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Hey YouTube! It’s ya girl Swëvn aka Lis… and welcome to my style vault. I’m currently in the bathroom and I’m in
here because… this a get ready with me video. Now it depends on how I feel… Y’all know grwms normally start wherever you got a mirror so you could
do your makeup or not… whatever you want to do to your face, the beat, the hair and
all of that jazz before you get the outfit together. Today I’m not really
doing much to my face… so I’m just gonna get started. I already washed my face as
y’all can see look at my skin my skin has came literally a freakin along way. I’m very proud of my skin where my skin is that today because I can literally
wear no makeup just put on some lashes some eyebrows some lip gloss go outside
and feel you know really good. I’m gonna share with you guys what I use on my
skin for it to become you know as clear it is right now I mean I have a few
little more discolorations left but those will be gone. I just don’t want to
say a few months because I have been using this for over a year now I guess
it just seems like months to me because it just seems like it was yesterday but
I’m using this for over a year and it’s actually curology. This has worked
wonders for my skin and I’m gonna insert some pictures so y’all could see exactly
what my skin to looked like before using curology. If y’all wanna check it out
I’m gonna leave a link in the description box so you guys can go
ahead and check that out this is just for nighttime not for use in the daytime because you don’t want to go outside with tretinoin and all that way your face. You know being exposed to the Sun. This is the cleanser that I use every morning every
night and it’s the same Curology… I just use the whole thing you don’t have to
use this cleanser that comes with the system you can actually use another
cleanser that they do recommend and then I just switched to this moisturizer which is
the rich… the rich moisturizer I have been using their
other moisturizer for a while before this one which this one seems more
moisturizing and I have dry skin so I just went ahead and do this now my skin
is dry but it’s not extremely dry so almost like those it’s dry in some areas
and then like it’s normal in other areas so that’s pretty much what I use on my
skin so right now what I’m going to go ahead and do is put on the moisturizer
um today I’m not really going to be doing any foundation like any makeup
and stuff like that what I do want to do is put on my lashes cuz I
feel like I can’t go anywhere without lashes but I actually do I just feel
like that sometimes and just fill in my eyebrows a little bit and put on some
lip gloss and that’s just like… and then I’ll go ahead and
fix my hair like my edges cuz I do really enjoy wearing my hair in a messy
bun and I actually have a transitional period coming up I’m not sure if it’s
gonna be this month but I do want to be this month and I would definitely take
you guys on that journey with me this is a whole new start a whole new fresh
start over here I’ve been interested in this for years now like fashion styling
and stuff like that but I’ve just been going through different phases going
down different avenues… feeling a little bit more nourishable
you know, a bit more moisturized so that’s that and then what I know I’m
going to do next is just fill in my eyebrows let me just take time and fill
in my eyebrows I remember when I had no eyebrows boy… when I’m going like this
I’m just into it looking as natural as possible. just trying to comb it out and just let it
look just like hairs, not necessarily drawn or anything. I like when I could
see the stroke of my hair sometimes so that’s one eyebrow I’ll do the same
thing the other one… I feel like one eyebrow looks better than the other… just making sure they’re as even as possible… so the next thing I normally do is put my lashes on… that’s what I’m about to do right now
got another mirror here because it’s needed. Finally got my lashes on which never takes that long… ever, really I normally put on some lip gloss this is a e.l.f lip gloss, one my favorite lip gloss because it doesn’t really it’s not stick. I hate when a lip gloss is
way too sticky… So lip gloss is on, lashes is on, eyebrows is on… let me go ahead and fix up my hair a little bit it’s really nothing much to
do to my hair because… I mean I still have a little bit of style going on with
my edges so I guess I wasn’t really thinking about doing it but I’m just
still show y’all exactly what I do. I try not to use a toothbrush or a brush too
much on the edges whenever I would put gel I didn’t do it all the time because
I’m trying to keep my edges I feel like manipulating it too much sometimes lets
than to come out. For me my hair is super thin especially in the front. So what I have is the got2be ultra glue styling glue and I’m just gonna go ahead
and put a little bit around you know it’s time for these braids to come out
anyways, actually passion, I don’t know but if I even want to call it passion twist… I just did on myself… and there’s a specific kind of hair look it has I
don’t really wear it my hair down when I get braids and stuff… it’s always up… this is really what I would do if if it already has a style to it
I just go back and just put a little bit more and as y’all can see is getting a
little white and that’s because it already has product on there so normally
when it’s getting white what I do is I just go ahead and get a paper towel or a
rag that’s handy and I will just wet it and just dab it you know so most of
that white white comes out not much to do to my hair because I’m
gonna leave it just like this little messy right in a bun so basically that’s
all that we’re gonna do well I’m gonna do as far as my face, lashes, eyebrows
lip gloss, fix some edges the back of my hair it’s aight…
let’s go ahead and get to the next part of this video which is my favorite part
the styling aspect. This is my favorite denim jumpsuit that I got from the summertime from Fashion Nova… This whole fit is from Fashion Nova…
so is this sweater which is also my favorite sweater and I’m still in the
bathroom because I feel like the lighting right now right here is the
best lighting so yeah so you guys really did get ready with me today… I don’t really have on any makeup really just eyebrows, lashes, lip gloss… Yeah these are actually really really comfortable very comfortable boots. I hate to wear them with socks… I don’t recommend wearing them with socks… …. I really hope you guys enjoy this video and tell me what you guys
think about this outfit down below in the comment section. Actually you don’t have to wear this with black this could also be no worn with sneakers… filming on my phone the long way it’s
perfect so this may probably doubled or tripled depending on you know how it
looks and that’s it for this video so I will
definitely see you guys in my next video… lata!

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