Harry Styles and Liam Payne from One Direction witness malaria’s deadly effects | Red Nose Day 2013

So we’re here in the main emergency room, it’s a bit of a strange atmosphere. Quiet, no one’s really talking, you can just hear a lot of kids crying. She’s just not very well, the poor thing So this little boy is three, and… has malaria. And is very anemic, and that’s why the bottoms of his feet and his hands are so white. Be honest with me, how ill is he? He’s very ill. And sometimes if they come in too late we are not able to save them. No movement, too weak to even cry, watching Kofie and his mum is simply heartbreaking. He’s too weak to even hold his own head up. It’s horrible to watch. What’s frustrating is, malaria could be prevented. Five pounds will pay for a mosquito net or emergency medicine, so that kids like Kofie wouldn’t be this ill. Please donate. Text yes. Text yes to 7 000 5 (Lines are now closed) to donate five pounds and save somebody’s life.

100 thoughts on “Harry Styles and Liam Payne from One Direction witness malaria’s deadly effects | Red Nose Day 2013

  1. I cry cause harry was crying and its awfull to see them crey, but it's even more awfull see the situation and wishing that kind of things were not true

  2. Omg I love harry so much he’s such a sweet person because most celebrities just sit down and relax and enjoy their Hollywood view but not harry he is there experiencing what it’s like in a much harder life and he’s there crying his heart out that’s how you know he’s a good person

  3. I remember watching this 4 years ago and it inspired me to want to become a nurse. 4 years later and I’m studying health in high school and on the road to becomeing a nurse in collage. Thank you Harry for inspiring me to want to help people. I love you most ❤️

  4. of course Harry is crying because he has dying children all around him. seeing people especially kids in such an awful sad state can be depressing and make you think about life. important part here is the message to donate. i get it's sad to see him cry but the sadder part is why he's crying

  5. when the baby couldn’t hold his head up, i lost it… i started tearing up. he is 3 years old! he shouldn’t have to go through this! he’s only lived 3 years. that’s not okay!

  6. I cried seeing all the kids but cried even more when i saw Harry's tears at the end. I know what its like. My nan owns an orphanage in Sierra Leone wich is in north west Africa and some of the photos she brings home is heart breaking. I cannot wait to go out there and meet all the kids in the orphanage. I am in touch with 3 of the girls. Every letter i recieve they ask me when i am going out to see them. They love other kids. (so i've been told.)

  7. Even though I’m watching this several years later, it is so emotional to watch this video, to see families and their children suffer, it’s indeed heartbreaking. I’ve always appreciate of what I had, and I know I should never take anything for granted, and I will always be grateful for what I have.

  8. Why media barely show this part of these boys…? this really pisses me off…they r so caring ppl…they do so mch for the charity under appriciated…media only shows that these ppl only care bout their mny…bt in reality , they don't….they do for the charity as much as possible …bt the media dosn't show these things ….

  9. Instead of everyone making a big deal about who should be upset or not, let’s just listen to the message and donate some money to kids who need it!!! 🙏

  10. Aww the situation is very touchy…the boys are here to convience us to donate…harry and liam are brave enough to deal with this…harry has golden heart he understands the pain of patients…

  11. we could all learn a lesson or two from harry. he has great empathy and is an amazing human being. he cares so much for the health and well-being of someone he hasn't known for more than an hour. he cares about issues that don't even affect him. if everyone were like him, the world would be flawless.

  12. It’s still very weird to see celebrities crying at Africans , I know it’s a good cause but also a bit patronising , also I really hope that people will soon make the shift to reasoning that Hiv is not what leads to Aids , the facts are already in but when a mistake of this magnitude has been made then it’s not only just egg on face it’s poisoning people with toxic drugs although not as toxic now as when they first came out in the 80’s , please look at Peter Deusbergs work , it’s very over due now

  13. Harry crying made me text the number with all of my family and friends phones!!! That’s how much him crying can change people’s perspective on things

  14. me and my family donate around 100$ to different organizations every month and my dad said we have to stop cause we dint have enough money but i showed him this video and we keep donating. Its just a few dollars but it can cost a lot of lifes

  15. Real tears from a real man like him is just too heart breaking but yet heart warming because all the other celebrities sometimes act for their reputation but his and the bands tears are just real. You can literally see the break in his eyes…😭

  16. 1:24 really hit me, there not fake or doing it for fame. You can tell the boys really care and you can just see it and tell . I’ve always loved one direction for as long as I can remember and I had many tears rolling down my face watching this video. Who could hate them?? they are literally perfect and so caring and amazing. We need more people like this 🙁 💛💘x

  17. Am proud of u guys , to be soo nice and kindness, either u all are celebrities but still u all have humanity , keep shining N always be successful, may God bless these poor children and those who are very ill . 💕This very terrible while watching this video , it's make me crying , it's so sad N terrible .

  18. Jesus loves y'all put Him first and in all you do and turn to Him before its too late😀👍And He's all you need👍

  19. that’s crazy how half of y’all are literally sad because harry is sad and not even commenting about the bigger picture i love harry but i’m just saying

  20. No mom should see her child's suffering… this poor mom feels her child's pain just as if it were her personal pain, just as if her own body hurt;-;

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