Guide to Minimalist Fashion for Men

What’s up guys? Today, we are talking about minimalist fashion for men. First, let’s go over the basic color palette. Minimalist fashion is a very simple style of fashion focusing on neutral colors that includes white, beige, Gray, navy blue and black. You’re not gonna see very many bold colors with this style. It is very simple and you’re trying to blend in, you’re not trying to stand out too much. Minimalist outfits are very basic. You’re not gonna see a lot of detailing. Most of the pieces, you’ll find with this style are going to be very traditional men’s pieces. You can see here dress shirts, sweaters, dress slacks, simple shoes, nothing too fancy with this style. You can see there’s lots of neutral colors here. Nothing bright If you don’t know what kind of style you’re trying to pull off, minimalist fashion is a great place to start because you can easily work it into any other kind of style later on. All these pieces are really basic and they can be worked into other outfits in the future. Until you start to branch out some more. The basic shirts for minimalist fashion are going to be of course neutral colors. You’ve got your black and white Uniqlo shirts up here
and your basic dress shirts; blue and white. This over here is a nice classic striped shirt from Muji. The pants, basic men’s dress slacks, dark wash jeans and khaki colored chinos. All great pieces, very very versatile. For shoes, I personally like a nice plain white leather shoe for this kind of style. They look great; common projects if you want to drop some major cash. And Adidas Stan Smith’s are a nice alternative that are not gonna break the bank. Classic Dr Martens shoe is also good for this style
as well as some basic Converse or Vans old-school. For layering, you’ll want to pick up some crew neck and v-neck sweaters. Once again, you’re focusing on that neutral color palette. So blacks, whites, navies and grey’s are gonna be your focus here. For winter coats, you want something simple without much detailing. This Muji coat on the top left hides the zipper of the coat and I think that’s awesome. Very very simple, very clean. This winter coat from Zara, kind of has the appearance of a blazer with a nice trench coat type design. And that’s it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed and learned a little something about minimalist fashion. Go out and try this stuff. Leave any questions in the comment section below. Thanks guys.

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