44 thoughts on “GYV ME BODY Spring Summer 2018 Art Hearts Los Angeles – Fashion Channel

  1. Красивые бабы 🙂 я люблю когда баба высокая и жжопа 🙂 хорошая большая жжопа

  2. เลือก ดู เอา ชอบ อันไหน หลาย ไซ้สหลายขนาด เล็ก แบน ใหญ่ ยาว ลีบ แบน ดู เอา เน้อ

  3. The Real Beauty Queen.
    This is so true that no one has the ability to deny this factual state of the bodies of queens.
    Painted and shining never real. Not bathed for 2, 3, 4,7 days. Daily dirts of eyes, nose, throat couf, stomach vomits too spicy, stool rose smelling , gas sandal smelling, sweat all over, itching, boils, eczema , pus,bile, blood, saliva foul smells, full body leaving foul smell from every pore, foul outbreath, sweet dates inside ears, Constip, lose motions, piles, blood, pungent vaginal discharges, Pimples, infections of the whole body, breast cancer pains and cold , tonsills, headaches, brisk diseases causing long tough and killer pains , gangrene etc and etc.
    Belle dance releases Constip., releaves from gas troubles. Stage and the Auditorium all filled with audience"s sweet smelling gases of different foods etc.
    What a great pleasure really very fine full of great joy and happiness.
    Truly , An Heaven on the earth of innumerable DRAINS.
    How beautiful the queen is with new clothes and shamelessness .
    Please think more. The milk is fine. Keep on sucking into the restful laps of these moms.

  4. Great music Great show! Glad it was not normal upbeat crap music. I shall fall asleep fast tonight…

  5. Great camera work! The girls, on average, were more "curvey inclusive" that is not a bad idea. When a supermodel becomes curvey she associates with being married and having children … and I don't want to mix the notions about what woman it is ok to 😍 with (independent of what chances there are in life with her)!

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