GTA VR (ft. Steven Ogg)

[bleep sound] [door bell rings] [dog barks] “It’s the Googel. Tesela. Appel. VeRzine!” [whispers]
“Cannot wait” [upbeat music plays] [bleep sound] “Oh, yes yes.” -[electronic voice]
“Welcome to Google. Tesla. Apple. VR.” – “What the f-” [jump scare] – [Trevor]VOROULA! – “Oh, jesus!” – “No, no, no, no…” “Not quite.” [suspenseful music plays] “c’mere my baby” [squishy noise] “Now, YOU..” “Never said, we were having a Mexican over.” “Eh?” – [stutters] – “Ta-ta-ta-ta” “IT’S AN EASY” “FUCKING!” “NAME TO REMEMBER!” “We’re fucking here for the tutorial, baby.” [imitating stutter] “You got a real fuckin’ problem with T’s, don’t you pal?” “Huh?” “You’re not fucking ready to do this.” “I’m fucking hard.
I’m ready to fuck.” “You ready to fuck too?” – “No, no, no.” – “Well you’re FUCKING wrong.” [action music plays] [car alarm and yelling] [explosion] [cars screeching] [crash noise] [explosion] – “Holy shit!” – “Holy shit it’s rad, alright?” “Now you better be fucking ready.” “coz it is, GAME ON full on tutorial time!” “Now, hey, hey. First things first alright.” “We go grab ourselves a car, eh?” – “God dammit” – “Fuck yeah.” [grunts] “My car now!” [screaming] “Get in the car!” – “It’s moving kind of fast, I don’t know.” – “It’s gonna be fun amigo.” “We’ve only got the tip in” “I’m thinking balls deep Sanchez.” – “I’m not a Mexican!” – “Get in the fucking car!” – “Shit!” [police sirens] [screaming] – “Now that we’re officially in the shit” “I should let you know something: “I’m here to teach you how to not be a complete fuck-up” “when you waddle into the “real” world.” “Here, take the wheel” – [police] “Stop your vehicle!” – “Holy shit! ” – [police] “Pull over now!” [screaming] [police sirens] [screams] [explosion] – “I’m going to die.
Oh, that’s all of me.” “Oh my god, that was so real.
Everything is so fucking real.” – “Shut the fuck up! “While I try to teach you something, huh? “Now where was I?” – “T-t-t-t-each me something.”
– “Right.” “Now, the first, and most important rule” “is that everything you see- is fake.” [wheels touching down] “It’s just computer bullshit.” “Generated by some underpaid, overworked, social rejects. “Just- sitting by their lonesome” “wasting away in front of their computer screen.” “Now, every cop you potentially might kill-” – [worker] “Hey!” “You can’t park here, motherfucker.” – “ARGH, FUCK YOU!” [gunshots] “… Is just another possibility, given
to you by those bastards.” – “Oh god.” – “Hey!” – “…h-his brain.” – “Look at me!” “Oh something on your mind?” [throwing up] [gasps] – “Okay” “is this what you want? “Tutorial over, I’m good!” “Thank you very much.” – “You bitching out already?” – “Program quit!” “Goddammit, how the fuck do I get out of here?” [gun shot] “Oh Jesus, Jesus Christ.
What the fuck just happened?” – “It’s all bullshit. “The car, the people, hell even me.” “Well crafted bullshit, but bullshit none the less.” [gunshots] [explosion] [rock music plays] – “What the fuck?!” “COCK!…SUCKING MODDERS!” [screaming] [explosion] “This place is everything that your shitty little life isn’t.” “I mean you can wander around here all day. “Doing whatever horrible thing you wanna do.” “Make a million dollars” “fuck as many” “hot strippers as you wanna do.” “I mean this is a consequence free wonderland of shit.” “Just waiting – waiting, for your next idea.” “In it’s own fucked up way” [heartwarming music plays] “it’s perfect.” “God damn beautiful even.” [upbeat music plays] “Now of course, you’ll probably just gonna get bored” “in the next couple weeks “after a bit, ya know.” “wanna do something else” “move on to the next thing.” “probably zombies.” “everybody fucking loves a good zombie.” – “Okay look, look. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial” “and it is a wonderful tutorial.” “But…” “How do I quit?” “You know, if I do decide I get bored or whatever.” – “I’ve kinda been wondering that myself.” [explosions] [gunfire in the distance] – “Behind you.”
– “What?” [screaming] [doorbell rings] [dog barks] [mysterious music plays] [car alarm] [car alarm turns off] [‘Twilight Zone’ music plays] “No, no, no, no..” – [voice over] “Oh! Baby, baby, baby.” – [voice over] “and so we leave the brown man” “Mexican or not…” “trapped in his own cycle of existence.” “Is he is losing his mind? “or is his mind losing him?” “The truth lies only in…
The Midnight Zone.” “I’m Morgan Freeman.” “Good night.” “It’s a guy named Trevor on GTA… “It’s so fucked, uh, exactly like him.” “The mustache literally.” – Steven Ogg: “Wow, well that’s great…” “Great that I look like a video game character.” “Is he good looking?” – “So because we had limited time” “we decided to storyboard the entire movie.” “almost frame by frame, in GTA V.” – “If we didn’t have those storyboards.” “we wouldn’t have completed the shoot.”

100 thoughts on “GTA VR (ft. Steven Ogg)

  1. я вспомнил где я видел этого сумашедшего, в сериале ходячие мертвецы !!!

  2. God! This would be one hell of a good idea for the next gta game. Trevor and you're own custom character. Rockstar….please take notes!!!!

  3. Kinda a weird thing happened after I watched this. Before I watched this i watched a video that included a subwoofer and stuff, but the guy used a biniral microphone, so I searched for some binural audio, but this was in my recommended, so I watched it then went to search for the audio. First thing that ckmes up is the Tucker Zone. The same font and style as the Midnight Zone. Im freaked

  4. The first time I saw this video, last year I think, I thought it was made by Rockstar as a promotional trailer or something but never thought it was made by you guys haha, didn't even see your name the first time. Is fcking awesome by the way.

  5. That dude with Trevor he looks like him on the game when ever you hurt him you take his tooth you electric his nips ya know what I mean

  6. Right that settles it, its time for a real life GTA 5 movie starring all the characters taking on some awesome heists!!! Oh and Hollywood if you do do this DONT FUCK IT UP! Listen to the fans and Rockstar! Thumbs up if you'd go see a movie like that cos I know I would!

  7. Step 1: leave a comment comparing Steve's performances in GTA V and this short movie

    Step 2: get some popcorn, sit back and watch people misunderstand the comment and create a whole thread of repetitive nonsense

    Real fun.

  8. This is like a DLC where that torture victim comes back to the US to work with trevor and get even with the goverment

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