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hey guys welcome back to my videos um I'm in Washington Square Park as you can see I am waiting for my friend sambito we're just gonna walk around okay there you are hello I was just telling them that I was going to meet you so maybe you can introduce yourself hey guys my name is a meto and I don't know what else to say what do you say when you interests or you too from oh I'm from Uganda you know we actually it was kind of crazy because we haven't seen children so long yeah we used to see each other a lot during Fashion Show I believe I think when do we meet like two like three years ago three three four years ago we were always like backstage and like sign up for oh like the runway shows and like New York Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week yeah and we didn't see each other for two years and now we're back together back together Sun is out shall we shall we shall we stick a seat there yeah yeah there we go I'm so happy to hear that like you're working on like so many different cool project ya know it's exciting yeah excited as well I want to know more about you when I've been doing it my way to here so I asked you guys to send it in like a couple questions you know about like clothing they also like girls about like issues you guys have so I have a first question you're going right in um that is a tough question this is literally the first question was like you know what it's a daily struggle every single day like sometimes I look at me yeah like it's not bad sometimes you know it is a daily struggle feeling confident in your own body like you would put your body and there's something that you really hate I know I do that I don't know if you do that well yes no I do that too and this is I think this is also like some people think like oh my god being a model like here must be thick so it was secure or like don't have any insecurities but yeah yeah I think the constant strive for perfection sort of makes you feel you know like the constant dilemma behind it you look at a picture and it's perfect do you feel like male tango did you became more common about your body or do you became more conscious about your I became more conscious for conscious right yes yes more absolutely I became more conscious about my body like I would pick on my body every single time when I enjoyed the industry when I say yeah so yeah those are one of the negative things those are the negative but I think it does build character in a way and it makes you like now we're talking about it it does make you conscious and you know at the back of your mind that you perfect and you good enough or yourself there's no one better than you all the good that's true yeah what doesn't kill you makes you stronger oh it starts like a cliche but you know it's like it's like kind of it is kind of true yeah I think this is a pretty good message to listen to send out like younger girls that yeah feeling good in your own body is owning your own body and I know it's hips I gave is to take care of your body you know do whatever you can do like try to sleep enough workout you just came from food contraries this morning yeah like workout and it doesn't have to be every day like I don't know how often a day perhaps an option you work out to be honest me like I stopped working out for my body now I work out for my brain yeah I think that's like I stopped working out for my body like I'm not trying to change my body I'm just trying to have my brain and my mind in the right place and that's why I go to the gym so if it means going everyday or if it means just doing something doing the movement every day just makes a difference in my life I feel the same thing when I was like working out like every day yeah I just had so much tension I was emotionally tired because I felt I had to go every day and then now I just go whenever I feel flowing and sometimes when I'm low in the energy I'm like okay now I do something more quietly yeah a lot as are you yeah make you sad you know [Laughter] yeah it's important to love your body though it's really hard if I never like you can't do them they love your body Lumia body it's so fun but up to put organic yes you have to make a conscious decision every day to look at yourself in the mirror and feel like I'm enough I'm perfect I am great I have the ink I'm the only person like me that's why I tell myself no I think that's like a wonderful things how do you stay how do you stay how do I stay motivated well I think this is a really good question yes whatever you want to achieve in your life like I feel motivation or if you have a lack of motivation you're gonna get no so I feel motivation first of all particular goal yeah pick a goal you really want to reach because if you have a goal it is easy to like break down two steps and yeah she works works you are safe also choose a realistic goal yes you know what I actually don't believe in realistic goals like I believe like anything that you put your mind to you can actually achieve so when I'm telling people pick a goal like pick the wildest thing ever that you've ever dreamt about yeah I'm talking like people sometimes they text me like hey how can I use 20 pounds in to shoot today in five days and I'm like okay okay like it make you in life like yeah like dream bigger in Burien gained 20 pounds in in five days so you cannot lose it it typing so you did you when you were growing up did you like ever dreamed of being a model like how did you how did you how did you came from like Uganda and how did you ended up here pray with me here Herc City like yeah interesting story so growing up I was tall and lanky but we do have very like eggs and modeling honestly wasn't on the radar for me because like in Uganda being a professional model is it's not a thing so when you say your fashion model in Uganda well in those things like five years ago they would say you're either prostitute or Wow yeah like it was not even like no it wasn't it wasn't a profession if you were a model you were a prostitute or I don't know something fail in life yeah wow that's crazy yeah and so my parents my mom especially should want to hear about but everyone did kiss me everyone mentioned it in my life like you know everyone's like oh my god you're so tall you can be a model I get very serious yeah like that's never happening like to look you know look at where you know Uganda the industry of modeling and what they but when I got to high school I I would I was counted by a little a local modeling agency and I started working with him like I would get like one job a year or like two jobs a year and sometimes I wouldn't even get paid but I was in school so I didn't really matter I was about like 15 16 around that age so after school I kept on doing if I got until after school I finished college so I did go to the competition and the competition wasn't in my country it wasn't in Uganda so like for you to just picture in your mind like they didn't even bring the competition in Uganda because the industry was so small in Uganda they didn't care about beautiful girl they didn't even care to bring the competition to Uganda but it was in a neighboring country so I was like okay since I'm done with school now I'll just you know take a bus no big deal and go for the competition whatever yeah if it happens it happens if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen I didn't have any stations or whatever when I got there they told me hey you have gone through to the next stage we'll call you so they told me and they took me to Cape Town and the competition hanaway went to South Africa and they brought me to New York and one of the practice of reading competition was signing with an agency New York and that's how I find that's amazing so I know it's like a fairy sorry so it's kind of like happening yeah that's however I never never knew back it's crazy it's a crazy story sorry so now we're like okay so when when you like this is how how you started right and like I mean you have done like everything in mulling well all the runway show that's like you're very girly agent M campaigns like everything like what is it cool with what like what would you want to achieve in the next coming years or maybe ten years sorry eyes is literally like it's like it's the hardest moment okay let's sit there at the tree it's better I think so five minutes yeah district goal like what you're working on our life before doing it I think I still do want to continue with me and God willing but I'm also working on other projects so that's what I'm focusing on I really can't say what but big secret I love that yeah that's what I'm focusing on at the moment he work what you're doing yes cheating that I used to live in see bubbles what yeah really yeah but I compare I can barely remember because I lived there when I was from one to like six was five yeah so I don't know if the memories are from like pictures and videos or if that's actually not memory but I'm going back to Africa for the first time in the or this summer really yeah some really language going yeah but no open invitation anytime you're in Uganda know you very well yeah oh my god are you crazy you lived in Zimbabwe where your parents missionaries or no they worked as physical therapists amazing okay so we still are in contact with the daughters of supporting her for like University so I don't know it would be very curious go back yeah and sort of see everything in the ass yeah one of my best friends is America she is for Jessica her parents Uganda she wasn't born about it she's born in America but they – you've got too much like 11 of 12 and we grew up together like teenagers there so it's like interesting a white person who grew up in Uganda and she does have like the Ugandan so it's like yeah it's over yes when I grew up there apparently I had an extremely British accent because I was going to like an international here yes but I had a extremely British accent and I completely lost my English afterwards I came back to Holland I didn't want anything to do I didn't wanna be different yeah yeah I came to Holland I wanted to be dodged and that was like oh I don't want to speak English yeah oh my god yeah it's so weird yeah lots of kids in countries that were colonized by the British to have like that converted into English yet so far yeah you have a perfect system actually are you're talking about it okay like I've grown up like a white person in like a wipers growing up yeah in Uganda do you think there is enough diversity in like a fashion industry at the moment there is not yeah it could be more I love the direction that we are going to it yeah it's promising it's gonna get down yeah I mean it's funny to see campaigns and like you know like dark skin like really dark yeah we're dark skin and yeah yeah it's slowly we're getting progress when I feel insecure about myself I normally reached to the people around me those people I use share to other people like okay I'm secure about this I could either my friend or my close friends or family or like if I'm in a situation of my cart secure like I can't do it I just really feel that a laptop from someone else really makes me feel better and also when I feel insecure like sometimes if I compare myself to others let's just say okay I just literally tell myself don't do that we are all our own individuals and like comparing yourself it's just the worst idea it's not going to bring you any further so the thing is even the person you're preparing yourself to probably hate something about themselves like who I want to be and I also realized like when I was younger I could be very insecure when other people were maybe not nice to me or like they didn't like in inviting me something but then I would just like with I wish the story because what I really know this if other people are not nice to you or an arrogant to you or something like that it's often because of their own insecurities it's not because of you is because of the other person so that's kind of what I try to do like twist yeah yeah you have to remind yourself every day that what someone says about you you react to that is what defines you we're gonna hang out a little bit more and I yeah I really want to hear from you guys as well if you enjoy like a talk like and also don't forget to follow amigo an Instagram and we'll pop it up right here and don't forget don't forget to suscribe yeah also if you have any questions for amigo or for me then please don't hesitate to ask leave a comment down below and yeah bye bye happy today everyone

48 thoughts on “Girl Talk Q&A | Body Image Issues, Diversity in Fashion, Confidence & Empowerment | Sanne

  1. Hi @sanne Vloet, love this story, there is a very important take away message I get from this. I do feel self conscious, it's my nature. So it's actually good to hear that models (chosen for their looks) have insecurities as well (or even worse). It makes me feel like it isn't worth trying to become more like someone else, because that's not the path to becoming more confident. Feeling confident has to come from the inside! Tell it yourself every day, until you start to really feel it!!! And care less about what others think of you, most of the time they are not by far as conscious of you as you are of yourself. And also, it does get better with time/ age. We all get wrinkles some day 🙂 I'd like to call them my wisdom lines, can't wait to get some more 😀

  2. i understand the even models can be insecure also because they are girls, but girl after you've been chosen from 10000 girls to run on Victoria Secrets Shows and other runways you should be more than confident about your body . you are beautiful. because all the normal girls with no model figure what they can do? how can they feel better about they body ?

  3. Sanne… You are very beautiful person😍😍 and Your efforts to brings self-confidence and consciousness in ourselves is very remarkable dear…😊❤️❤️❤️👍👍

  4. Thank you so much for covering these topics…it's really needed. I think you're an angel sent from heaven!

  5. Hi Sanne, I always wondered this and I'm sorry if this isn't relevant to the video but I want to ask, where do you get your earrings? They are soso niceee

  6. This is so inspiring! You guys are so amazing for spreading awareness about loving your body and you guys are both doing these crazy awesome things with your lives❤️❤️❤️

  7. I love both of you so much ❤️💜💖💗 . You both really explained everything well
    umm I have one question: If your country fashion industry is very low what should we do to become a successful model ?

  8. Love this! I’m trying to get into the modeling industry but it has been hard!!! Lol I think that diversity definitely needs to be better in this industry ❤️

  9. I love how you shine light on such important topics of the modeling industry and you care about your supporters so much!

  10. I do love these type of talk videos! It goes beyond the surface and touches on issues that matter. Thank you Sanne! You're an inspiration

  11. Aww I used to watch Aamito on the first season of Africa's Next Top Model. So glad she became successful after the show. Shes cool…. You're awesome too, Sanne.

  12. It's funny that as soon as you were asked if u have any black model friends that this video pops up. You've had this channel for over 2 years and now u feature a black person in your videos. I'm def not saying you are a racist but it's interesting to notice this.

  13. I think a photo is very different from when I see a person in real life, i dont notice any flaws in real life but in photos is like you are a little diferent from canon and everybody boom, or bad cameracetc

  14. What a lovely video. It’s nice hearing about how you deal with not nice people like bullies, I enjoyed the video, looks lovely there. X

  15. Thanks ! It’s so difficult to feel good in your own body nowdays with the TV and social media telling how you should be….

  16. Sanne you are so kind, simple, beautiful and literally the best youtuber. You are so positive n encouraging. I love you.

  17. your vids are starting to get more and more interesting for people that look up at you and want to be healthy

  18. Aamito is so unique looking and special, like an African queen! I'm blown away by you two. I think a lot of "self love" we talk about is actually about the need for other people to love us. Just don't care about what negative people think and remember why you love your body, why are you grateful to your body and take care of it! Think of it like a map of your life, every scar and wrinkle means something special. We often are so forgiving to other people, but judge ourselves. Be kind to yourself guys!

  19. Can we get a video on how to have an organized and balanced life? Such has hanging out with friends, self care, etc.

  20. What advice to you have for someone signed to an modeling agency but has barely gotten any castings in multiple months? It would be greatly appreciated, love you Sanne!! ♥️♥️

  21. Hi Sanne! Aamito is so beautiful and so intelligent! You are so fortunate Sanne to have such a friend. Aamito is fortunate to have such a beautiful friend as well. Two beautiful ladies and a beautiful friendship to be cherished. Enjoy and have fun!❤❤

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