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I need to hurry up for college. My tyre got punctured?
I’m sure this was done on purpose. You, idiot! You did this only because I complained
to your mom about you, didn’t you? Come here, I’ll whack you! Are they planning on attacking me? What’s up, guys? Why are you all looking so irked?
– It is about our tuition teacher. Why? She teaches well. She is also her college’s topper.
– Did your parents tell you this? – Yes. Parents seem to believe all her nonsense.
– It is time we made her taste her own medicine. Okra! Fresh okra!
– Shoo that okra vendor away. – Why? Upon hearing the word okra.. Greetings, ma’am.
My brother has low memory power. I thought he’ll improve under you, but he is becoming worse.
– Well, not my fault if you don’t feed him okra every meal. He is scared of okra.
– Kids will be scared. But, you have to. Trick him by adding okra to snacks and all.
– Will it work? Yes, it will! Make him eat okra
and he’ll, no doubt, score great grades. Trust me. Okay, ma’am. Now, learn lessons from her.
– Sit! Done with the homework? Zip your pants.
– The zipper broke while I was exercising. I exercise if I want to pee.
– What do you mean? I can’t pee unless I exercise.
– What do you meam? Is it some health tip? My foot!
He is unable to pee because of her torture. Siddu, did you finish the homework I gave you?
– I did, but I forgot to bring it. Oh, I see. Alright, do 100 sit ups and then do wall chair.
– A hundred sit ups? Yes, a hundred.
Do as I say. Properly! Go down completely. What are you eating?
– Okra. – But why? It was you who said eating okra helps in doing math.
– Yes, right. Continue. Learn from him. You all, too, start eating okra
given that you all are basically dumb. No wonder, the first ranker is now out of top five.
– Who said that? Go and do the wall chair. That’ll serve you right.
– Not again! What is he upto?
Hey, you, get up! You didn’t do your homework and now you’re sleeping?
– You come even in my nightmares. Of course, I will. Since you always sleep during the class,
write ‘I’m Sorry’ a hundred times. You aren’t taking your eyes off the cricket ball.
– You wouldn’t understand. – Try me. Cricket is my life.
Playing cricket means everything to me. Can I have the ball back?
– Who hit me with this? – My brother. Are you blind as a bat?
– I’m sorry. – Who cares whether you are sorry? Don’t you got other things to do?
I’ll complain right away to your mother. Please, no!
– Why not? – She will kill me! Fine, I won’t complain if you join my tuition.
– Tuition? – Yeah! You prefer I rather complain? No, I prefer your tuition.
– I’m still in kindergarten. Still in kindergarten? Fine, join me next year.
– Oh, no! Even I’ll join you next year. Take your ball.
– Thank you! Harshita, get up.
– Yes, ma’am? – Would you clean my bike? I’m here for tuitions, not to clean your bike.
– You’re a good student, you don’t need tuitions. So, work on co-curricular activities.
– I’d rather do homework. – Do that at home, not here. Harika, we ran out of veggies. Get them from the market.
– Alright, mom. Harshita? – Yes, ma’am?
– Done preparing? – Not yet. Do you mind going to the market?
– Ma’am, I just cleaned your bike. You said you’re done preparing for tomorrow’s exam too.
– You always send me. Send Sid, he does nothing but sleep anyway. My point exactly! He’ll sleep even in the market.
So, please! This is the last time. Hell with her!
– Get back to your books, you dumbo! Mom, I’m too tired.
Harika made me study a lot. Can I get some juice? Ma’am, you’re here?
– How did the tuition go today? Why the hell didn’t you turn up for the tuition, you idiot!
And you say I made you study a lot? Where did you go after skipping tuition?
– Well, uncle, my friends and I.. He was playing with his friends! I don’t encourage such anarchy.
You’ll have to pay twice the fee if I’m to take him back. Wow! What an opportunist you are!
– Do you realize we’re spending lakhs on your education? I can understand you guys!
You all needn’t come to tuition from tomorrow. There is a tiny backstory behind this video.
All the kids in this video are my neighbours. They’ve always been asking me to make a video with them.
Infact, they even suggested this video’s title. So, then we decided to make a video
with those kids. I hope you liked this video.
Do like, share and subscribe to Dhethadi. Also, happy children’s day
to you all!

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  2. Iddari girls madhya childish fights avthai ga ala oka video cheyandi iddaru pinch chesukuni sardaga slap chesukuni play fights la boys ki appatiki ardham kadu em antay ma madhya prema antaru

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