Get Started With Adobe Digital Editions

Get started using Adobe Digital Editions.
Use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer your KCLS ebooks to your e-book
reader. Sony readers and Nooks work great, but so do products from other
companies. Start by downloading the free Adobe Digital Editions software that
runs on both Windows and Mac’s. Run and install the software, then authorize your
computer. If you already have an Adobe ID enter it and click “activate”, otherwise
click on “get an Adobe ID online”. Return to your installation, enter your new
Adobe ID and click activate. Now you can download free ebooks from KCLS. Using
overdrive search for a title, click on download, then click open. It will launch
your software and your new title will appear in your Adobe Digital Editions
library while it is processing. Notice in the top right-hand corner that it lists
the number of days the title is checked out for. The book opens and you can
browse through the title page and chapters, or you can head back to the
library view and move it onto your e-book reader. In this case, we have a
Sony Reader plugged in. You simply grab the book and drag it on top of your
device name. Click on your device to confirm that the book is transferred.
Scroll down the menu and there it is, “Too much happiness” an Alice Munro book. For
the Sony, we’ll click on books, tap on “Too much happiness”. You can read free ebooks
on your computer or transfer them to a portable reader using Adobe Digital
Editions. Happy reading.

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