Happy Holiday! We're Ready for The 4th!

hey everybody yes we have the 4th of July spirit what can I say do you feel as soon as I do no because I don't look quite a silly yeah I look silly but not quite yet hey happy fourth of July everybody we are like it Jennifer wetland and this is ask us anything and we are we have the spirit right we do the only thing to be better as if we were at fireworks all behind us our cue the fireworks actually I'm gonna take this hat right yeah it's just a little over the top but now I got a hat here for the whole rested hey welcome everybody we are delighted to see you all here and I gotta turn off the mail notifications that's a YouTube telling or my mail telling me that we're on live we know that cause we're in life but that's one of the reasons we ask that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and that way when you subscribe if you click that little icon that little bell icon then you will get notified every time we have a new video posted or if we go live there's something special we go live this though it's special but it is our regular Sunday night ask us anything and it's the fourth of July so here we are fourth of July I'm looking at myself you know when you wear it it's not so bad but when you actually see yourself yeah I'm trying to decide which side I like better the red white stripe or the stars I think if it were just white okay alright well we'll leave it out for a while but hey let's give some shoutouts first of all to everybody who's say hi we've got jhon saying hi guys hey jaehun hi to you glad to see you there Pam Morrison is in Mount Pleasant Iowa she took the Amtrak train from San Francisco Wow that's just a bit of fun you know I've always wanted to do that sounds it sounds like a great way to travel you know I we're trying to think special things we could do can we talk tell what we're trying to do yeah okay because they might be listening oh yeah they might be listening we don't want him to listen yeah we will tell you about it sometime but that really really a fun trip go across country in a train that would be great hi to Jeff in San Francisco shout out to Shirley in Monroe Michigan the birthplace of General George Custer Jeff Flake his first time here he just found the channel this morning well Jeff where you been we've been waiting for you we're glad that you're here and we hope that you are a repeat visitor many times Judy's in walk Esha Larry Gosselin's in Germantown Wisconsin briar rose from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Erika's in Ohio our friend Chris Kelly is here and Chris is watching and Chris will be doing I'm sure some updates when we give information if there's a website that we got to send you to Christmas always puts that out how we appreciate that Rhonda says hi I saw somebody gave us some thumbs up a minute ago we appreciate it if you guys would do that give us some thumbs up right at the start of the program somehow I don't know how but that helps Google let people know we're on the air when we get a lot of thumbs up right then you have to check in today I don't I know everybody says that I'm not a hundred percent certain that that's true anyway Eric Miller and Rhonda Mitch's hear from print George Prince George British Columbia all right Eric Miller first question serendipity versus unity now if you don't know the models of leisure travel vans you won't understand that question but this is a unity model and it is the Murphy bed that's the Murphy bed behind us that comes down and the serendipity I think he has a Murphy bed in the back no it has there's all different configuration configuration did you consider the serendipity we didn't really and no real y except this had the 2019 chassis from Mercedes we needed an RV thoroughly quickly and we were able to get this so that was the big reason mm-hmm you kind of always liked the serendipity I did I do I like the corner bed I think it's nice too that made up yeah yeah I think that that's this takes all of 30 seconds to do do you know get these you have to pull these cushions off bring the bed down slide out a couple of things that much 30 seconds maybe and then but we got spoiled we didn't test out one of the third brand that leisure makes which is the wonder which had two dedicated beds in the back the very back and this we have like a rear lounge area you really can't see it very well but this we like this a lot say that we did have a situation where we spent the night one of us slept on that and one of us slept on this and we did fine oh yeah we did we if you if you don't have the slide out this is a slide that we're on goes out about 18 inches I think maybe two feet at the most if you don't have that out you can't get the bed down and we did spend one night on our Adirondacks trip where we we're not able to put the slide out and so Jennifer slept here and I slept in the back part and and it works fine was this fine so but to answer your question long run Eric the reason we chose the unity is one we could get it right away and it had better Mercedes 20:19 chassis which we really really liked I like it well you wanna well I do all the driving so I yeah I like it I really think it's great and it's wonderful yeah yeah all right Tom shout out to Tom and San Jose well there's somebody that likes the outfits Thank You Pam we were you know I guess I guess now that we're influencers we're celebrities we got to do stupid things we were running around to store to store trying to find something 4th of July and we couldn't find anything and then we're getting kind of grumpy out there going from store to store so hot in Michigan and then you went online and found you know these lovely tops really the kind of a cool shirt and the reason we did this is because of our marketing guys you know we if you've been following this we're running this special fourth of July sale and the marketing guy says hey you guys got to do a video too just to tell everybody about this sale so let me just tell you about this sale right now I'll put our link up but you wouldn't stop by the dollar store so we could get some goofy dollar gaudy things yeah I know I didn't and I probably should have so anyway we said okay we're gonna do the video we'll get we should probably wear fourth-of-july shirts and that went up a little while ago that little video is just a short video and but basically the sale is and it's pretty good deal if you buy our boondocking guide or our how to buy an RV guide either one of those they're they're both $27 for an e-book by either one you get to choose then your favorite of our adventure guys are for different adventure guys pick the one that you want plus a sticker set of all of our different rule 330 stickers and so that's why we got these silly shirts I won't say what country we were in but I'm thinking about when you were teaching journalists and other parts of the world and we were there the fourth of July and they said yes we got to say the country or it doesn't make sense oh well anyway we were told that we could go out for dinner as we spoke French that we couldn't have anybody know we're from the States oh yes that's right that was the night I thought you're gonna say the time we were in England and we were ordering breakfast on the fourth of July and she said something kind of nice but you know we're kidding around and I said hey at least we won people who are fixing your food yeah I think I know that but yeah middle east we were told we could not go out on the 4th of July and tell anybody we were French French anyway that's for the special on the books I check it out and if you go there you buy one and it'll automatically give you the opportunity then to choose the favorite guide that you want and the sticker set which you'll get as well the books are an instant download line download and then the stickers will be sent to you in the mail so that's where you can find it they're marketing guys I I did it so anyway that's why we're wearing these silly things we said we got these shirts today well you know I didn't go well for a Sunday Night Live saying – and and hence here we go so and happy Canada Day to all of our friends in Canada which celebrates that tomorrow tomorrow Alex says hello Karen is in Dallas Georgia Lonnie Pete says I should looking at our dog doing things that I don't approve of I should have to shut the door or something yeah yeah don't do that buh buh no leave it our dog is out in the Ireland misbehaving and we can't tell what he's doing it's really disgusting a lot of likes are our own fits all right thanks a lot look quick cuz it's the last time you'll see him till next 4th of July spear sage this camping alone with this dogs for season in New England what was I thinking I bet you're enjoying the bugs right now right we just got back from the Adirondacks and that video is up if you haven't seen that go check it out it's so much fun we have to do a second part which will do next Thursday we love the Adirondacks we do yeah in spite of the fact I'm kind of a grump in the beginning of your video yeah I don't know how many of you saw that but we'll do it we're going up this mountain and and Jennifer's all sensitives thinking she sounded grumpier than she really is and I thought it was drama because you came back after we were paying this tall tube up in the road and you had just been warned about the black flies which were vicious and attacking and so you got in and always in your seat we got bow off your seat and you felt you were grumpy I wasn't gonna be I had a sore foot every step I took her well I thought you little drama because you had found out about black flies but she's my footer which later attacked us so if you tell Jennifer no she didn't look grumpy at all well I wouldn't if I didn't know how would anybody else know I thought it was just because of the black flies so hello from Maine Barnard is said Barnard is in Maryland and rose's New York City hi Henry Peter J happy fourth Peter G and barbed in Montana a friend Sharon Childress glad we're back said she missed this last week and we do that we take off like we have traveling last week one year was last September we were coming back from the Hershey RV show and we went live as we were driving down the Ohio turf as you were driving mm-hmm and then you were mad that I my focus was undone she didn't wasn't very chatty so we said not to not to go live when we're driving I was driving tim is in Westminster British Columbia Christine in Grand Island West New York and Bill Foley I've been wondering how you plan your strategy for stocking a refrigerator especially when planning to boondock we have no strategy bill we do we do yes I plan ahead I try to freeze as much as possible and get the freshest vegetables you can make dishes at home and take them that's it that's it okay so there you go bill yes all I do is have to plan what you're going to eat I just carry it out and put it next to the refrigerator grocery stores aren't convenient and she puts it in yep we like this refrigerator because it really should show me refrigerator actually you have to show them because I'm have to hold a camera so this is a refrigerator that comes on the unity this is it's from Dometic it is from Dometic and we have a little bit we just got back yeah and she's got fruit cheese we're big on fresh fruit in the host this is these are blackberries and blueberries and strawberries and eggs and cheese a grapefruit some alder newly in the door yeah no he's not the light came out on open it okay but you saw that this is how we opened it here did you see this you can also open it from this side so if I'm in the rear I can just come and open it that way freezer same way so that is our handy-dandy refrigerator that we that we really like and that is uh that was that was new I think I was thinking yeah it was it was new let's say somebody gave us a super shot from the militia Ranger and you didn't ask a question but thank you wherever you are $0.99 super jacked well we don't have one of those in a long time I think some YouTube guys make a fortune on these super chats what they supposedly do is they you can make a comment there's a little dollar sign under the comment and you can then get your comment up at the very top of the of the thing I should tell me about it was like because people wanted with the dollar sign was and when we do get one we acknowledge it but I don't really push him there's too much begging I think I'm YouTube no I did you we have one point thought of groaning patreon everybody seems to be on patreon coming to support us on patreon well this seems kind of duplicitous to us I mean you know yeah this is our job this is our business but you already are supporting us by watching us and the burden is kind of on us not you to support us I think we have to have compelling content but I don't like I don't like in video and then all of a sudden the commercial thrown in oh yeah that's a setting no I have a commercial there's a commercial that I start because that is how you know we get money from a little bit from Adsense but you can't force it in the middle of it and I will never do that I just don't ever do that so don't worry about it and the militia maybe up that keeps telling me I had had one super chat for him I know that I got to remember that not sure it again thank you for them for the 99 cents there I think Google gets most of it but but some of these guys they beg for that they say and I'll ask you a question for a super chance well you know no we've got to go through the list you do get up at the top of the list because it comes to me so I wonder how many people are out there camping that's the question where are you are you camping if you're camping let us know that was one of our questions we would love to know that Christine is in Grand Island western New York and I think I've got that Jeff is doing research might see you on the road somewhere next year well we would love to see you too Jeff it's a lot of fun is beau named after Bo Schembechler go blue no we're actually Sparty's we're Spartans he's not what was Bo named after Oh after the last dart the last dog was tae bo are the dog we had before was Thai which was short for tae bo that was the name he was given with his pedigree and so in honor of that we just removed the tie and called him Bo Bo one of our people suggested though yep we actually we were thinking about Lewis or Clark but I was afraid if I went with Louis Michael get another dog so we could have Lewis and Clark not that Bo wouldn't love having somebody to play with all the time yeah and then another name that was good but ball was already answering to boas miles miles I think one of those names would have been good yeah miles like mi l es you know so anyway there's some dog names for if you get a dog and you search the Lewis and Clark you're a lot of fun Paul is in Timmins Ontario happy Canada today tomorrow paul karen is in Killeen Texas and Jhon hey guys yep Craig P Betty Blume hi Jennifer Mike from Betty's in Michigan where we are right now Andrew Loura mores on the road this week currently outside DC in College Park Tom what's your experience with threeway refrigerators I hear the cooling is inconsistent I got to tell you our experience has been great we use this on auto so if we're plugged in it uses 110 or it will use LP gas if we want or it will use the batteries and frankly I just have a Auto we've had it on for as long as two or three weeks runs great I don't know if it's because we've had we've driven seven different RVs but we've never had an old so I don't know if time affects anything because we've always been very happy yeah this one I'm thrilled with this refrigerator it's been it's been I like the propane yeah no electric right now it's off of 110 I'm plugged into into this is actually we're in our driveway so we just got back about an hour ago then we were gone and we had a great boondocking trip this this we can visit some friends in Western Michigan our son actually if you had to choose a motor home and you had unlimited money what motor home would you choose advanced RV for me what would you get so far I think advance I mean you pay a lot the quarter million dollars is where they start at and their class B's are not big ones but yeah I would I would probably choose advanced RV I mean their components are absolutely top-of-the-line we've kicked around the idea of removing the Dometic air conditioner on this and having advanced RV they have a houghton air conditioner which is really quiet it's efficient to do that though we would have to add what we to make it run off batteries which is what we want we'd have to add two more lithium batteries maybe three and I don't know if I'm willing to give up that room right now to do it but the all their components are top-notch their workmanship is great takes a year to order one and get one and they only make like twelve or eighteen a year twelve or eighteen a year but if I had to there's a video up on the tour of their factory you can go look at it but that's probably what we would buy if we had unlimited money we're not an object yeah we love what we have and we you know we loved our road trucks there are a lot of good vehicles out there beautiful vehicles would a battery charge change charge make a carbon monoxide alarm go off no it shouldn't you know sometimes carbon monoxide alarms go off when you cook stuff sometimes actually sewer gas from the vent if it's not shut in your toilet that's why if you have a fantastic fan run that a bunch fantastic fan most RVs have that and it's a fan little sex stuff out from the inside battery charge if there was a lot of acid in it maybe an old wet cell and somehow the cover got off and it got in but normally it's they're just very touchy and then you know you want to change your batteries in that every year or so so that that shouldn't do it I prefer to make a thumbs-up judgment call after I've watched the content okay well Tim you're not a regular I guess then thanks for telling us that Tim I've I finished my Utah trip using your PDF and it was great except Boone docked at Mount Carmel oh that's a great spot it's a great spot I'm glad you got our Utah adventure guide that was a lot of fun yeah it was great Christopher Colley happy week to the fourth everybody have a safe holiday go set where do you store outside stuff like chairs and a grill there's storage compartments all around the bottom of this unit we keep them there and that's what we do there's the shower and bathroom sink drain into the gray or black tank in your vehicle into the gray tank the shower in the bathroom great go into the sink and the sink yeah the black tank and the toilet only so that's uh it's pretty good in Canada today here it's Canada here on July 1st and by the way we didn't burn the white house down that was the British yeah that's from Mitch and yeah I don't know who I guess that is a rumor that that was the Brits that did that yeah it's still nice seeing someone who is patriotic for our wonderful country well we are patriotic you know it's pretty hard to travel this country and not come away feeling extremely proud of the u.s. it's a wonderful country the people are great if you just look at social media – you get all the wrong there are mixtures of sentiments everybody's always at each other's throats but if you do any real traveling meet real people and see this country it's pretty hard not to not to love it God's bless this nation and still is despite our the way we keep messing things up let's see okay howdy from girl up from Oregon how do you feel about having to make the Murphy bed down every night Jennifer it's not hard thirty seconds like it just takes a few seconds yeah yep it doesn't take take long at all I'm interested in the Integra R and I think there's an e in there bill in the spelling any thoughts on this brand they have they have the quest 15 miles to gallon and a gas a with the eight mile to gallon scares me to the end I'll get your book guides thanks the Integra I think starts with the knees if that's the one I'm thinking of we don't know much at all about class A's we've never had one never driven one what kind of real big into into B's B pluses this is technically a C but it's it's it's a copy fairly compact it's not much bigger than the the previous just B we have so I can't give you much more information on that we get about 15 miles per gallon of diesel in this program right now I've got to say that what we're in right now is spacious and you slide this out we have a lot of room in here and two sitting areas the area in the back and then this area so this is really really spacious yeah it's been really nice do you know anyone who has placed lithium 12-volt batteries in a road truck thinking about doing this well yeah call our friends at battleborn batteries they're the ones to check they're familiar with every single kind of an RV that's what we put in ours we put two lithium born in and if some if you you can price it out yourself a little bit online but just follow our link we they're one of our podcast sponsors and it's RV lifestyle comm slash battleborn all one word battleborn ba TT le the ORM they can tell you what depending what what year it is usually they're just dropping it drop in replaced they're the same size the ones we have with the same size of two AGMs that we had in here and you have to change a couple switches on the inverters and all that and every model is different but they can help you out and tell you just what what you need to know are you and your sticks and bricks house or on the road somewhere while we're in the RV tonight but we're at our sticks and bricks house will actually be here for one week and then we're off to the Nashville area I'm gonna be down in Nashville and Murfreesboro and hanging out there we're actually into a family vacation there it's gonna be fun I'm really looking forward to that do you know anyone who I'm going back to the question Jeff I from Julie and Jeff buying our new Ford Transit in Waynesboro hi Oh then we begin our DIY conversion accept the electrical good for you Jeff boy that is a big trend a lot of people are doing that buying their own vans Sprinter vans transit vans we have a video up here on a DIY van conversions of both the new Sprinter and a new transit and you can find that a couple of couples that we met at one of our gatherings back in January they were it was a winter camp out they had him so you'll have a ball with that I did a podcast on you know I remember who that guy was what his name was but there's a on our podcast there's an interview we did with the guy who has a course on how to DIY your own van and he will actually come in and help you with the electrical – which is the most challenging part logical and then plumbing but good for you you're gonna have a great time it's kind of like doing out flipping the house and getting in you know getting an older haha I imagine restoring an old car yeah how long do the black flies they're about ready to drop I think somebody said as soon as it got warm yep it's a June thing and we went to that area because we had a what we were going to that gathering up in Quebec and then because we were there that's why we did the Adirondacks otherwise we probably would have waited about now I mean cuz I think about going to Alaska I want to do a lot of research before we go there because I've heard so much about flies and everything and even in our own Michigan the Upper Peninsula we don't camp June or July no you don't yeah and it's kind of the same pretty much the same area same latitude and was a particularly bad year for black sighs they told us yeah I still have the scars on but they're so and they're not every minute you know there are it spends on the wind right and the weather or whatever so it was still worth going to what you think oh definitely yeah I just affected some of the places that we can't yeah hi Erica's in Quebec Paul is in New Hampshire we've got Steve and Idaho and Coeur d'Alene Idaho there's this super chat we had back there from Brenda Dallas Texas greetings from Maryland love the outfits are you enjoying the unity mattress or do you still need your super bag and how does the duck today see compared to roof top gosh well the air conditioning is on the roof but it's ducted we used it this afternoon I suppose I can't tell him how he was doing we took a nap we're driving back from you know this is Michigan we were over here and we go back to where we are right here we had a late night last night late night and the beauty of traveling in an RV is we just found a rest area and pulled over but it was 90 degrees out there so we just have to turn on the generator and then because the two lithium batteries I have are not enough to run the air conditioner that's why I love them toying around the idea of getting a couple more lithium's we'll see how it goes but anyway we turn down the air it's ducted air and Oh with two minutes and you were comfortable and you actually got cold and needed a blanket so so we loved it as to the super bag which was the RV super bag we love those in our class B which we use that on a sofa that made into a bed this has a real mattress the Murphy bed back back there and big thick mattress so we put them in a bag anymore you put a mattress topper on it I just put a pad no pad and then I took the little inch and a half foam pad that we had from my room and put it down and put the mattress pad on top add a little bit of softness and it's it's great so our super bags are in the house we don't carry them with us anymore and we have sheets linens really nice and it works out well not using the super bags because if Bo jumps up in bed with us he takes a lot of the covers and with the super bags then running enough covers when he kind of washed himself in the middle yeah Heather's another one asking its about the Murphy venison the third question we got on that so if you just got in header you can scroll up or listen back on demand when we finished with this listen you can see it but we do like it boy everybody's asking us about the Murphy bed and we've been talking about it okay yes and they're asking how we're enjoying the leisure travel man any kinds you've experienced with it my con is the lack of seat belts yeah biggest one there's only two seat belts it's breaking my heart to two seat belts because I want to take our grandkids and we had seat belts her up there we've always had three seats so I mean it was never a problem and there was a bench in the back there were three seat belts back there so we had a lot of seat belts not that we take the grandkids that often but there are times that you want to even bow like when we're driving we could put him on the third seat with a seat belt so he could sit there and he could look out the windows I can't get the dog to sit on the sofa you don't put something to protect it cover it and have him sit here and look out he sits right between us and he all he won't move you know when you want to come to the back because he's afraid and he just cuddles up there because every time we had a bump in the road he thinks something's going to fall on him it did on our previous fans and so covers would open things you know he's trained that way so here's a noise oh my Lucretia he's a wonderful dog he's he's the bright dog he's good but he's just has this phobia and like our last dog got stung by a Hornet every insect was going to kill him this dog he doesn't care yeah but I mean you know dogs get their phobias and I don't know how you get him over the phobias I mean so that's probably the biggest con that we've had now we've had this since March is there's only two seatbelts and you really can't take like grandkids with us and we thought about you know like we all died minutes said we're going to Tennessee for a family vacation would love to take couple grandkids in the van with us you know and give him some special time well there's no seat belts for him yeah there's really and I looked at I did I went out a couple of the forums and there really is no solution for it like we thought we'd like to take like one grandchild camping with us make some special time and I said to Mike well you know the adult and in this state the adult doesn't have to see I did I did some research and most states only require seatbelts for the front two passengers in the driver's seat in the passenger seat there are a handful of states that do require seatbelts for any occupants in the vehicle so you got to be aware of that well working up a post on that that'll be on our blog and a you know in a weaker self but bottom line is that's a and it's a pretty big con I think another one is the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter chassis which this unit is on does not have blind spot warning and we got used to that and really appreciated that in our straight Class B you know straight Class B chassis this is a Class B plus so from the driver's side it kind of flares out a little and then goes back into a box well that little part where it flares over somehow or another that doesn't work for keeping track of them of the blind spot whatever it is it's not a leisure travel van issue it's a Mercedes issue they did not install it I'm told there's the third party solution and we're looking into that we may add that if it's not to increasing and something else if you add bikes on the back it messes with your blind spot did that on B's whenever we carried our rad par bikes on our class B's that would it would go away or it messed with your blind spot which I love that blind spot warning yeah we I do – it's nice – it's nice to have so it's that's great flash Acker says hi he's a regular comes in every week thank you sir Joshua is in Abilene Texas savage gamer is checking in I appreciate you being here Shirin says she loves that refrigerator we showed you it's a very nice refrigerator what drove your decision go with the Super Bee instead of say a small class see this is a b-plus not a Super Bee it's called a b-plus it's a term they made up it's really a seat to class seat and the title it says classy and insurance it says classy so this is a classy and the room we really like the room we do a lot of work on the road and while I did it for six and a half years in a Class B I'm really loving the luxury of being on the road and enjoying this thing it will be harder if we don't ever decide to go backwards it will be hard to give up all this space well he won't because it'll be something new when you'd be excited no it would I don't want to give up I love this space Mike and Susan are in Virginia Beach they plan on camping on the Outer Banks what a great place let's see camping in a road truck agile 4×4 that's where Mark Tom mark my friend Mark Hopkins and hitch hitches that was the picture of hitch it's not Mark's picture that's hitch mark you certainly had a great year on that took you forever to get it we ran into market a couple of different RV shows and he had ordered it and he was holding out for that 4×4 and he was holding out like say no get it without a 4×4 anyway I wanted that 4×4 and so he held out and he got it and he's been on the road ever since and it's great – great to see you there mark every week road trip buddy I'm actually been thinking about it love the shirt now bring back the van wrap oh you don't know it's just a few miles from our house yeah we went secret drop drop down closet in the back anyway dropped down and I was looking over from the little pants that we had after we just talked about we put on us we knew we had him we thought we bought him and I wouldn't have thrown them out and I said to Mike we had to have left them in the in that RV I said let's go see if it's still there at the dealer that we left it off at if you want to tell about the batteries oh yeah it had you know that one had six lithium batteries and so when when a road truck went belly-up and we returned that van the road trip provided us that van this one we bought we bought this one or I should say we're paying the bank for this one but nevertheless we bought it would put our money out and we met you know that was Road truck provided in Aswan as part of their marketing people saw us and it may put this big wrap on it and it was pretty obnoxious but it was cool you noticed this when we went by so anyway when they went belly-up and we returned the van to that to a local dealer in Michigan we thought well that well they just left it there and still was there as a three weeks ago three weeks ago so we went looking for those pads and we knew the only place it could be would be in that drop-down cabinets kind of like a hidden cabinet in the very back really a great feature so we went up in this yeah here's the keys so we went out we got inside of it while sitting in the cold of Michigan from January until west a couple of weeks ago the all the batteries were dead except because I couldn't I couldn't her eyes would flip on the battery switch and nothing would happen and then I remember wait this has all these lithium so in her head some solar so I click down a couple of the the in batteries had several eight banks of them I think and I heard the batteries click on and just like that they worked and and so lithium it was great but anyway that van with its wrap is still there and I've got a little license plate on the front of this that says RV lifestyle and I'm thinking maybe we could do a decal it looks good we could do like a little tasteful decal on the back it says no I thought you were gonna call it major again no I'm not going to ever name it major again it was bad that name road trip buddy thank you for uh for reminding us of that story uh I got to like that rap but now that it's off it's kind of nice to be doing to hide a little bit that was caricatures yeah was our caricature I haven't and it was right worried every time you walked in you were looking at yourself yeah we hadn't seen it this was like written all over here it is this was all over it see that all over the side both sides that caricature and it was great because there's like a mobile billboard and people were going to our YouTube channel here and it was really great so yeah it was that's what I'm thinking we need to have something about YouTube on it you can weigh in if somebody wants to design this one let me know something tasteful how should we do it send us a note Mike and Jen at RV lifestyle comm we've done we need some help on that and probably a little a little counseling if I decided that one peter attended a pleasure a rally in Big Timber Montana and Saturday looked at lots of models it was great that's what's so fun about going to a rally particularly rally of the brand that you own because you get to go and look and see how everybody else has designed them and made them up it's really neat about that was that was fun I bet that was really a lot of fun jaehun ok see this the the call is strong they want me to do it over and wrap thanks thanks Shay we'll just do it a little more tasteful right that's good don't bring back band wrap crystal Stevens this is a man/woman thing that only men think the wrap is cool and women don't it might be you know maybe the back there we could put different we could advertise for different whatever I don't know billboard that's right you know that kind of looks like a window I can the space for rent we are just watch this on youtubers of it Chris hall so he had a lost interest for a minutes because there are some big storms are in Northeast Florida yeah boy they pop up those storms in the afternoon and in the summertime in Florida gets pretty crazy hope you're safe Chris they say Mitch says have you ever seen an earth Romer built there in the US yes we have Mitch we go to have gone to the overlanders gathering they have one in May every year in Arizona and one in the fall in Asheville North Carolina and we've been all throughout the earth rover so pretty cool I have a video I think that's an earth rumor and I it's one of the more popular videos here in the channel and it's something about ready for the zombie apocalypse and people actually wrote me and said there's no such thing as zombies and others would write if the zombies really come this is what they could do oh my gosh take these Walking Dead shows too seriously hi from Amherst New York near Buffalo camped in our new 2019 unity twin bed at Golden Hills State Park last week and going to lecture State Park this week loving our time on wheels just were there we love that twin bed now that you have the 2019 you got that same chassis and if we'd waited a few months I really liked the idea of the twin bed because the beds are all made up but I'd like them in the rear so we're thinking the corner bed if we were to get another unity model maybe the corner bed you know nothing's perfect no yes to people somebody's you know it's not easy to get in yeah anyway your up an area we were we just came back from lecture State Park and that will be a beautiful park that will be featured Donna in the video that we're doing this coming Thursday so check that out and enjoy it it's one of our favorite parks how are you going to manage the lithium battery and winter camping you had a question about that in our podcast this week the current issue of the podcast episode 248 and you know the that's the least of the problems in the cold weather the lithium will work usually yeah it used to be a problem they fixed them up a lot they do not charge a discharge when the temperature gets below zero they only really are effective in charging when the temperature is 32 or above and really the way they're located it's got to be really cold for them not to charge but but when that happens you know you've got a you've got residual power in the bank the battery bank our winter camping if we do it even this year we haven't even decided we're gonna go and that's we usually go up to the crown and Falls where you plug in so it's not an issue then and when you're driving around it's not an issue so you know it's if if we were living in it in cold weather all the time it would be a it would be an issue and I would put heat warmers on it there's like a heat blanket that you could get it's very simple and the folks of battleborn said hey if you want it we'll show you where you can get it guy in Elkhart not far from us here in Michigan but we're not gonna use it that much in really cold weather so if I find it's a problem I'll probably get the little the little heat wrap for it and that solves the problem so you know when you read these forums where all these armchair engineers pontificate about their expertise you know they all talk about that stuff but when you actually use these products they're not a big issue it's more of an issue to me not being able to use the plumbing because it's the plumbing you have to run air em anti-freeze to it so if you're gonna use the toilet which you can in the winter you just flush it with antifreeze instead of having water go through it and it's fine even it ran it's no big deal tamping the winter is it no none maybe from washing the dishes right but you don't like to watch this is that way so we eat out problem solved no boy oh hey but that's true we do t it out a lot let me do ya how do you change have to change those LP detectives every three years look it up whatever yours says change them and there you go Jennifer and Mike good to see you festive and curious as to how often you having to use your generator giving your solar and battery set up well we used it this afternoon to run the air conditioner as we took a nap they had a rest area and that's the only time we have to do some changing of the wiring so that we can use our microwave yes see this thing came with a thousand watt inverter and we and we upgraded the batteries a couple times we now have two lithium and we went to a 1500 watt inverter well that's enough to run the microwave but the way leasure wired up the electrical system here it's run on a plug that it needs to be either plugged in to shore power or have the generator run so we've got to change that wiring you don't use the microwave hardly hardly at all maybe to defrost something or to warm up some soup so very seldom do do we run it but I ran it today I ran it today for air conditioning and it was it was great and like I said we're toying around with the idea of adding some more battleborn batteries and maybe going from a 1500 watt to a 2000 watt inverter and then we could just run everything you know without we wouldn't have to run the generator to run the air now you get about a hundred for a hundred amp lithium battery that equates to about an hour of air conditioning that's how intensive air conditioning is uses about a hundred amps an hour so two batteries which I have now if I had the higher inverter I conceivably could get two hours of Full Tilt air conditioning seldom is the air ever on full tilt because usually it cycles on and off so maybe three figure if we got four that would be probably six or seven or enough to run it mostly Oh night I'm thinking about that it's a big expense a lot of hassle lots of storage space yeah I'd have to pry find spot to put the other batteries and that would probably taking one of my storage compartments I would do it I think I'd be okay with it because I'm I'm not using all my outside storage right now so we could probably do it but anyway we're just reason for doing that it's football season in Georgia right that's we have a dog yeah the deal is the dog you know dogs we love our dog but my son grant my grandson Matthew is a senior in high school this year if you have followed us you follow us from junior high on we've talked about watching him play football well now he's in his senior year in high school and we want to watch this guy play football and they they start playing football mid-august in injun Georgia and the temperature is 100 degrees when these kids play football so we'll have ball with us I have to have some way to have Iran in the vehicle football it won't cut everyone or we use Rover or a dog sitter which we probably is cheaper than added in the batteries murder but it'd be cool to get the extra batteries an inverter but probably cheaper to get Rover and so we're gonna be down in Georgia a lot in August and then we're at the Hershey Show in September that's always very hot and we need air there maybe we'll leave beau at home for that one we're thinking normally don't take so we're trying to figure out all this stuff but generator hasn't been a problem we don't we used it for very seldom and today I knew I needed the air so it was great let's see do you still carry your electric bikes with you yo are considered the recent Muller tinkerer which is a compact II bike with foldable handlebars now we have the red power bikes there our sponsors I've not even looked at another brand and I'm very happy with what we have they have a foldable bike to which we could use but we have a mount on the back of our vans that we can put the bikes on and holds them up great and it works good hi the Janet Matthews who's back and watching god you Janet have to see out there in the road now oh we haven't seen you know Janet you've got a big trip up don't you have a big trip up to Isle Royale coming sometime soon yes to let us know drop us an email King Albert says hi Mark is in Australia hey mate how are you somebody talked to us today this week about inviting us to New Zealand and to have it was rent a caravan for a week or two and travel about there and we're actually thinking about that now it could be fun what happened to the Hawaii trip oh we got it follow up in the Hawaii trip yeah yeah thanks for reminding me have you used a lithium battery tender and if so how long does it take to charge them I don't know what a battery tender is don't need one it's charges well let's put it this way if I Drive they're charged in an hour maybe completely charged I've never had them down much below 40 percent so they charge when you're plugged in almost you know really fast very fast I have no idea because it's never an issue I've never said oh man I wish these batteries were charged they they go you can drain them down to 80% worse on a GM's you shouldn't go any more than 50% so you really get a lot thank you so much for the informative challenge if you had any difficulty with LTV customer service haven't needed them yet so let you know when we need some yeah this is unusual for us we have never gone this far without needing service I booked I thought it was really smart I booked an appointment at an LTV service shop in Western Michigan back in May and because it's hard to get an appointment you know any dealer and I ended up canceling it because there was really nothing that needed work so I have no idea have not had any any issues at all and we had a couple of prototypes you know before and that was an adventure yeah we had prototypes from Road track and a prototype is a prototype and we knew that going in and part of the reason why I think they would work with us so much and gave us all these new models today because if we could make him work then they knew they could make him for production well a lot of the stuff we tested didn't work and we were back at the factory all the time it's kind of fun cuz I learned a lot but we also you know you particularly when we first started with lithium five six years ago but that got taken care of hello from Indianapolis looking good no shirts thank you hey Judy's in Nashville he says visit Bourbon Street Blues in printers alley get blues club for folks our age wow thank you we'll be down on Bourbon Street over down there in case we find ya Judy we we need a road or a rovard babysitter for don't bow down there we're gonna be actually staying Judy out in Murfreesboro so it's not too far out of town Larry's in California York is in Oklahoma Paul is do you enjoy the windows in your Murphy bed right over us yes oh I'm so grateful that they're there now they all have windows on them but most of the Murphy beds is I understand leisure makes you don't see the windows till you put the bed down in ours they cut out these little portholes around it yeah see those and so they're open right now as a matter of fact and you can see the shade they have a shade and we love those windows I don't know why they don't make that standard I just know that they did it on ours yes the first one I'm the only one that I know of that they did it but no we were at that rally a lot of people were cutting and measuring and taking pictures yeah so yeah so I can't help you I thought they all came that way Craig can you use regular sheets what size sheets do you buy you have to get your I ordered special sheets 68 by 60 yeah the mattress is 68 the 68 square so I ordered sheets from leisure they made them available and a mattress pad because but you could alter your sheets you can do it yourself you don't have to order them yeah give me he says love your shirts be proud of you I say we are my dear if we are Sharon I saw a new model leisure van with four seat belts and a Murphy bed in the back I don't know what your side seats up front I've seen the seat belt you're facing sideways yeah but that's not what we wanted so yeah and something else I don't know I'll have to ask somebody who's got the seats like that when you travel a long distance how does that work looking sideways instead of straight ahead I don't know Henry Rosa Wow a 499 super chat Thank You Henry I love your channel my question is about your fee bad boy everybody's asking about the work you got this Sunday are those two small windows or mirrors on the bed pulled down yes they're really their windows see if I can actually lets you see one great big long window can you see out there yeah it's really a window no I can't I'll have to have them go to the video we made that shows how you set this up as a table and then how you pull it down to make a bit yeah that's one of the things we need to do so you look back on the video that we have here we have a full tour I mean this is a beautiful unit yep what is the occc and your you know I forget I don't know it's on the chart we talk about the occupants and the the total weight capacity of this thing I'm sure you go online yeah go online and you can you can check I forget what it is I can't believe this is my favorite thing with leisure is this window skylight up here yeah that's actually awesome it is a good size you're not sure how that works yep and show how it works right now we have a screen that's a screener there's fresh air coming in the center so it's green and black out yeah I like here so that's a really nice thing I would prefer how many windows open I want air rather than air conditioning it's at all possible yeah Lucas back from a 10,000 mile road trip in a 2003 Road Trek and they did route 66 west coast up to Canada what a great trip that is that's an awesome trip please don't bring back the wraps oh it's a guy you guys are classic and the non rap version better suits you wholly since follow you we gotta have something to tell me about it but alright ok crap I did he loved the rap and now Bob Sagami jumping in on me now come on Bob he's supposed to side with me I just want a little one bob says he thought I swore off decals well we did we did maybe we need so I've got a little thing in the front plate I just got some a couple things in the garage that use magnets that you put on yeah yeah it's a magnet everyday I think you're alright it's probably a bit tacky you know but we don't have them Bob the commies in Maine and he says it's still raining there boy it's been gorgeous here hope you get you get great ray Joan says at least the character was a likeable resemblance I said I felt like The Flintstones for those of you that used to watch The Flintstones yeah I was just meet the ones I'm saying bob says they can put one on the back that's why I'm thinking of Bob just on the back let that space back there you know it's like a window used to be brighter they change the body we can advertise follow the New England guys rent for your buddies for rent can change it yeah maybe some sort of sticker so people would know who you were when passing your road right that's what I'm thinking of sharing because it's like you know it's like a billboard I noticed an immediate increase in people going to our YouTube channel when they saw all that stuff have like a building some kind of little fliers and every time we stop let's stick them on everybody's windshield all right ridiculing me now mock me if you must but I think it's a it's a good marketing tool – Pennsylvania do you miss the park ability of your van very we talk about that all the time Jennifer come in hi Bo Bo's where's Bo eat at the door say hi everybody Bo you see Bo out there I don't know he's gonna lay down by yeah that's where he does he lies right now on an upside the the van I have no problems parking this thing it's 20 almost 25 feet long the one we had was twenty four nine what's the difference three inches you seem to think it's too big to park but I have no problem with it well I finally convinced you to take two spots I do it's so easy go in the back of mine cannot take Joe in the back and take two I did that with them with the other one with the road track only if you flush a lot but Dee did you find the cushions in the old road track oh yes the yeah we did that inch and a half foam pads Pam Morrison says she agrees no rap oh man do you go to the Georgia Florida game in Jacksonville that's very near me no we did go to a high school game so regardless if you use the generator doesn't it need to be routinely exercised I guess what gas ones do because they clog up this runs on LP gas oh and you don't have to do that so it's it's pretty good if you add more batteries then you can carry less supplies as well well the thing with lithium is they're really light you know they weigh maybe 30 pounds each instead of I think the AGMs we had we rented we had to a GM's they weighed a hundred and twenty-two pounds it's on the video up there when we talked about doing our power upgrade the two lithium's cut that by half so if I add a couple more batteries it's I'm not going to be any more than what was before when we will get it so so there you go hello from California very good to see you thanks for the tips says old Rock mustard Larrin Jones heads-up ray says the battery tenders too slow charger I don't need it don't need it extra don't don't really need it oh that's reminding me I have to do the newsletter for tomorrow the newsletter comes out too and if you guys have not subscribed to that just go to the RV lifestyle comm travel blog and you can get our newsletter we sent out a fresh newsletter every Monday morning and with that an hour is up look at that let me go really quick here and see hey we gotta say a shout out to william roberts from the assembly point LG in new york Lake George New York a phone bill and we'll bill and Pam Roberts bill Pam invited us to do some huge stocking on their cottages on Lake George and you'll see Lake George next next week and our video it is the crown jewel of the Adirondacks and Bill we still have been talking about how much fun we had there and how great it was to meet you and Pam thank you for inviting us we ended up leaving the RV in the moochin itself on a lot across the street from the lake and they let us move into one of their lakefront cottages he calls him a camp and we spent two nights sir had a great time and hanging out and making new friends okay keith is considering full timing exploring options you guys ever used larger RVs why do you use a Class C do you ever wish you had more space actually I need less space you really don't need if you want to if you're just gonna go someplace and sit for a long time get a Class A because you got all the room in the world if you plan to travel a lot to be mobile to be active to stay someplace a day to maybe a week but not much longer you want to be a B+ or a C and that's kind of the way it was always explained to us and I I passed a bunch of class age today on the interstate and man that's a lot of work it's like being an over the haul road trucker the length of those things and turning trying to find a place to park and you know man it's it's not for us so we would a C or a B is is probably what we'll stay in for all the rest of our RV days and almost every I mean we've met a lot of people who have class A's and they've all downsized they all down so a lot of them have gone to yes alright I'm quickly going through this to see if there's anything I need here's somebody with the older LTV with side facing seatbelts no complaints from passengers sitting sideways thanks for letting us know that crystal yeah that's the biggest one that we that we want and I knew that going in I was just like what oh my – seatbelts yeah alright we've got lots pam is even now singing the the wetlands meet though anyways they are traveling in their unity greetings from st. Augustine Florida the oldest city I believe in the USA is where Jan Pippin is Thank You Jan for those kind words alright do the rap song of your choice Thank You Larry need some help with that hi from Martinez Martine and Lanny and Albuquerque we purchased a twenty eight twenty nineteen pleasure-way XLT s two weeks ago from Stacy Smith at La Mesa RV that was our salesman that's the guy that we bought ours from and will be handed out to Angel Fire in New Mexico next week we love New Mexico it's a it's a great place Christine said Kristen J Kristen we want the wrap that's a wrap and there you go all right hey do is two things leave us the thumbs up before you go that's a big help to us and also if you have not yet subscribed please subscribe to the RV lifestyle channel you can do it right here on YouTube just hit subscribe and then look for that little like a little bell click that and then it will notify you when we go on live or when we have new videos so I our times up we've gone over an hour you guys are great happy 4th of July we hope that you enjoy the holiday that you're out there camping with somebody in happy Canada Day tomorrow newsletter tomorrow podcast Wednesday it's coming up and Thursday's our video part 2 of the Adirondacks scenery that we saw and then we will be back Lord willin next Sunday night same time 7 p.m. for another livestream thanks again everybody god bless you all and bye-bye

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  1. I like you viedo's. I live rving over 30k miles in the last 5 years. Also from Michigan.
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  2. I have seen others put a small but visual sticker that shows their name, you could use'RV Lifestyle ' with the YouTube emblem on your back window or back panel. It doesn't have to be large, but if you are using your vehicle for a tax right off, having a sign on it identifying it helps.

  3. Camping at Roamer's Rest RV Park in Tualatin, Oregon. Same location my parents stayed the first night of their honeymoon in 1949 (just a regular cabins site back then, no RV spaces).

  4. Take a sleeper car on Amtrak, if you can possibly afford it. Worlds of difference (meals included, sleeper car steward, coffee, tea, juices, bed taken down and put up for you, quieter at night (you can close your compartment door), etc.). We love train travel!

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