Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 22 | 7th November | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Aunty? Hm? I need to talk to you. Go ahead my child. I want Gul’s parent’s home address. Gul’s parent’s home address? Is everything okay my child? Yes! It’s all fine. I just wanted to meet Gul for once. But why do you want to meet her? Why? Can’t I meet Gul? No! I didn’t say that but what is the need to meet Gul? You are stopping me to meet her. What is the issue if I would meet her once? My child, when did I say that there would be an issue but no one among us meet her or ask about her then what is the need of meeting her? Nothing would happen if I would meet her. Tell me her address. My child, I don’t have her address. You can ask Adil. He would have it. Adil has her address but he won’t tell me and you don’t know the address. I would have to do something myself. What do you mean? I’ll ask my brother. He will get me her address. Hello? Yes Gulzar? How are you? Gul, there is a big problem. What happened Gulzar? Kashi came in my way while I was coming back from college. Kashi? What was he saying? Kashi was saying that inform Gul that I don’t know the address of her new house but I know that address of her in-laws. He was also saying that he has Jamal’s number. I will kill this Kashi. Gul, I don’t understand what shall I do. What problem do you have? It is me who is having an issue. What if he would tell everything to Adil or his family members? I just told you that he was saying that he will talk to Jamal. I don’t know what will he say to him. How would I know what will he tell to Jamal? You should have asked him. And why are you worried. What problem do you have? Gul, come to college tomorrow and meet me. Find the solution as soon as possible otherwise there will be a problem for me. Look, I’m telling you that you wouldn’t have any problem. You won’t get into any trouble. He thinks that I am your friend, this is why he stopped me and talked to me. And here you are asking me not to worry. God forbid he says anything to Jamal then my life would become hell. Let him tell Jamal. Jamal isn’t any pious person. Why are you being worried? Jamal roams around the whole city with his girl friend. Anyways, I’ll talk to you later. I have some work. Gul? We’ll leave from here in a day or two. You also pack your luggage. I’m not going anywhere. Can I ask why? I will not go anywhere until I’m confirmed with whom are you loyal. I could never imagine that you will talk to me like this, Gulzar. Take aunt with you but I will not go anywhere until I get an answer of my question. You are filled with so much negativity. Really? You roam around the city with your girl friend and I won’t even ask you? This is not going to happen. There is no solution of your misconception. Yes, I would seem mad now because I’m Gulzar, not Naina Kapoor with whom you talk with love and affection. Love? Affection? Do you know even know the meaning of these words? Since the day I came, you didn’t talk to me properly and you expect me to be so dear to you. Why would I talk to you with love? Why would I? You brought a stranger girl to our house and expect me not to even react? Gulzar! What did you think that because your girl friend can’t live in this house so I wouldn’t also. But listen to me clearly that I will not sit quietly. Fine! If you want to live with me then pack your stuff and if not then stay here alone. I neither want to say anything to you nor want to listen. When is your next appointment? After three days. Take care of yourself and let me know if you need anything. What is it? What are you thinking? Nothing! I’m thinking that are you still in contact with Mahjabeen? Mahjabeen? Why would I be in contact with her? I was thinking that how would she be? She would be fine. How would I know? And why are you asking about her? Just like that. It crossed my mind. Look Gul, Mahjabeen might contact you. But neither you will talk to her not meet her. Do you understand? Why? Because her brother is a gangster and I don’t want him to hurt you or my child. What do we have to do with his brother being a gangster? You are going to divorce her then why are you scared of them? You don’t know her brother. He is a gangster. Why are you repeating the same thing again and again? Because I don’t want him to hurt you or our child. And if Mahjabeen would ask you anything ever then tell her that you are at your parent’s place. What kind of things you are talking about today? I don’t understand. You don’t need to understand. Do as I tell you, I’ll tell you further later. Why is he stopping me to meet Mahjabeen? He was saying that she is taking divorce from him Why would I tell a lie in front of Mahjabeen? He must be in contact with her. I need to find out. Mahjabeen? What is it? Where are you lost? Is everyone at home fine? And what about Adil’s behavior? He’s fine. I still doubt Adil. For what? That he’s still in contact with Gul. So? What are you scared of? Your brother made him write and divorce that girl. You don’t need to be worried. Adil told me that Gul is at her parent’s place. But I don’t think. I think he has kept her somewhere else. And he still meets her. That’s fine my child. You shouldn’t have problem with that. It doesn’t matter if she is staying with her parents or somewhere else. You don’t need to be worried. Adil will stay in contact with her until she gives birth to a baby. You don’t know Gul, she is a very clever woman. She will not leave Adil so easily. She might be a clever girl but your brother is there. He will deal with everyone. You don’t need to be worried. Leave all your tension for your brother. He will find out everything. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Thank you! I feel better after talking to you. My brave daughter. Gulzar? Yes? My child, why are you going to college so early? Have breakfast. I’m not hungry. You and Jamal can have. Gulzar, will you go empty stomach? You will fall sick. You don’t need to be worried about me. And who cares if I fall sick. What happened to her? She wasn’t like this. Jamal? Did you both fight again? I have no time to argue with her. She went to college without eating or drinking anything. Doesn’t matter. Who cares What happened Jamal? You never used to think like this. What wrong am I thinking? If she doesn’t care about us then why would I take care of her? You pack your luggage. We both will leave from here soon. What do you mean? I can’t go by leaving Gulzar alone here. Then fine, make a decision. If you want to live with your son or daughter in law? Enough! I could never think that Jamal would do this to me. What did Jamal do now? He was saying that he and aunt will leave me and go to his old house. Oh! This is your mother in law who has brainwashed him otherwise why would Jamal treat you this way? Why would aunt do this? She loves me a lot and care for me a lot. If she was so caring, she wouldn’t have brainwashed Jamal. What do you mean? What do you think that it would be Jamal’s idea to go back to his old house? Why would aunt say so? She cares for me a lot. This love is only shown on your face otherwise she would have said it on your back. Aunt and Jamal weren’t like this before. Naina Kapoor wasn’t there before. I already told you not to live under pressure. This would happen if you will live like this and this house belongs to your father not Jamal. You are right. It is me who is at mistake. I shouldn’t have lived under pressure infront of them. I have been saying it since the start. Do not consider your mother in law so simple. It is her who has brain washed him. You are right Gul. One more thing, I can’t come to meet you daily. Gul, if you wouldn’t meet me then I’d be all alone. Then talk to me on call. I haven’t forbidden you to talk to me on call. I can’t visit this far. I’m being very clear. I’m embarrassed in front of you and Gulzar. You both are having problems because of me. Why? You don’t need to be embarrassed. I and Gulzar were already having problems. Nothing happened because of you. Your mother and wife both are really nice. You should also handle things sensibly. Don’t drag your ego in between. I don’t drag my ego. Gulzar is immature. This is why she usually does this. A man drags his ego in between the matter without knowing it. This is why there occur many problems. You don’t know anything. Do you know what she thinks? She thinks that we are having an affair. It’s natural. Woman do get insecure. If you say so then shall I talk to her? No need. I’m already being embarrassed in front of you for sharing all of this. There is no embarrassment among friends. Follow what I have told you. Understood? Okay Good Oh! This is your mother in law who has brainwashed him otherwise why would Jamal treat you this way? Gulzar? My child, why are you angry with food? You went empty stomach in the morning and now you came straight to your room after coming back from college. I’m not hungry. My child, don’t ignore food. What if God gets angry and stop giving us food. Then what will we do? Jamal again talked about shifting in the morning. He or you? What do you mean? Nothing My child, come with us right now. After sometime, Jamal will calm down. Then we will come back here. I have already told you that I don’t want to go anywhere. It is about few days my child. Try to understand me. Problems can get harsh if a man becomes stubborn. Why? Only man can be stubborn? A woman can’t? How will things work out if you would also become stubborn. You just teach me and take your son’s side. Don’t ever teach him. Gulzar, I always take your side in front of Jamal and you are saying that I … Fine! Do what suits you. Listen to my advice and take Mahjabeen out of country for a month. What for? So that questions of Mahjabeen vanishes that she ask again and again. Mother, how can I leave Gul. She needs me at this stage. If you will stay here then these questions will increase. What if she would tell everything to her brother then we would be trapped in more problems. As far as Gul is concerned, why are you worried? We both are here. We’ll take care of her. She is our responsibility now. You don’t eat anything the whole day and keep drinking God knows what. You didn’t tell, what was Gulzar saying? Her situation is getting worse. Really? What happened? She had a big fight with Jamal. Really? on what? She was telling that he wants to take her to his home but she isn’t ready. Okay She was crying a lot. She was saying this happened to me or that happened to me. Both father and daughter had so much pride and now see what is happening to them. She used to look like a fool before marriage. Now see her actions are revealing. It is you people who used to think that she very smart and decent. Now see what is happening with her. She is having worst situation. But cursed me so much that I ran away from house. What I did by running away? Got married. Now look at me. I’m in alot better situation today than she. Hm! You are right. Mahjabeen, I was thinking that we should go somewhere out. For what? We both had so many problem between us in past few days. Our minds will get fresh if we go out. Suddenly you got a thought of traveling with me. How? Not suddenly. I had been thinking about going out since long. For what? I did so bad with you. I want to pay you back. Are you fine? What are you saying? Please Mahjabeen! I want to end all the problems between us. I want you to be same as before. I want our relation to be same as before. Okay fine! But … And we already have visas. We just need to leave from here as soon as possible. We will do outing and enjoy. We will forget all the tensions. Okay! As you wish Thank you Greetings mother Greetings You came home so late. I had been waiting for you since long. I called you many times but you didn’t attend. Sorry mother. I was busy in work. I need to talk to you something important. Go ahead. You will say that you won’t go without Gulzar Mother I have told you many times that … I’m ready to go. Tell me when to leave? Fine! Pack you luggage. We will leave from here tomorrow. Gul is right about aunt. On my face she speak sweetly “Gulzar my child, my dear” but she does conspiracy against me on my back. I could never think that these people are filled with poison. This is right that no one is the bigger fool than I am. But I will do what I want. Jamal will definitely come and force me to go along but I will not. I will not go anywhere with them. You are awake? We were waiting for you. We are leaving my child. Forgive us. You can come to that house anytime. The doors are always open for you. I will not come to that house now. You can bring any girl to your house as a daughter in law. Okay! Okay! Good-bye.
Lets go Jamal. It is only a matter of one or one and a half month. I’ll come back soon. How can you leave me alone in this situation? Gul, I wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t about factory. Actually we are starting a factory in Dubai I wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t about a factory. Once the factory is set up properly then guess what? We will shift over there permanently. What? we will shift to Dubai? Yes obviously… You have told me such a good news. This is the reason. Also, your mother is living with you and my mother and father said that in my absence they will take care of you They will take good care of you. Yes, mother is here. You go and work peacefully. Don’t take any tension. I’m very happy. Let me go and inform mother. O no, what is the need to tell now. No one should be told until things are finally done. Hm? Yes Child, are your preparations done? Yes brother, flight is tonight. I came to meet you and mother. I will go straight to airport from here. Okay! My child, what were you talking about on call and was avoiding in front of Adil. Brother, I want you to find about Gul in my absence. Don’t you worry. Leave it on me. Brother, I’m sure that Adil must have hide Gul somewhere. So that we can not reach her. But brother please, use any way to find her. Please get her address I told you to leave it on me. Don’t you worry. Just focus on your trip. My child Have this Thank you My child, I’m still thinking about Gulzar. Leave it mother. Didn’t you see how she said that she won’t come now. I think you better don’t expect anything good from her. It is better. I think we should have talked to master first and then take this step. Mother I’m going back to Canada in few days. I’ll talk to him myself. No my child, I think we should have talked to him before. What will he think that we do not care about his daughter. He will not think like that. He knows Gulzar very well. And for God’s sake mother, stop blaming yourself. She doesn’t care about us at all and you are being sad for her. My child, she doesn’t have a mother. Neither her father is here nor her brother. I will be worried about her until she comes here. Mother she will come here with her own will …. otherwise … Otherwise? Otherwise neither you nor me need to go after her.

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