Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 13 | 5th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Where are you lost? Nowhere! Then why aren’t you answering me? I was thinking about something. Okay leave it. Tell me do you want to eat icecream? No! I’m craving for a dessert. Okay! I will get you a delicious dessert. You like to marry every other girl. Father, the girl is lying. I haven’t done anything like this. Keep girls for the affairs only but here you get married to them. I haven’t gotten married to her. She was just a good friend of mine. Yes I agreed to get married but I didn’t. What about the pictures she was showing infront of everyone? What was that? Was it a lie? Mother, she is trying to trap me. We went for the outing and she is using those pictures to trap me. Whatever! Wind up this matter. If Mahjabeen’s family get to know then there will be a big problem. You got us humiliated. Everyone was asking that who that girl was. You didn’t get humiliated when father got married twice. Oh so are you competing with me? Father, I’m not competing with anyone. You create fuss for no reason. Because of you we had to lie to Mahjabeen’s family. We had to tell them that it’s a conspiracy against us. Whatever it is. Just get rid of it. Hey Gul, how are you? I’m fine. We were talking about you. Where are parents? They are sitting inside with guests. Guests? Who? Some people are here for my proposal. It is good that you are here. Mother was trying to call you but you didn’t pick up the call. Come let’s go inside. If you will meet them they will be more convinced. I’m glad that you people came to our house. Don’t you worry. We will do as you said. Hey Gul you? We were talking about you. Come sit Come sit my child. She is going to be your sister’s mother-in-law. She is no stranger. This is our younger daughter about whom we discussed. Really? She is beautiful. Yes, she is my very good daughter. And thanks to God we got an amazing son in law. He is pious. Nice He has his own factory and his own business. Really? Nice Mother, I want to talk. Yes my child we will. Tell me, will you eat something? No! Gul my child, hasn’t Adil come with you? No, he is outside the country. Okay! Didn’t I tell you that he has gone outside the country? His business is like this. He has to go outside again and again. You have tea. Take it please. Thank you! Thank you! Shall I make tea for you my child? Okay sister, we will leave now. Okay thank you! We will meet you very soon. Yes yes! My child, have you booked the cab? I’m doing it now. Sister, what is the need of cab? My daughter Gul will get you dropped. Isn’t it? Okay! I’m just coming. Sister, what was the need? We could go on cab. There is no formality in it. We should help people who our own. There is not big deal. She is here. Are you also going along? Yes! My child, send them with driver. No, I;m getting late. I have some important work. Why are you taking this with you? What’s there in it? Useless things! Then leave it here. I brought to take them with me. Come Okay sister. Okay! Good-bye! Okay my child. Gul, I have heard that your husband has a big factory. Yes! It doesn’t look good to say it but I will still say it. Can you talk to your husband for my son’s job? The company he is already working do not pay him well. If because of you, he gets a job and this proposal is done then their lives will be changed. you sister’s and my son’s both. Will you talk to your husband? I will ask him and tell. We do not talk about such things. When he will come I will talk. Okay my child! Have tea. O wow! I needed it desperately. I knew it. This is why I brought it. How do you that I needed tea? I’m your partner. If I wouldn’t care for your liking disliking then what is the use? You .. What is it? Do you want to say something? Say! Why have you stopped? I’m very much thankful to you. For what? The way you supported and defended me infront of father, for that. Will you now thank me on these ordinary things? I’m not a stranger that you will thank me every time. No it isn’t like that. The way you defended me, I really liked it. Gulzar, I can’t see you being embarrassed infront of someone and I didn’t do any favor to you. I’m your husband. It was my responsibility for being a husband. What is this all happening with me? I could never think that I would be betrayed. I was being humiliated so much. To whom shall I talk? To whom? I can’t go to parent’s house. They are busy in themselves only. They only need money. To whom shall I talk? To whom can I talk? Gulzar! It is only she who will support me in this hard time. It is Gulzar. Not now Gul. I have already faced many problems because of you. I will not talk to you now. You also started avoiding me Gulzar. What do you think of yourself? Whenever you needed me I was there but today … Hello? Adil? Gul, you created a big problem for me today. You did it today but next time don’t even dare to think about doing anything like this. I will come to your home. I will to your wedding and will show everyone our marriage papers. I will come no matter how much you stop me. I will. What did you say? Marriage papers? Do you even have them? What are you doing? Nothing! This has my passport, documents and our marriage papers. I’m keeping them here safely. Why are you putting them there? Give them to me. They are important documents. What if you lose them? I’ll keep them with me. I had no idea that you will be proven this much shameless and a cheater. I haven’t cheated you. I haven’t seen a person more shameless than you. Gul? Gul? Listen to me. I don’t have a time for this useless rubbish. You have only two ways. Let me marry Mahjabeen. She is my respectful wife. If you will agree to my decision quietly then I will not leave you. I’ll keep visiting you. I will also stay with you. I will die but … I’m not done yet. Listen to me first. You can agree to this decision quietly And if you don’t agree to this decision then I will leave you. You can go back to your parents to that small town. Now you make a decision that if you want to live with me or not. Think about it. O master, I used to consider yourself a respectable person. My daughter was a thief right? She stole jewellery from your house. If my daughter was so bad then why does your daughter meet my daughter? My daughter doesn’t meet your daughter. She does because she knows that she has got married into a rich family. After seeing money, your daughter has started drooling. Shut your mouth. Why do I keep my mouth shut? You speak about my daughter and I stay quiet? Your daughter is jealous of my daughter Gul. I used to consider you respectable and also your daughter. Where your and your daughter’s dignity is gone? What happened to your dignity? You accepted the daughter who ran away from the house? Hey master, control your tongue. She is my daughter. How dare you? Before pointing fingers on others, first think that what you are. Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth! He speaks rubbish. Gulzar be quick. I’m getting late for office. I’m just coming. Nothing happens with 5 or 10 minutes. Have patience. You were about to take away my breath. Have a little patience. This is what I was telling him. Hello Gulzar my child, I’m Rafaqat uncle speaking. How are you Rafaqat uncle? Is everything fine? Nothing is fine. Master has got injured. He is in hospital. What? Father is in hospital? How? H had a fight. Come to hospital quickly. Yes, I’m coming. What happened? Father had a fight with someone. He’s in hospital. O God! You come with me. Lets go now. I’m bringing my shawl. Come quickly! My child, don’t get worried. And ride your bike slowly. Yes mother! Come quickly! Uncle, where is father? Father? Father? What happened? Gulzar, nothing has happened. Why are you worried? What happened to him? Your father is absolutely fine. There is nothing dangerous. The wound wasn’t deep. He got weakness. There is nothing get worried. I told you. Sit! Sit! Rafaqat uncle was telling that you had a fight with someone? With whom? It isn’t important. Tell me father? With whom? With Kafayat. Kafayat uncle? What did he say? He was talking rubbish about you for no reason. About me? Yes! He was saying you get jealous of Gul. You meet her and talk to her because of her money. Is this what he said about me? What do they think of themselves? Am I some beggar? Am I someone greedy who will go after her money? Gulzar, don’t get angry. You know those people. What does Gul and her family members think of themselves? They will say anything about me? I’m telling you this so that you’ll be careful next time. I don’t even want to see her face. I will never meet her. She is dead to me. Are you having pain? No my child! Madam? Shall I serve you food? I’m not hungry. You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. Eat something. I told you. I’m not hungry. Go! Is crying left in my fate only? How much will I cry? Adil doesn’t care for me. He’s getting married today. You shouldn’t also care about anyone. When everyone can be so selfish then why not you Why can’t you be like them? Selfish and insensitive Hello, who is this? Kashi, it’s Gul Gul, you? Yes it’s me. I have a job for you Can you meet? Yes What has happened to you? Why are you laughing? This day had to come when you would be wearing a burqa I’m wearing this so that I don’t get recognized That’s not the point Then what is it? The actual reason is that you don’t want anyone to see you with me. I know that It’s the same thing No it’s not the same thing. You’re not so religious that you would start wearing a burqa You can humiliate me and make fun of me all you want You need to repay me for a lot of things The way you’ve cheated with me, a little humiliation is justified What happened Gul, why are you crying? I’ve gotten in to a huge mess. I think someone has cursed me At least tell me what happened? First promise that you won’t tell anything to anyone. You won’t talk to anyone in the neighborhood about this What are you talking about, why would I tell anyone? Come on tell me I need your help What kind of help? We have been waiting for you people since a long time, what took you so long? We got late because of the traffic. You know how it is these days, we should leave half an hour in advance to reach on time Yes that’s true. Besides, you people have unnecessarily done such a big formality Oh stop it. It’s an old tradition. You know how it is Yes that’s a fact And by the way, my daughter is looking beautiful, may God protect her from evil Every since your daughter has come to our house, she has made it even more lively My daughter has always been like this. She becomes the centre of attention where ever she goes No doubt God has blessed us with everything we could ask for. And whatever we have is for our daughter God bless you Our only prayer was that we find a good boy and family for her, and we found you people Thank you Although conspiratorial people tried their best to come in between but, anyways Adil, why are you so quiet? Say something He is feeling shy to be at his in-law’s Mehjabeen, from today I’m handing over my son to you. He is your responsibility, you have to take care of him Just keep an eye on him that he doesn’t go here and there He won’t go anywhere. In fact, both of them will go on a honeymoon very soon. I’ve made all the arrangements, it’s a surprise Your flights are booked, hotel reservations are in place, you have a big surprise Fazeelat came to my place, I explained to her a lot that you need both hands to clap. How can you expect her to respect you when you taunt her so much That girl’s tongue is so sharp, she doesn’t regard anyone If your son has married a girl of his own choice and you’ve even brought her home then at least accept her first If you’re going to criticize her on everything then how would she respect you? Girl’s don’t tolerate anything these days. You tell them something for their own benefit and they will give you a cold response in reply Greetings Greetings, dear what was the need for such formalities? Aunty you’ve come to our home, how is it possible that you would leave without eating or drinking? Razia, is there any good news? No That’s so strange. It has been so long since their marriage. Consult a doctor, there might be some issue It hasn’t been long since they’ve gotten married I haven’t brought a daughter to my home so that she starts giving birth to children immediately A few days before her marriage, Fazeelat’s daughter got married. THey already had a good news at their home May God bless both Fazeelat and her daughter. But don’t expect the same from me Gulzar is the life of this house, like my own daughter As far as children are concerned, she can give birth to them when she wants, I’m not concerned about it Okay as long as you’re happy Adil, did you get rid of that girl or not? Mother I’ve already told you, I have no relation with her Regardless of your relationship with that girl, you do something about her right away Give me some time, I’ll deal with it How much more time do you need? Leave this, do you realize how serious this matter is? I understand mother, but why are you people making it in to such a big issue? We are not making it an issue, rather you are taking it too lightly Do you realize how much problem it could cause if Mahjabeen or her family found out about this No one will know anything I won’t let them know And what do you think? They won’t know anything if you won’t let them find out? Adil, you know very well what type of people they are. It’s very easy for them to find out anything at any time Adil, before it’s too late, before you leave for your honeymoon, get rid of that girl I’m coming, wait Greetings mother Greetings Aunty I’m very grateful of you For what? The way you supported me in front of aunty Now you’re going to thank me for such things? Do you take me as an outsider? No it’s not that. Very few people defend someone like you did today Those people don’t defend who bring home a daughter in law. I’ve brought home a daughter Giving birth to a child is God’s work. Who am I or anyone else to interfere in God’s matters? And you should not be bothered by this either, You will have a baby when it’s time You have a long life. I was just thinking of calling you What happened? Everything okay? So can’t I call you without any reason? So tell me, why didn’t Adil come with you? He has gone abroad for important business Okay, no problem Oh and I have to tell you something very important to tell you What happened? Master had a fight with your father and he got injured Master, but why? What there to happen, he was saying some rubbish about you What was he saying about me? Just that we are shameless people since we embraced you even after you ran away from home Master said that? yes How dare he talk rubbish about me. Let me call and ask Gulzar, Have they forgotten their status? Oh leave it, forget it. And don’t keep any contact with Gulzar either Let me talk to them and remind them their status Oh just leave it dear Oh tell me one thing, you didn’t come in your car? Did it drop you and leave? Actually the car had to go to the workshop so I came in a taxi You’ve come in a taxi? But you said Adil has many cars? Yes he does, but he had to send them all to the workshop at the same time Really? All the cars had to be repaired at once?

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