23 thoughts on “Hannity: Barr is searching for truth and justice

  1. Whooooo doggie!
    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!
    We don't need no water—Let the motherf**ker burn! Burn, motherf**ker, burn!

  2. Trump needs to initiate a social media network, bypassing the left wing companies like F/B, so we can continue free speech and spread the word about how corrupt are the Democrats.

  3. This whole thing stinks, but not the way Fox tells-it. Fox has been saying the same things for 3 years. All of-which had zero impact on any possible prosecution! Over and over Hannity said, "Everything started with Bad Actors having a deep hatred for Trump"! BS! That Dog Don't Hunt! All involved acted-out-of-duress! When someone's being blackmailed in fear of their life, "Hates-out-the-window"! The powers in control didn't care if their minions love Donald Trump! They just at all costs,.. "Wanted-him-gone"!
    Then there's the other side. The Trump side. Which also makes no sense! No one in history has ever been framed without evidence! The reason being,. "because it can't be done"! You can't frame someone on hear-say alone! It can't be done! You must have some-kind-of-phoney-evidence to-hang-a-frame on someone! Yet-every-night, Fake-News does it to Trump? And he allows it? Most times Trump even has actually video evidence proving talking-head testimony are lies! Yet Trump still allows it. Then, Talking-Heads Double-Down on the lie more!
    No to mention, "It's a crime"! Not only against Trump, "But against the country"!
    Both sides lie! Both sides make no sense! If indictments finally happen what will explain the "Why-Now-Question"? Also,.. they don't have a shred more evidence now than they had 3 years ago! Why now?
    90% of the lies media says about Trump can be debunked with a 30 second google search. The powers own Google! Yet, the majority of the time their lies can be easily proven! Why does Trump do nothing to clear himself? And, much more importantly, "Why won't Trump (by-clearing-himself) also stop the media from lying and dividing the country"?

  4. Sean Wray is one of those slugs he's not going to try and bring them to justice,maybe only to save his own ass.A Democ-rat will though their own mother under the bus too save them selves.

  5. Barr lied to congress, misled the people and is trying to bury a 2 year investigation into individual #1.
    Read the (even Barr’s redacted) report – the evidence statements obtained under oath. Don’t trust what these people say. Don’t be lazy.
    Read it and you will demand the imprisonment of trump and Barr.
    (The Clintons may well share a cell with them – but that’s irrelevant )

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