions for whatever you want to accomplish that day and just have that little good boost of energy behind you and just to get your thoughts clear once I get a bit deeper into this though I will talk about it again another book that I've been really loving and I just finished is this one right here this is from Susan Jeffers feel the fear and do it anyway and listen to this inaudible and I will talk more about it like more deeply in a video coming next week but I quickly wanted to mention it because it's just so good this is such a classic book for helping to build fearlessness in your life having that emotion of fearfulness or like indecisiveness or that you can't move forward on a certain thing it just can be so draining this book was really good for just giving clarity and like bringing light to this topic and if you want to work on your self-confidence maybe on public speaking or starting a new project new business new venture a book like this is really really helpful I did also get this book this is the follow-up to that book it's called field of fear and Beyond the essential companion to the worldwide bestseller feel the fear and do it anyway this is what I will be reading next but as I mentioned I will have another video next week coming diving deeper into this topic and talking about some other like corresponding things I hope you guys are going to find really helpful and interesting so those are all of my new favorites and some of the new things I recently purchased I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you want more information or if you want links to any of the products that I talked about just check the description box down below if you guys have any favorites that you're currently any books or skincare or makeup or any like fashion related items definitely let me know down below in the comments I hope you guys are all having a really nice day thanks so much again for watching and I will see you in

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