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– [Nancy] I think pizza
fits into that category of beloved foods in the same
way fried chicken does, and buttermilk pancakes
and ice cream sundaes. Not only is it the flavor,
the experience, the memories, but I think that it’s one
of the categories of food that sort of just lights up your life. – [Matt] I had already
worked in a pizzeria. It’s actually funny because the first time when we got our first batch of dough made, Nancy had no idea that I had
ever touched pizza dough before or knew how to shape it. So, she saw that happen
for the first time, I think you were a little
– Yep. (laughs) – Startled, and, well,
pleasantly surprised and so I think that she knew that at that particular point we
were gonna be in good hands. – [Nancy] My roots are
really in bread baking. That’s what my focus
was for so many years. It had been a long-term
plan of mine to figure out how to make pizza. The intrigue with pizza
for me came about when I was in Arizona at Pizzeria Bianco. It was the first time that
I actually tasted pizza that was much more complex
than just doughy cardboard with melted cheese and tomato sauce. It was eye opening for me that pizza could actually
taste so delicious. I first started eating Roman-style
pizza in Rome (chuckles). Obvious place to try it. – [Matt] In Rome you’ll
find several types of pizza. The style that we’ve chosen
to duplicate is the one that is sold by the weight. I was introduced to it by Nancy. She said, “You need to try this place. “You need to see this, this is “kind of a very seminal place for me.” There’s no fire involved,
but it was more about how the structure of the dough was chewy, had some crackly-ness to it. And when the opportunity
came for this property and for this idea of
doing pizza by the slice, we thought, well,
this would be a really good kind of idea to introduce
to this neighborhood. You’ll find your Margherita,
you’ll find a Pomodoro, you’ll find, you know, mushroom pizza, one potato particularly,
the potato pizza, which is olive oil, sea salt, potatoes,
sliced very very thinly, sometimes speckled with rosemary that gets baked onto the pizza. We offer one here. So potato pizza starts as all
of our pizzas start off, we knock out the dough, and
we break it down into loaves, and we let them sit for
roughly about one to two hours. So they can rest, and then
they’re easily stretched into like three and 1/2 feet. So the potato pizza is very particular, because that’s the one
where we actually start with the ingredients raw first. So we take thinly sliced
potatoes, and we lay them kind of shingled onto the
dough, and then we season it with extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt, and then we bake them in the oven. It accordions out into the
oven, and then we bake it just for a little while, and then we take it out halfway through, and then we fill in the
patches with the rest of the potato, and then we let it rest, and then we top it with
mozzarella, fontina, a small amount of black truffle cheese which is called sottocenere, and we finish it with a
little bit of fresh rosemary and olive oil and a touch more sea salt. Nancy was really influenced on this style of sausage pizza
from Panicale in Umbria where Nancy lives. It was a pizza of just
panna, mozzarella, sausage, and red onions. So with that, we keep the
same light ingredients. We have a slew of mustard greens which have a very peppery, pungent flavor. We do the panna. We do a mixture of onions on top, and then the sausage, which will cut through the
really delicious flavor of the crust because the crust
itself has so much flavor. And then we bake it off
with just a touch of fontina and then olive oil and fennel follow. – [Nancy] We wanted to
make it very authentic, all the way up to the
way that it was sold. And the way that it’s sold
in Rome is by the weight, which is really the only way
you can be able to charge for a pizza that is that long. These are not individual,
personalized pizzas. – [Matt] So when I first started going to the Antico Forno Campo De’ Fiori, they will be blunt with you and just say, “How much would you like? “This much or that much?” And then we go, “Oh, we
want that much, please.” And they cut it, and so it
was through that experience, where we’re like, “Oh,
man! That is great!” – [Nancy] But what’s important,
whatever the style it is, is that the same care and
thought has to go into the crust and what’s on top, and that’s what makes a perfect pizza.

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  1. Stop using blow torches on food! They do this at sushi places and you can taste the butane gas all over it. Gross. Pop it in the broiler for a moment for crissakes.

  2. Great, another Los Angeles overpriced hipster joint. More reviews from the flyover states please.

  3. that was a cool video..if you got a chance have a look at mine there some pretty good ones..raccoon fishing and ghost hunting!!!

  4. Damn good looking pizza. I've been to Forno Campo de Fiori in Rome that Matt mentions @4:40. Very well known and deserves the hype I feel. It would be cool if this style (pizza al taglio) catches on in the states.

  5. "Wear gloves while cooking" this is what you guys would have said if you saw an african or indian cooking. And stop using that butane tank to look funky. It makes the food smell like shit !

  6. a dollar plus an oz is crazy expensive. I live in Chicago and we have Bonci here its about .50 cents an ounce for the marg.

  7. Don't call this a perfect pizza because it's not a pizza. Did everyone see all the yummy tomatoes sauces?

  8. I have been waiting for this pizza to get to LA since I lived in rome 10 years ago. I have heard great things about Matt too! really excited!

  9. Yes for sure all the best pizza starts with great dough. Yes this place in video does it right, can i order 4 lb.s of that one and that one please .

  10. Triple Beam is most commonly known for weighing cocaine, yet nobody in this video acknowledges it…so frustrating! (Sniffs line) like…oh what? Rappers say it alot? But why? My son is a good boy though!..i don't understand…

  11. I just noticed this place the other
    day and wondered if it was any
    good, after seeing that they make
    their own pizza dough unlike a lot
    of these new pizza places! I'm very
    keen on trying it! I lived in Italy for
    two years once upon a time and
    have a very discerning palate when
    it comes to pizza

  12. It looks like good pizza but as expected in a place like LA it's insanely overpriced. If we do the math with the average large pizza weighing out to roughly 2 lb, you're looking at $30 minimum for the same amount of food from this place. I don't care if you put white truffle shit on it, your pizza is not worth that much. Especially when it's been sitting under a hot lamp for who knows how long.

  13. Traditional, actual Italian pizza does NOT have sauce on it. I don't know why so many people got stuck on the sauce, but if you just watch some videos right here on Youtube, you can see a lot of people eating all sorts of pizza in Italy. And it usually has no sauce.

    It's mindboggling how incredibly ignorant people can be when they have so much knowledge at their fingertips.

  14. What's wrong with all ignorant, stupid, assholes saying that this is not pizza? This looks like a really good "pizza alla romana".

  15. for one this is a poorly produced video. for another, the only pizza she had tasted previously tasted like cardboard with melted cheese and tomato sauce? the comment reflects very poorly on her, not pizza.

  16. Some looks like pizza – some looks like Focaccia – either way I'd like to try it but not at that price. Plus it is in LA so they probably use that crappy ca cheese that has no flavor.


  18. Omg, typical disgusting American fast food pizzas. I don't know how anyone can put stuff like that in their mouth. The one that really makes me wanna throw up is the potato pizza, starch and starch, just brilliant. 35 years in the business and you think you have seen all the bullshits. Never cease to surprise what nonsense people can come up with these days. And people actually pay for that. Give me an original Italian pizza anyday.

  19. the employees boh are nice,matt and the owners are scum bags..i saw how they treat staff when eating pizza with the family over 4th july2019

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