18 thoughts on “GTA 6 Launch Details REVEALED?! NEW Console Announced! | ScreenStalker Gaming News

  1. Which game developer's plans for the next generation of consoles would you be most excited to find out about?

  2. There's no GTA6! New game replacing GTA series will be called different and will not be set in "US". Will not be set in current days neither. And will have a co-op mode.

  3. Welcome game news grand theft auto 6 game featuring new maps more of killing and stealing cars grand theft auto 6 be honest not fan of series play old grand theft auto 3 on playstation 2 is not good game can wait grand theft auto 6 come out see how plays see how different is grand theft auto games in past can wait see trailer grand theft auto 6 launches when game coming out don't know wait find out leave like remember we are watching

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