Gertie and Therma First Fashion Favorites The Movie Part 2 (funny skit) / AllAroundAudrey

– Hi, guys, it’s Audrey, and
today’s video is a compilation of some of my Gertie and Therma videos into one giant movie. So this is part two,
and in today’s episodes, Gertie and Therma are gonna
be having a dance battle against each other. They’re going to be
playing What’s in the Box? They’re also going to be
doing the yoga challenge. Yeah, Gertie and Therma
doing the yoga challenge, pretty crazy. They’re also gonna be making
some slime, which gets messy, and spending 24 hours in the box fort. So let’s go. – No, Therma, it’s like this. (Gertie grunting) – Uh, is it, okay (grunts). – No, no, no, wrong posture, Therma! Like this (grunts). – How ’bout we take it
into the dance studio? – (gasps) You’re right, Therma, the one good idea you’ve had in centuries. We can have an epic dance
battle between me and you, with only one winner, obviously me. (Therma grunts) Oh, hi, guys. It’s Gertie and Therma.
– Therma. – First Fashion Favorites!
– Favorites! – My name is Gertie. I rock the tic-tac-toe. I have a dozen fashion tips, so comment down below. ♪ My name is Therma ♪ ♪ I know what I know ♪ ♪ Yetis are awesome ♪ ♪ And they live in the snow ♪ (sparkly music) With Elsa and Anna. – Come on, Therma, let’s go. (Therma groans) I bet I’m gonna win, ha! – Yeah, I don’t know about
that, Gertie (chuckles). – Yeah? Well, show me your moves. Actually, I’m going first. – I’ve been practicing. – (scoffs) Sure, you have. All right, let’s hit it
off with the first song. (upbeat dance music) Okay, that’s it. I’m done, I’m done! Just cut the music. Okay, Therma, I bet you
can’t beat me (scoffs). You’re not even that good of a dancer. You’ve probably have never
even taken a dance class. – Okay, um, here’s my first song. (slow dance music) – What even song did you pick? (slow dance music) Okay, Therma, what even is that move? You have no dance skills. (slow dance music) Oh my gosh. I can’t even look. I can’t, I can’t look. My eyes are burning! (slow dance music) Please stop, Therma, please stop. – Okay, okay, that’s it. – Thank you. – It’s only practice, right now, so– – Oh my gosh, I almost died inside. – I know, it was so good. – Fine, let’s see how good
you are compared to me. (upbeat jazz music) This is my contemporary song. (upbeat jazz music) Okay, that’s all the
premium you get (laughs). What’d you think, Therma? – You did good, Gertie. Good job, practicing.
– Thank you, I know. I know, that was my first ever
dance I’ve ever performed. – It’s my turn. My song is called ‘Kay, ‘Kay. ♪ ‘Kay ♪ – You have some grass on your skirt. (quirky music) Where did you learn those moves, Therma? (quirky music) – Done. Gertie? Gertie? Gertie? Tickle, tickle. (Gertie screams) – [Gertie] What happened? – Wake up! You missed my dance.
– Therma? You made me faint. It was so bad. – You miss, you, you missed my dance. – Thank goodness. I didn’t want to watch it anyways. (Therma grunting) That was scary. I’m going to have nightmares. Ready? Five, six, seven, eight. (upbeat music)
One, two, three and four, five, six, seven, eight, and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. (upbeat music) Okay, cut the music! Therma, you’re scaring me. What did you just do? – Need protein. It’s just the way of the yetis. – No, don’t touch me with that finger! I know where it’s been, for reals. – My turn (chuckles). (solemn music) – This is not a dance song. This is like a sleepy,
sleepy nighttime song. (solemn music) Oh my gosh. You make me so uncomfortable, Therma. Okay, you’re on my side. You’re on my side. Therma. Are you swimming? (solemn music) Boo! Boo! – Fine, cut the music. I don’t know what to do anymore. You hit me with the ball. – Yeah, that was very terrifying. One part, you were swimming. The next part, you were waving your hands. – That was my best dance. – I don’t think so. – Your turn. (“Carol of the Bells”) – Oh, this is my Christmas special. I’ve been practicing. – Isn’t this Carol of the Bells? – Yes, you’re such a good musician artist. (“Carol of the Bells”) (Therma groans) Here comes the best part. (“Carol of the Bells”) This is my ballet moves. You get a Christmas present,
you get a Christmas present! (“Carol of the Bells”) Sorry, I’m on your side. Okay, that’s it. Beat that, Therma! Your hair is cutting your leaf. – I think, I think you did a, a good job on your music (chuckles). – Thank you so much. – My turn. (gentle music) – Not again. (gentle music) For some reason, I imagine
you being a caterpillar. This is so weird, ’cause you could actually
pull it off as a caterpillar. (gentle music) Oh my gosh, I can’t handle this. (gentle music) Oh my gosh! Ah! I’m gonna have nightmares! (gentle music) Oh my gosh, I can’t. Tornado alert! Never mind! (gentle music) Oh my gosh, music intensifies. No, not this move, not this move! No, I can’t look, Therma, I can’t. – Gertie, I’m stuck. Help me. – Don’t touch me! That’s your ear wax finger. (Therma groaning) Five, six, seven, eight, oh.
(solemn music) (upbeat dance music) – [Therma] I can’t look. (Gertie screams) – Five, six, seven, eight. (solemn music)
One. (upbeat dance music) Ready for my moonwalk? Yeah. (upbeat dance music) It’s a workout! (upbeat dance music) Okay, okay, no more workout. I’m done, cut the music. (Gertie panting) – Good job, Gertie. – Thanks. – I have flowers for you. – Ew! – This is my last contemporary piece. (quirky music) – This actually suits you well, Therma. (quirky music) I’m scared. (quirky music) Okay, I think you’re done. I think you’re done. Stop! Stop it. – (groans) Good job. – Oh my gosh, Therma, don’t do that. And the winner is… Pat your leg. Drum roll. Gertie! Thank you so much, thank you so much. I knew I was gonna win. I want to thank all of
my besties out there, my glittertastic babes, and of course, I want to give this trophy to the rainbow unicorn butterfly kitten, because it’s my spirit animal, and spirit animals are me, so (laughs), that’s it for my dance, so… – Good job, Gertie. – Thank you. – You really deserve that trophy. – Thank you. I, I already knew that. I already have one trophy,
so I get two (laughs). Well, let’s go back to our room. (Therma sighs) Hey, Therma. (gentle music) (Gertie sighs) Whew! That was one exciting adventure, today. I hope you guys all
enjoyed my dance moves. I know it was the best. Glitter fight! Ah! Woo! – Gertie, Gertie! No, Gertie. (Therma grunts) – (gasps) Guys! Therma, come here. Therma, come here, come here. Hi, guys. It’s Gertie and Therma.
– Therma. – [Both] First Fashion Favorites! – So in today’s glittertastic video, we are going to be doing the Box of Lies Challenge.
– What’s in the Box Challenge. – Box, oh.
– What’s in the Box Challenge. – Oh, I guess I mixed up the challenges. – What we had to do is we
each got items for each other, and we’re gonna put it in the box and the people have to feel what’s inside and guess what it is. – I got super good things. I’m so excited to do this challenge. – I got you some really good stuff, too. – Okay, I’m a little
scared of what you got me. I’m going first! Put something in my box, Therma. – This is my first item. Ready? – It’s in the box, Therma? – Yep, go ahead. (gentle music) You’re brave. – Why? Should I be scared? – I don’t know (giggles). – Therma, you better have not
put a cricket in this box. – What is it? (Gertie screams) (Gertie gasping) – Is this your snot, Therma? – No. – Ew, it’s so sticky, ew! (Gertie gasping) I can’t touch it, Therma. What is this? – You should feel it. – Listen. (object tapping) Therma, it’s your snot. It’s your snot, I know it. It’s your snot, it’s your snot. – No, no, Gertie, Gertie! You’re cheating. (Gertie gasps) – What is that? – It’s yeti slime. – Yeti slime? Here, stick this in your hair. – No. No. It’s yeti slime. – Feels like snot! – The yetis gave it to me. – Okay, Therma (laughs), This is not that good, so I’m
gonna get you a better one. Close your eyes, Therma. This is what I have for Therma. – Put it in the box. – Therma, wrong way. Therma, turn it. I have to hold this item, ‘kay? – Okay. (Therma grunting) It’s making noises. – All right, Therma. (Therma yelling) – Ew, it’s getting all over me. It’s, it’s, it’s glitter. – Wrong. – It’s– – It’s my makeup! (Therma groans) I love glitter makeup. So you’re partially right,
but really you’re (gasps), don’t get it on my pants! These are designer! Therma. Therma, Therma, hold still. Close your eyes, Therma. – No.
– Close your eyes. – No Gertie, no!
– Therma, close your eyes. – No Gertie, no!
– Close your eyes. Ew, Therma, your hair is stuck to me. ‘Kay, close your eyes.
– No! – Close your eyes!
– Gertie, no! Gertie, no! No, Gertie (gasping)! Stop it! Gertie! (Therma gasping) What did Gertie did to my unibrow? It’s your turn, Gertie. – This better be a good one. – This is my next item. – Put it in the box! (objects rattling) What is that sound? – Go ahead, Gertie. – It smells weird in here. (Therma giggles) Why is it so hard? (Therma giggles) Should I pick it up? – Yeah.
– What is this? (gentle music) It’s hard. (objects rattling) Feels like a rock. What are these, Therma? Are they rocks? – You can check. (Gertie screams) – You put poop in the box! That’s why it smells! Oh Therma! Ew, ew! – They’re collector’s items. These are yeti poops. You can’t find them anywhere. It took me hours to find them. They’ve almost decomposed. That’s why they’re hard. Don’t chuck ’em. They’re precious. – This is my next item. – Oh, it’s heavy. – It’s a really good one. – Gertie, are you sure? – Oh yes, I know for sure. – It’s so heavy. – Do you know what it is, Therma? – Is it milk? – Nope. – Milk for the yetis?
– Nope. – Grass milk? – Ew. – Wheat milk? – Are you kidding me, Therma? It’s not milk! (Therma chuckles)
You cheated! – It’s purple. – You cheated. – It’s, it’s a purple box of something. – It’s the stuff that
makes the fluffy stuff! – Oh. – This is my favorite flavor. It’s in bubblegum. I just really love this stuff, because (gasps) it’s the best thing ever. It’s like my only thing I eat. So make me some. (Therma grunts) Therma, you almost killed my snack. – Next round. It’s your turn, Gertie. – This better not be poop or snot. – I’d say this is about
my best item I could find. – Is it freakin’ leaves? – No, it’s, it’s something else. – I feel a leaf, Therma. – Don’t look. – It’s a leaf. I can smell it. – Don’t rip it, don’t rip it! Stop, Gertie, stop! – I was right! You lied! It is a leaf! – It’s a bushel of leaves. – A bushel of leaves? – I get the point. It’s my turn. (gentle music) Gertie. – I put it your next item. – I hope this is something from nature. I don’t want it to be– – It’s kind of nature, kind of nature.
– Okay, that’s good. It’s paper. – Yeah, nature. Do you know what kind of paper? – It’s got a sticker on it. – Okay, that’s it. The suspense is getting me. – I don’t know what it is. – It’s a fan letter! – Oh! Oh (laughs).
– This one’s to Gertie! – This one’s to me! (gasps) It’s a yeti, a yeti, yeti, yeti!
– Oh no. – It’s a yeti. It’s a yeti!
– Why? – It’s a yeti!
– Guess what? Shush!
(Therma grunts) – It’s a yeti!
– I got some fluffy stuff! I got fluffy stuff and a crown, because I’m the queen.
– It’s a yeti! – We wanna give a shout-out to Katelyn for sending us some fan mail. We love our pictures you
drew and this sweet letter. Thank you so much, Katelyn. – Thank you for the yeti. – She says your hair
is amazing and natural. – It is, thank you. I only use organic products. – My turn! Go, Therma, go. – This is my next item. (Therma chuckles) – Okay, this one smells for real, like really, really bad. It’s crusty. So there’s some crusties and a bottle. (gasps) Is it glitter? – (chuckles) Maybe. – Is it glitter? My guess is glitter (panting)! – Your guess is glitter?
– Yeah. – Uh, kind of. (Gertie screaming) – What is this substance? – It’s yeti and fish food. – Ew.
– You can use it to feed fish, or it’s that way the yetis can catch ’em. It’s true. – Therma, where did you get that? No, no, Therma, no. No, no, no, Therma, no, no, no! ♪ Yeti, yeti ♪ ♪ Yeti ♪ – This is my next thing. Go, Therma! – Oh, it’s dirt. – You can open up your eyes. – Oh (chuckles). Wow. It’s dirt. It’s dirt with rocks in it. It’s dirt with rocks in it, final answer. It’s dirt. – No, you’re wrong. Look, Therma. (Therma yelping) – Yeti, yeti! – It’s glitter! Yeah! – No! Gertie, stop, Gertie, no glitter! – It’s glitter and also gems. – We made a compromise. We said no glitter. – Well, we said no poop, and you put poop. – This is my last item. It’s my favorite snack. – Therma, is this crickets? (Therma chuckles) Is it crickets? I don’t wanna touch it if it’s crickets.
– No. – I know that’s your favorite snack. – No, it’s not crickets. It is my second favorite snack. – This feels like your hair. Is it your hair? – No. – It’s your hair, Therma. You’re lying. I know it.
– It’s not my hair! It’s not my hair.
– She always lies! – It’s not my hair. – Is it nature? (Therma chuckles) – It’s something in nature. – Can I look? – What’s your guess? – Um, your hair that’s
decomposing in nature. – Okay. It’s grass! It’s grass! – This is–
– It’s grass! It’s grass.
(Gertie screaming) – Is this your favorite snack? – It’s my second favorite snack. It’s grass.
– Then I dare you to eat it. (gentle music) Therma, you’re gonna get sick. Ew! Okay, I’m getting my last item. This is the last round. – Gertie (screams), it’s a bug! – You like bugs. – No, but this is a scary bug. Gertie, it’s glitter. It’s glitter! It’s glitter, isn’t it?
– You’re partially right, but you have to figure
out the whole thing. – Oh, it’s glitter. – Glitter and… – Rainbow unicorn butterfly kittens. – No, I couldn’t get one, today. They didn’t have any at the pet store. – Glitter and… – Don’t cheat!
(Therma grunts) – And sticks, glitter and sticks. – No, you’re wrong. – Glitter and flowers? – No, those are back there. – (gasps) Glitter and butterfly flowers. – Therma.
– I get a point. I’m winning! – No.
– I’m winning. – No, no.
– I’m winning! – Cheater, cheater! This is a glitter butterfly. – Gertie. I am winning. Okay, thank you. I’m gonna win this challenge. If you think I won, make
sure you vote up in the polls and in the comments below. – No, vote Gertie, ’cause
Gertie always wins! – Tell me that Therma won. – No, Gertie. – Therma. – Gertie. – And Therma. – Gertie.
– Therma. – Well, we hope you guys
enjoyed this challenge. I didn’t really enjoy it because of cheater, cheater, cheater, over here.
– No. – Power nap. – (grunts) Gertie? (Gertie screams) – I’m so stressed (grunts)! (Gertie panting) – Gertie, Gertie what’s the matter? – I only have like five
bottles of glitter left, see? (screams) See the glitter? See the glitter? (Gertie panting) It’s running out! – It’s okay, Gertie. It’s okay. How about we just, let’s, let’s relax, and we can do some yoga. It’s the perfect way to relax. It’s okay. – That’s perfect. We can do the yoga challenge. – Yeah. – Hi guys, welcome back to Gertie and Therma.
– Gertie and Therma. – [Both] First Fashion Favorites! – Let’s go to our yoga studio.
(Therma groans) – I was thinking more in my biome. (gentle music) (Therma gasping) We’re here. – We’re in our yoga studio (laughs). Shh, this is yoga. In order to do yoga, you have
to be a professional at this, and since I’m a
professional, we can start. So, the basics, before we
do yoga, is that you have to have a mistifier,
which are these thingies. They put out scents in the air. So we have… What do we have today, Therma? – Uh, uh, lavender.
– Lavender. – It’s supposed to make us calm. – Yeah, and then we also have some lights. – So it’s a party but also calm. And before we start, we
have to do some stretches, so we don’t pull any muscles of us. But before we start that, I’ve
also trained professionals like Eva Longoria and Shawndes. I’ve actually taught them.
– Huh? You’re their, you were their instructor? – Yeah, so they got all
their awesome moves from me, my besties did. – I always that it was
Gertrude the instructor, not Gertie the instructor. – No, of course, it was me. Is there an imposter? – I don’t know. (Gertie scoffs)
(Therma whimpers) – Okay Therma, you’re
making me more stressed. Let’s start off with some stretches. Breathe in. Breathe out. Pretend you’re a bird. (gentle music) – Caw! – Not so–
– Caw! – Now pretend you’re a fish. (gentle music) Now rise up like a mountain. Stretch your fingers. Stretch your arms. Okay, let’s begin! I call top person. I hate being the base. – Aw, I get base. – Okay, first pose. You’re gonna have to kneel,
because we’re too tall. (Therma grunts) Okay, and I just have to lay on your back. Hope you can, you support me. (Therma grunts) – [Therma] Do it (grunts). Gertie, do it! – Did we do it? Are we doing it?
(Therma grunts) Let’s try again. – Again? – Yes, one time.
(Therma groans) You better support me, Therma! I’m not that heavy. I’m only like 35 pounds, come on. (gentle music) – (grunts) We did it! We did it, Gertie, we did it. We did it, Gertie.
– Did we do it? – We did it.
– We did it? – We did!
– We did it! – We did it, yay!
(Gertie laughs) (gentle music) – [Both] Yay! – Next pose (laughs). Oh.
– Oh, yes. I’m excited for this pose. Okay, I’ll be in the front. – Okay.
– You’re in the back. – Okay, I’m ready.
– This will really stretch out our stomachs and our legs. – I’m ready. – So we have to start off in the bridge. Do you know what that is, Therma? – I’m doing it. I got it.
– No, Therma, Therma, look. Therma, look, you lay down, and then you pop up. Ah, my hat! Okay, my hat’s back on, minor mishap. Okay, well, like I was saying, the bridge. And then you just kick your leg up, hurry! Ah, my hat! – Ready. – Okay.
– Set. Go. – (grunts) This is very stressed. – We did it, Gertie. We did it.
(Gertie gags) – You’re sock smells. What have you been stepping in, Therma? – I’ve been hanging out
with the yetis recently, so you never know. Next pose. – This pose I found really weird, but I thought it was perfect for Therma. So I’ll be the base in this one. – Okay. – We’re only gonna do the two people, not the person in the middle, because we don’t have
a third person today. But if we did, it’d be Eva Longoria. – Oh. – Oh my, Therma, how much do you weigh? – Uh, I don’t know, (screams)! – Therma, balance! Remember like I said,
like a praying mantis. – Praying mantis.
– Praying mantis. – Praying mantis, ready?
– Oh my gosh, I’m gonna break something. – Ready? (grunts) We did it! We did it! – No, you gotta do the arms, like a bear and a praying mantis. (Therma grunts) Did we do it? – We did it. We did it! (both sigh) – Yay!
– We did it. – Yay! (gentle music) Okay, I call doing the leg
thingy in the air, like that. So you’re on the ground again. Sorry, Therms. – Okay. – Okay, ready? – Set. Ow, I can hear popping. Go, do it! – I’m trying. – Gertie, I thought you were flexible. – I am so flexible. – Gertie, go!
– I have my splits. – Go, Gertie. – Fantastic! – (grunts) We did it. We did it, Gertie. Good job.
– We did it, high five. That one was my favorite pose. It just really showed
off how flexible I was. – Oh.
– I can do all the splits. Do you wanna see?
– Yeah. (gentle music) – I’ve been practicing so hard on them. This is my right one. That’s all the sneak peaks you get. – Oh, okay. – This is the next one. You’re making me upside down. (gentle music) (Therma grunts) Um, I think you’re gonna have to start off on the ground, and then you’re gonna have to lift up. – Okay.
– Okay. (gentle music) Okay, don’t let me fall, please. – [Therma] We did it! We did it (squeals)! – Let’s try that again. – [Therma] Okay, come
on, Gertie, let’s go. No wasting time, ow! My foot, ow!
– Sorry, Therma. Oh my god. – I think you broke my foot! Ow, I think you broke my foot! (Gertie sighs)
Aren’t you a trained doctor? – Yes.
– Check my foot. – No. Okay Therma, I’m gonna
lift you up in the air since you can’t lift me. (Therma grunts)
Ow, ow, ow! Are you on? (Therma grunts)
Oh my gosh. – [Therma] Go, Gertie, go! – Get your legs on me, Therma! – You ready?
– I did it! I think I’m doing it! – [Therma] Ah, your feet! Ah!
– Is this it? I think we did it! – I think we did.
– I’m feeling a little lightheaded.
(Therma grunts) – Gertie? Come on, Gertie. Next yoga pose. – Ah, yes, I’m so excited for this one. I call being the one up in the air again. I’ve been eating lots of
fluffy stuff recently. – Come on. – This is a little scary. Oh no. I gotta do the splits in the air. Ready, yeti, go (screams)! – We did it, Gertie! – Okay, Therma, Therma, Therma, Therma, it’s your turn to do it. – Oh no. – It’s okay, Therma. You can trust me. (blows raspberry) Your hair, Therma. Ready?
(Therma grunts) Ready, you have to tell me.
– Lift me up! – You have to tell me when. – Ready, set, go. ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ Gertie, I have a headache. I don’t think this is relieving stress. – Go, Therma, go! – Okay, Gertie, if you say so. – Get up, Therma, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go! ♪ We’re going on a trip ♪ ♪ In a famous rocket ship ♪ – Careful, Gertie, careful. ♪ Soaring through the sky ♪ – [Therma] I can fly! (Therma screams) Yay! – [Gertie] We did it! – [Both] We did it! – Yay!
– We did it. Good job, Gertie. – Let’s go into our last yoga pose. – Okay.
– Oh my gosh, this is gonna be a rough one. This is gonna be hard. – Uh-oh. – But I believe we can do it, Therma. I believe in you. – Okay, okay.
– So we’re upside down but try not to fall over. – Okay.
– So I think we’re like this. Oh,it’s wet over here! Did you pee? – No! Ew, stop! – It’s wet! – Our mist just ran out. Ready, set, go. (Gertie screams) (Gertie gasping) Are you okay? – I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was full of glitter, and rainbow unicorn butterfly kittens. – And yetis? – And rainbows. – Eh.
– It was perfect. Okay, only two more times. – Two more tries?
– Two more tries. – Okay.
– Okay, ready and steady, don’t fall on me please. (both grunting) – My hair! – Oh, sorry. (both scream) Are you okay, Therma? (Therma grunts)
Therma, I’ll give you CPR. (Therma grunting) Are you good? Are you good, Therma?
(Therma groans) Are you alive? – Ow.
– Therma, is this the you? – I think we’re done. – One more time, okay? – I think we’re done.
– One more time. – [Therma] We’re done! – One more time. I’m doing it by myself! (Gertie screaming) I did it! I did it! I won the golden trophy! (Gertie panting) – Good job, Gertie. – Thanks, Therma. I’m a little light-headed,
but that was fun. All right, we’re gonna keep
practicing our yoga poses, because we need some more
practice on this one. – Tell us in the comments what
was your favorite yoga pose. – Also, give this video a big thumbs up for more Gertie and Therma. – And for yetis (giggles). – And for Gertie and Therma. – [Therma] Gertie, what’s that noise? – [Gertie] I don’t know, Therma. We’ve been in here for so long. Should we check? – [Therma] Yeah. (door creaks) (Therma whimpers) – Oh my goodness. What is this? – Did the, did the yetis come? – (gasps) There’s glitter! Get the glitter, get the glitter! I can’t pick up the glitter. (Therma whimpering) Therma, what is this place? What happened?
– I don’t know. Is it safe to go upstairs yet and we could make slime? – I don’t know, but I
see a trail of glitter. Let’s go, Therma, come on. – No, I don’t wanna leave my biome.
– Come on, Therma. – Here, here, I’ll put some
extra glitter protection for it. – No.
– Glitter protection powers! Okay, come on. Come on, Therma, come on. Let’s go make some slime, come on. – I don’t, yeti! Yeti! (playful music) – What? – Yetis? – Yay! Oh. Therma, Therma. (playful music) Imagine if these balls
were all glitterfied. – I can’t move. – It’s never-ending. Come on, Therma, swim through. Let’s go. – Let’s go, Gertie.
– Come on. – Let’s go. Gertie! – Therma, come on. (grunts) Take my hand, Therma. I’ll never let go! – Let’s go, Gertie! (playful music) – (gasps) Welcome to my slime studio. We’re back and better than
ever, glittertastic babes. It’s Gertie and Therma! – First Fashion Favorites. – I’m gonna be making
some glitter slime today. – I’m gonna be making yeti slime. – So I got my pom-poms ready. Let’s go! – I have this glue that’s yeti white. – And I have clear glue, because mine is gonna be multi-colored. – I want to make this
as natural as possible, ’cause nature’s my favorite. – And I want as much glue as possible. – That’s a lot of slime, Gertie. – I love slime. I’ve never made it before, but I love it. – I’ve made yeti slime before. – When? – During our What’s in the Box video. (playful music) (Gertie screams) (Gertie gasping) – Is this your snot, Therma? – Eh, no? – Ew, it’s so sticky, ew! So if you guys wanna
make slime along with us, you’d better hurry and get the ingredients as fast as you can. I’m going to be putting lots of glitter, so whatever glitter you have works, as long as it’s glitter. – I have some natural springs H2O. – And I have water. Mix around (groans). Ew! It’s sticky. – It’s just yeti snot. – Yeti snot? – It just feels like–
– Lick it then. – It just feels… (playful music) It just feels like yeti snot. – (gasps) I’m spilling everywhere. – This, it just takes me back to the times when I used to stay with
my yetis, and it was, there was a time where we
had to clean out the snots, and this is what it feels like. – Oh.
– Yeah. – Thanks for telling me that story. – I need… Can I use this? – No, it’s pink. – Oh. – What is this? Raspberry mist moisturizing with aloe. What? – What is that, Gertie? – Whoa, is it ice cream? – It looks like yeti fur. Oh! Uh-oh (gasps). Gertie, Gertie, what? – It’s yeti fur, your favorite.
– No! Ah, Gertie, Gertie, Gertie! – I think that’s enough. Let’s see how this mixes around with this concoction we made. – I think my slime has expanded a lot now. – It looks really fluffy. – Like the fluffy stuff. – Fluffy.
(Therma gasps) – Yours isn’t–
– Fluffy. – Yours isn’t super clear anymore. (gentle music) – Therma, you sabotaged! – I didn’t. What?
– You sabotaged it, look! – What did I do?
– It’s white now. It’s not even clear. – Yetis! – No, no.
– It looks like the yetis. – We need to fix this. We need to fix this problem with glitter. – No, Gertie, don’t do it. Gertie, don’t. Gertie.
– I love my glitter. – Gertie?
– Yes. Yes.
– Gertie! – Yes!
– Gertie! – Yay! – Gertie! My, my slime!
– It looks so much better now. Glittertastic. Okay, time to mix it in. – Gertie, what happened?
– Yes! I put in glitter, duh. – It doesn’t look like nature now. – Well, no one needs nature. This is slime. Slime is not natural. – Mine– – Okay, how do we
actually make this slime? It’s just a soupy mess. Oh, I missed few strands. – I think my slime’s almost ready. This is–
– Ready, Eddie! (Therma groans) Oh, no.
– We need something to add it back to the nature, though. – No, Therma. Therma, you just ruined it. Okay, what do we do next? How do we make this slime? (plant crunching) Do you know? Oh. – Oh nature. – That’s very nature-y sounding. – This takes me back to when I used to live with the yetis. (object clacking) – That does not sound like
a pleasant time, Therma. – Oh, it was.
– Okay, I’m just gonna put this mysterious liquid inside. (playful music) – I think my hair has absorbed some slime.
– Ooh, mix it. (gasps) It’s going back to clear, kind of. – I gotta… (playful music) – Oh, (gasping) I think it made it work! I’m a problem-solver. – Good job, Gertie.
– Math rocks. – That’s so good. – I know, A-plus. – Mine feels too fluffy. – Mine feels too, too liquidous. – You could just… – Okay, thanks. (playful music) – Um… – Oh wow, that was a lot. – Gertie? – What? – I think this isn’t
really yeti slime anymore. (playful music) – Um, I think it’s very yeti. It’s white, and yeti-ful. – It’s, it’s too fluffy
– I don’t think this is slime. – It looks like the fluffy stuff. – (gasping) The fluffy stuff! Can I eat it? – Gertie?
– Wow! Yours is so sticky. – It’s… Yeah. (playful music) I think– – Feel mine, feel mine, Therma, feel mine. – Whoa. – It’s very soupy. – We need some more of this. – Oh, good, we added the rest. – (gasping) Therma, Therma, Therma, Therma, Therma! Move, move out of the way, Therma. (playful music) (Gertie gasps) Yes. Yes. – Gertie. – Look at this slime. – Gertie.
– Oh, Therma, what? – This feels like the fluffy stuff. – Yeah, I love the fluffy stuff. You made the right texture. How’d you do that? – I don’t know. I just mixed. – I’m mixing. ♪ Mixing, mixing ♪ ♪ Mixing, mixing, mixing, mixing ♪ ♪ Mixing, mixing ♪ – I think I need to add more glitter. This is just not enough. (gasps) I didn’t add my dye. – I think there’s some in my hair, Gertie. – Yeah, there is. – Can you get it out? – No, I can’t. – Oh. – I hope this doesn’t stain my hands red. Remember that video? – Oh.
– The 3 p.m. Challenge? That was not fun. – This feels good, Gertie.
– I know. I love poking slime. Oh no, it’s gonna dye me. – It doesn’t–
– Mixing, mixing in. – It doesn’t look like nature, but that’s one interpretation.
– Oh, no, Therma, Therma, Therma, Therma. I got pink on myself. At least it’s not nature. – It’s a fluffy-stuff slime. – Ew!
(Therma grunts) Oh, yours has such a different texture. Look at mine. – Oh, it’s so pink. – Yeah, I know. We could add more glitter. Too much, too much. Should we add some glue?
– (gasps) Gertie! Gertie, you got some on mine. – Oh, good.
– (gasps) No. Gertie!
– Just add more, just add more, just keep adding more. Never too much with the glitter strands. Okay, I think that’s good. I don’t wanna use all my glitter up. I already went through one bottle. Okay. – Gertie.
– Just pat it in. – I have a lot in my hair. – Therma, Therma, Therma. We forgot to tell ’em why
we’ve been gone for so long. – Oh, yeah.
– They’ve all been commenting, and we’ve let them down! Okay, guys.
– Aw. – Here’s the story of why
we’ve been gone so long. – I was busy playing
with the nature plants that we have in our room, the trees. It adds a nice touch to the environment. – Well, I was busy hanging out
with all the popular stars, because I’m just friends with them all, like Eva Longoria, – [Both] Shawny! – I actually met Shawndes again, for the first time in long time. – How was it? – Oh, it was good. He said, he said, um, he said I’m his only, he said I’m his only girlfriend. – Aww.
– So, we still have, and we have a good basis. Therma, we didn’t add in this. – Uh-oh. Oh, no, yeti, yetis. – No, no, it’s sparkling.
– It’s yetis. It’s yetis!
– It’s, no, it’s, what are you doing, Therma?
– It’s yetis. – Therma, stop it. – They’re yetis! (Therma gasps) – Okay, I think it’s done. Let’s show off our slimes. – Okay. – I’ll go first. So, here’s my glittertastic slime. Looks like this. And it’s very clicky. (slime popping) And it’s stretchy, too. Yeah, so, it’s very good. I recommend it, 10 out of 10. What’s your slime, Therma? Therma? – My slime’s a new
interpretation on nature, because it didn’t turn out
the way I wanted it to, ’cause I think some glitter
managed to get inside of it. I don’t know how, but it somehow just got it my slime. So this is what my slime looks like. (playful music) – Why does this look like a spider’s silk? – It has nature inside of it. And it’s supposed to look like a yeti, but I think glitter got inside of it. – Guess what, I can put mine in a really good container for later. We can take it downstairs, under our stairs! (Gertie gasping) – This looks too much
like the fluffy stuff. Do you want it? – No, it’s spider silk, Therma. You ruined it. – Yeah. – Okay, I think this
is good for transport. Let’s take this downstairs,
come on, Therma. – Wait, what should I do? – Come on, Therma. Oh wait, here’s your box. – Oh, that’s too glittery. (gentle music) – We made it back from making slime, and we’ve got some fan mail. Therma, look, we got fan mail. – Oh, oh! Whoa! – There’s so many amazing
drawings from you guys. – They drew–
– Look at this one Look at this one. – It’s so glitterful.
– So glitterful. – (gasps) And they drew me in my favorite yeti special year outfit. – So we’re gonna be hanging
these up on the wall and also opening up two
brand new ones today. You open up the brown one, and I’ll open up the colorful one. – Nature.
– This one says to Gertie, from Nicole. – This is from Teah and A.R. Is A.R. apricot? – Whoa, she wrote it all in rainbow. – Oh, that’s so special, Gertie. – Wow. Whoa, Nicole said she
designed this all by herself. – Nicole!
– And she says that she is nervous to
go into middle school. Well, we’ve never been to school before, but I think it’s lot of fun. – Yeah, Gertie always says it’s because we are too smart for school, but I don’t really know what school is, ’cause the yetis kinda
taught me their ways. – So, you’ll have to
tell me how that goes. – Let’s see what Teah sent. (Therma gasps) – What did she send? – Nature! Nature! – More slime. More slime
– Nature. – More slime, Therma. – I got nature. Gertie, Gertie!
– What is this? – Gertie, Gertie.
– JoJo? (gasps) Shawndes! She gave me another Shawndy poster. We can hang it up next to Shawndes. Therma, I told you it was a spider silk. Look at this. I’m hanging this up right away. Oh my gosh, thank you so much. – Shawny. Whoa. We can have Shawny just
chill next to Shawny. – Oh, these are for Audrey and Jordan. We’ll open up our letter. – This one’s for Jordan, so I’ll save it, but there’s a little bit of nature that I’m gonna keep on the outside. (playful music) – Therma, Therma, Therma, Therma. – Nature. – (gasps) Fashion, fluffy stuff! She drew me a picture of the fluffy stuff. – Gertie, Gertie, I have nature. – Oh, Therma. – They gave me nature. – Put that on your side. – This is from yeti country. (sniffs) I can smell it. (Therma gasping) I’m gonna keep this forever. – Okay, we’re gonna go and
hang these pictures up. (door creaking) – Oh, fluffy stuff.
– Ew. – Fluffy. Therma, what are you doing? I wanna keep all my slime, ’cause it has all the glitter
from our last slime video. – I was trying to get it off. – No, I like it.
– It’s just like how the yetis do back home.
– It’s pretty. I like it, leave it on. (Therma grunting) Oh, hi, glittertastic babes. It’s Gertie and Therma!
– Gertie and Therma. – Therma, I think we should venture out of our cave this morning. – Oh, not the, biome, no. – Yes, yes, yes.
– No, no, no. – It’s time to go
exploring in the box forts. – I think we should stay in my biome.
– No, Therma, Therma, we never do anything exciting. I went and tried to
find your yeti friends, and you promised me you would
do something fun with me today so this is what we’re doing. – Aw, Gertie. – Sorry.
– We can’t just– – So, we’re gonna go in the box fort and see what adventure brings us. – Okay.
– Come on, Therma, let’s go. – Okay. (door squeaking) – Okay, Therma, oh. (both groan) – There’s so much glitter. – Okay, let’s go this
way, let’s go this way. Oh my gosh, it’s a dance party. Dance party time! Come on, Therma, what are you doing? – [Therma] I’m dancing. – Dance with me, come on. Come on, Therma, take my hand. – [Therma] I’ll do the yeti dance. – Okay, the yeti dance. – Are you ready for this, Gertie? – Yes.
– All right. ♪ Yeti, yeti ♪ ♪ Yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti ♪ ♪ Yeti, yeti ♪ ♪ Yeti, yeti, stomp, stomp ♪ ♪ Yeti, yeti, stomp, stomp, yeti, yeti ♪ ♪ Yeti, yeti ♪ – Wow, that was fun.
– Yay. – Let’s go keep exploring. Come on, Therma, come on. Wow. Oh, what’s this?
– Where are we? – What’s this, Therma? – [Therma] Is that yeti snot? – I don’t know, but I
wonder if there’s more. There’s a trap door.
– (gasps) It’s a yeti door. Go, Gertie, go!
– What? – It’s for the yetis. They must’ve been here. – Whoa, Therma, come in here. This is a cool biome. We could probably move. We could probably move our biomes in here. – [Therma] No, no, no, I wanna stay. I wanna stay. We already have a biome. – Come on, Therma.
– No. – [Gertie] Let’s keep looking. – [Therma] Gertie, I don’t wanna get lost. – I can’t get through this small door. – Where am I? Where am I? – [Gertie] Get out, come on, wall. – What? – Come on! Come on, walls! Move! Don’t make me count to 10, wall, one. (Gertie sighs) Fine, I’ll just go back. Dance party, dance party? Oh! – [Therma] Yeti! I’m so lost. ♪ Dance party, yeah ♪ – Yeti (whimpers). Uh–
– Move! – Let’s go this way. ♪ Dance ♪ ♪ Glitter cascade ♪ – Oh it opens. ♪ Woo ♪ – (gasps) Oh Gertie would like this room. I’m surprised she hasn’t found it yet. Where do I go? Whoa. (upbeat piano music) (Therma groans) Whoa. That’s not Shawny. Who’s this? This is definitely not Shawny. I don’t know what he’s doing here. Have you seen the yetis? The yeti? Yeti? He’s too shy. (groans) I lost Gertie, and I don’t know where to go. Gertie! Gertie? – Therma? – Gertie?
– Therma, where are you? Therma! Let’s go this way. (gentle music) Therma? Whoa, what is this place? What are all these beads on the floor? (gasps) Glitter chunks? (sniffs) Smells like glitter! Yes, I love my glitter. Therma? – Gertie?
– (gasps) She’s close by. Did I hear you, Therma? – Gertie?
– Therma? She must be–
– Gertie? Oh.
– Therma? Therma? Therma! Therma, I don’t see you. Therma, where are you?
– Gertie, Gertie? – Therma, Therma?
– Gertie? – Therma?
– Gertie? Gertie?
– Are you inside this? – Gertie!
– Therma! (both yelling) Ow! – What?
(Gertie grunting) Gertie, Gertie, Gertie,
I can’t move (squeals). Gertie, Gertie, Gertie? – I don’t know how to swim. I don’t know how to swim. Ah! – It’s okay. The yetis taught me. I can teach you. – You can?
– Yeah. The yetis taught me. All you have to do is just go like this. – Oh., like…
– Yeah. So I guess that’s what we do. I haven’t seen my yeti
friends in a long time. So I don’t know. – Okay. I don’t think it’s working. (Therma groaning) – Gertie, I’m sinking, Gertie. Gertie!
– No, Therma, no. No, no, no.
– Gertie, I’m sinking. – No, Therma.
– I’m sinking. – [Gertie] I’m sinking too. (both grunting) – [Therma] Gertie, I
think we have a problem. – Therma? Therma? Therma! I saw your hair.
– Gertie. (Therma gasps)
Oh well. – Gertie, where are we? – I don’t know. I think we traveled to a different world. How do we get back home? – I hate to lose my biome. Where’s the biome? – I don’t know, but it’s turning dark. I can see the sky is turning dark. (Therma moans)
Okay. – [Therma] Yeah, I think
it is getting nighttime. I’m tired. – Okay, let’s find a place
to go to sleep in here. – Okay. Goodnight, Gertie. – Goodnight, Therma. (Therma grunting) I just think I’ll sleep right here. (Therma grunting) – Yeti. Yeti! – Rainbow unicorn butterfly kitten. Fluffy stuff. – [Therma] Yeti! Yeti, yeti. Yeti (whimpering). (upbeat music) – Good morning. (Therma sighs) (Therma grunting) Therma?
(Therma gasping) – Gertie, I just had a dream that I was playing with my
yeti friends and Elsa and Anna. It was so much fun. – Wow.
– What’d you dream about? – Glitter.
– Oh. I don’t even remember
where our biome is anymore. – I lost it, too. – How are we gonna get
back to our yeti friends? – We gotta go back through the maze. – Oh. – Come on, Therma.
(Therma groans) Let’s go. – Take me away, Gertie. – Come on, Therma, Therma,
let me grab your armies. (grunts) Ready, are you ready, yeti? – Oh, ready, yeti. – Ready?
– Oh, yeti. – Ready, yeti, go-y.
– Go! (Gertie grunts) – Okay, you have to–
– You did it, Gertie. Good job.
– Come on. – Gertie?
– Therma? Therma, let’s play a game. – Oh what are we playing? – Hide-and-seek, hide-and-seek! – Gertie, you said I
only had to play with, you said we only had to
do something fun once, not 24 hours. – Well, come on, let’s play hide-and-seek. I call hide first. Okay, close your eyes.
– Oh okay. One yeti, two yeti, three yeti. – Come on, we gotta hide. – [Therma] Four yeti, five yeti. – Whoa! It’s so full of love in here. Love, ooh, there’s a
glitter strand on the floor. – [Therma] Yeti, nine. – Oh. – Yeti, yeti.
– Who is this? Is he trying to be an
imposter of Shawndes? Ugh, you’re not Shawndes! I’m not hiding near you. Oh, what’s in here? Oh! This looks like a good spot. I think I’ll just hide right here. Come find me, Therma! – Sparkle yeti, here I come. Oh! Oh, where is this? Oh. Oh! We gotta go. (gentle music) Oh. I don’t remember where
I am anymore, uh-oh. Okay, okay, Gertie. Gertie, oh. What? No Gertie. Gertie! (sighs) This is a hard
game of hide-and-seek. Gertie? You’re in the dance floor! What? Gertie? Gertie? Oh, not there. Gertie! Yeti, yeti. Gert… My biome, my biome! Oh, it’s my biome. But Gertie’s not here. I don’t know where Gertie
is, but I’m worried if I leave this spot, I won’t
ever find my biome again. (Therma sighs)
(gentle music) (door creaks) Okay. (door creaks) – Is Therma coming? (gentle music) Therma, I’m over here. (Gertie sighs) Therma doesn’t know how
to play hide-and-seek. I think I’m gonna have
to go find her (sighs). Let’s go. Imposter Shawndes, bad imposter. Therma, oh! Therma? Where are you hiding, Therma? Oh, is this another secret door? Oh. I think I just took down a whole door. I’m strong. Okay. ♪ Dance party room, dance party room ♪ ♪ Dance party room, woo ♪ Ooh (gasps), is that our biome? (Gertie gasping) I found our biome, guys. I never thought I’d find the biome again. Okay, I gave up on Therma,
’cause I’m just so done. She didn’t find me. I’m not gonna find her. I’m just gonna go back to our biome. (gasps) Therma! You gave up on me!
– Gertie? – You didn’t try to find me, and I said that we’d be best friends till the end and I would never give up on you. – Oh, sorry, Gertie. I didn’t want to lose the biome again. – Well, good thing we made it back home. Oh, my gosh, I’ve missed
you so much, glitter. – Aw. Oh, Gertie, no! – Yes. – Nature.
– Seems like we’ve been gone for so long, like 24 hours. – I think we have. That was a long time, Gertie. Let’s never leave the biome again, okay? – Maybe. Let’s open up some fan mail! – Oh, okay, Gertie. – Chop-chop, mail! Oh.
(Therma gasps) – Oh, we got a letter. – Rainbow unicorn butterfly kitten, yeti. We only got one letter (scoffs)? – Yeah.
– I know we have so much bigger fan following than that. – We got a letter.
– I see mail come every day through the window, Therma. I think Audrey’s been stealing our mail. – Aw. – Even though, she’s
trying to be the star, and she doesn’t want me to
take over her YouTube channel, even though I’m making her famous. – We need to talk to her but not today. Oh, it’s got a yeti dressed as a pumpkin. – Oh. (Therma sighing) – Who’s it from? (gasps) Gertie, it’s metallic! – (gasps) It is metallic, oh, okay. – Oh, did we get some art? – It’s from, it’s in Ohio, ooh. – We get to write ’em back. – It’s from Sarah in Ohio. – Oh, let’s open it up. – Dear Gertie and Therma,
I love your videos. You’re the best. Gertie, I love your hats. Thank you. – Whoa.
– Where did you get it? – It’s a good hat.
– I got it from my closet. Therma, you are the best. So are you, Gertie. I’m the bestest, Thers.
– Oh. – I love your videos. My favorite video’s Yeti in My Spaghetti. That is my favorite video.
– That is a good one. – Yeah, and Sarah just says, like, I’m the bestest in the whole world, and yeah, and I’m amazing
and the glitterest-tastic and yeah, so.
– Oh. – Oh, this one’s yours.
– This one’s yours. – (gasps) Oh, rainbow
unicorn butterfly kitten. – It’s a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a yeti, yeti! (gasping) Thank you! It’s a yeti. – We’re gonna put ’em up in our room. – Lots of you guys have seen yetis. This is so cool. (gentle music) Right there.
– Right there. – Aww. – Oh my goodness (gasps). This is almost as good
as the fluffy stuff. Try the sour candy, Shawny. Ah, I think he likes it. Therma, Therma! – Oh, oh. – Hi, guys, welcome back to Gertie and Therma!
– Gertie and Therma! – First Fashion Favorites! Therma, guess what I
have planned for today. – No, what is it, Gertie? – We’re gonna go to one
of my favorite studios. – No, not, not another studio, Gertie. – The painting studio! Ah, let’s go!
– No! (lively music) – (sighs) Hi, Therma,
welcome to my portrait studio AKA, my art studio. – Aww.
– Today we’re going to be painting portraits
of each other’s face. – Okay, Gertie. – I have all my glitters ready. So let’s begin. Therma, don’t you want a paintbrush? – (gasps) Yeti, yeti! Yeti? (Therma gasps) No, no.
– Therma. – That’s made out of yeti fur.
– This is not yeti fur. – It’s made out of yeti fur.
– It’s not yeti fur. – It’s made out of yeti fur. I’m not painting with a paintbrush. Ah!
(paintbrush clacks) No paintbrushes!
– I want to use that one! – I tried to pick out
the most neutral tones to try and resemble
nature in your portrait. – Okay. – So, the only bright one
I really have is this. – I’m using this for… Wait, what did you say, neutral tones? – Yeah – Therma, I’m the
opposite of neutral tones. – But your painting is
gonna represent nature. – Okay, here we go. Yes. – I think that’s accurate. – Here, here. – No, Gertie.
– Swatchy, Therma, swatchy. Oh, perfect, blends right in. – Okay. – Now there’s no paint
left for the portraits. – Uh-oh. – This is your face now. I can only fill in a little bit. Oh, I got some blue. ♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪ – You’re doing a good job, Gertie. – Thanks, I don’t know how you’re doing, but I think I’m doing pretty good. – I’m not gonna use a paintbrush, ’cause they’re made out of yetis. – They’re not. – So, I’m just gonna mix
the colors with my finger. (gentle music) – Oh, now it’s turning green. Okay, I think I got the base
of your head pretty good. Doesn’t that look good?
– Let’s see, let’s see. – What? No, Therma! What? No, Therma, Therma, I sparkle, I sparkle! This is not my skin tone. Don’t you know? I have to add some glitter to you. Glitter time (grunts)! (gentle music) Okay, perfect. – This reminds me of art
day with my yeti friends. – No glitter gets left behind. Okay, art day? – With my yeti friends. – What? – We had annual art days. – Open up your eyes, Therma. Okay, I know the shade. – We had annual art days as
well as seasonal shower days. (upbeat music) I think this looks like nature. That’s a good size of your face. I’m gonna make your hair green, because that’s what the yetis look like before seasonal shower day. – Therma, what? That’s gross. – Oh it’s perfect. I love green hair. – Therma!
– The only reason why the yetis had green hair
though is because of the algae. – Algae, Isn’t that the Loch Ness Monster? – No. – I’m making your eyes. – Your hair is really long. (Therma laughs) (playful music) – Can’t forget the unibrow. Think I’m doin’ pretty good so far. – Me too.
– I’m a winner, chicken dinner.
– Yes, you are. – Okay, for the nose, gold. – Ta da! (playful music) – Come on, go! Go on! – Okay.
– Come on, glitter, go on! Ah! Oh, Therma, I think I caused a hole in the portrait. – Uh-oh, Gertie. – Well, that’s one nose hole. Realistic! That’s realistic. I like to make my paintings realistic. Look, look, Therma, you
can even pick your nose. All right, I think I’m done
with that weird mood swing. Let’s put the lips on. – I’m gonna give you a, um, a yeti shirt. Ah. (upbeat music) – Do you have luscious lips, Therma? Let me see, let me see, luscious lips. Very luscious. – Thanks. (upbeat music) Oh I love painting. (upbeat music) (Therma sniffs) – I gotta put some glitter on that lips. – I’m gonna have it where you’re going to the seasonal yeti festival where you wear your special yeti outfit. I have my–
– Wait, what? I don’t have any yeti outfits! – I have mine in the closet, and I only use it on special occasions. So that’s what I’m gonna
have you be wearing. – [Gertie] Okay. – And then–
– I gotta make your hair. – Now, time for the eyes! (upbeat music) – Okay. – It’s done. – What color should I make your hair? Red. I’ve always wanted you
to have red hair, Therma. – You’re always smiling, Gertie, so I’m giving you a big smile. – Thanks, Therma! – And now it’s time for the eyebrows! – [Gertie] Oh yes, my
eyebrows are always on fleek. (gentle music) – Oh. I think I’m doing really good. – Me too, I think it’s an
accurate portrayal of you. – I’m gonna do the sun now because, since she’s at the yeti festival, she’s gonna be outside, and
we need to have the sun. – Wow, you’re even going all out on the background, Therma. I’m surprised! – Here’s the sun. Oh, that’s really bright. It kinda hurts my eyes (gasps). – Oh, I’ve gotta add lots
of little fun sparkle parts. Okay. – I love painting, Gertie. – Oh, I love this noise, listen. (paintbrush swishing) This is what I go to sleep to. – Yeah, I never noticed that, Gertie. – ‘Cause you’re always asleep, Therma. (gentle music) – I’m gonna make a cloud too. – Don’t forget to sign it at the end. (gentle music) – Are you almost done, Gertie? – Almost. – Your arms are gonna be at your side, since you’re at the yeti festival, because you have to walk like a yeti, but I have to make a yeti
in the background too. But I’m gonna make a Sasquatch, because you can’t see
the yetis in the painting with the paint, so here’s
a Sasquatch instead. (gentle music) – Lots of gold glitter sparkles. I love the gold. It’s one of my favorite
colors besides pink. Okay, I’m gonna sign it! – There’s a yeti, well,
kind of a Sasquatch. He’s in the background. I didn’t paint a yeti, because you couldn’t see
it on the paper (laughs). – Okay, I signed it, now to
pour on my favorite part. – I’m gonna sign it with two fingers. – Glitter time! (gentle music) Yes, wow! (sighs) I think I did the
best work I’ve ever done. – Yeah, good job. – How’s yours going, Therma? There’s not enough glitter on that. – Gertie, Gertie, no Gertie! – There’s not enough. – No, Gertie. – Therma, you need more glitter.
– Gertie, Gertie! – There, that’s good.
– Gertie. (playful music) – Okay, are you done? – I guess. – Okay, let’s show our portraits. – Can you wipe it off my face? I got glitter everywhere. – Oh yeah, sure. – (gasping) Gertie! (Therma grunting) – Good. – The glitter’s off now? – Yeah, it’s all off. – Okay, Gertie, there’s
too much glitter now. Mine doesn’t look good. – I think it looks fantabulous! – You haven’t seen it. – I haven’t seen it, but
if it has glitter on it, then it looks good. – Okay. – Okay, Therma, you reveal yours first! – Ta da! That’s my painting. Do you like it?
– Do I look just like it? – Do you like it, Gertie? – Therma! (Therma grunts) Why are my eyebrows so bushy? – ‘Cause, ’cause they are. – No, no. No, Therma, no! Therma, I don’t think
that’s my hair color. I don’t think that’s the right hair color. – I like it. I think I did a good job.
– Just wait till you see mine. You ready, ready, yeti? Here is my portrait of Therma. I think it looks exactly like her. ‘Kay, Therma. – Aw.
– Ta da! (Gertie grunts) – The nose isn’t accurate,
’cause it’s not big enough. – For your finger? – Yeah, I kind of thought– – (gasps) You ruined it! – Sorry, Gertie, I kinda got paint on it. – Therma! – I’m sorry, Gertie. – Now I have to put my finger on it. (sobs) And I have to touch your nose. – It’s okay, Gertie. It’s okay. (gentle music) – You got it in your hair! – It makes it better, Gertie. – You ruined my portrait. (Gertie grunts) – Gertie! Gertie, it’s okay, Gertie. You still have glitter on it. – Who drew the portrait more accurate? Comment down below. – I think I did a pretty good job, Gertie. I don’t know. – I think I won, so–
– Uh-oh, oh. – Should we go back to our… (gasps) There another black dot! How do they keep ending up on there? – You know–
– Therma. Therma.
– It’s a beauty mark? (gentle music) – I’ve gotta repaint that. There, there. Okay, let’s go back to under the stairs. – Let’s go. – Okay, we’re back from
my painting studio. – It was really fun. I really like how this
room is coming along. We have the fan art, our creations. – Oh, diva. – Oh. Oh. – And Shawndes. I really like this room. – It’s a good room. – And your cousins.
– My cousins. – Wow, Therma, we’re so good. We’re so good at creating things, slime, paintings. – Yeah.
– What should we create next? Comment down below and give this video a
big painting thumbs up! That’s all for Gertie and Therma, First Fashion Favorites!
– Favorites! Subscribe. (upbeat music) – Okay, Therma, go to your corner. I’m just done with you.
(Therma groans) I spent too much time today with you. (Therma grunting)
(upbeat music) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11.
– Impressionist, impressions. (upbeat music)

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