100 thoughts on “Google Demo Slam: Virtual Fashion Show

  1. @maccam59 In china, laughing along with any sort of self expression is punishable by getting your balls chopped of or death. Now you know why this is Japan.

  2. Oups, se placer dans un faisceau de vidéoprojecteur, c'est un des meilleurs moyens pour perdre la vue. Ce serait une excellente idée si les yeux pouvaient repousser comme des cheveux.

  3. I don't totally hate Google, but these slams always piss me off. You have to be retarded to believe any of them could truly happen for real and that any of them were made by everyday people.

  4. this is stupid, all of these google videos are stupid, no one actually does this shit, they're all pointlesly stupid… thumbs down.

  5. 雲端線上創業自動跟進系統 月入1000~2000美金妳有興趣ㄇ?

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  6. This is so cool! It saves you the bother of going to the mall just to try things on, and avoid being more tempted to buy anything.

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