Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing In The Style Of Ronnie James Dio – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey, Guys! Welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the PROOF is in the Singing! We decided to take on a DIO medley, now I’ve
done my own version, it’s on my channel, you can check it out, but I thought it would
be really cool to do a female version, too, so… First we’re going to do the song, and we’ll talk about it after, like we always do. Ronnie James Dio. Let’s ROCK! Alright. WHOOO! Awesome job, awesome job, Gabby! Alright,
so what’s really important about this is I get asked a lot “Ken how do I get good
distortion, how do I distort my voice safely, how do I do it without losing my voice?”
Well, what I’ve worked up with Gabriela is we work up a very clean sound, correct
me if I’m wrong. This girl rocks, I mean she does her hour, hour and a half workout
every single day and then we come in the studio and sing for two or three hours on top of
it, sometimes four hours. It’s a long day. So we start out with a clean sound first,
and little by little, with good Open Throat technique, we grow that sound and we can lean
into it more and more by cutting back the air, holding the breath, and then kind of
pushing into that sound with natural distortion, not a contrived distortion that can hurt you
severely. So anyway, the next thing I want to talk about,
too, is if you’re interested, click here, you can check out my course, Ken Tamplin Vocal
Academy. I cover all of this in the course, if you’re interested, and we have more stuff
coming your way. So stay tuned, and until next time. Peace. Out.
See you soon.

100 thoughts on “Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing In The Style Of Ronnie James Dio – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. No one …and I mean no one! Can sound like RJD …but I love this girls voice. I won't comment on how beautiful she is (even though I have) because it would take the focus away from her abilities….fantastic effort…but you are trying to achieve a perfection that was given to one soul…..10 out of 10 though …😎

  2. I bet she can sing Tony Martin too …I have seen a good clip of Chronicode recommended by Iommi but Gabriella can do it even better

  3. i try and sing dio songs and i feel like i dont have enough power in my voice and my voice cracks to kingdom fucking come. i wanna sing in that clear booming voice style so bad because in my mind its the best. i might just look into this academy stuff.

  4. Wow that was awesome! I've always wanted to know how to sing and Rock is where it's at for me. The selection of Ronnie is a great one that guy's voice was amazing. I'd like to sound like a cross between Dio and David Coverdale.

  5. Габриела супер .Фантастический голос .Где альбомы песни Продюсеры спят .Она лучшая вокалистка хард и Хеви Пиши пой и удачи тебе красивая женщина

  6. Hi Ken!
    Thank you for another amazing video featuring Gabriela. She has a fantastic voice, I love her videos!! ❤

  7. Hello!! , I would love to learn to sing like that, I have a doubt … to sing like that is with vocal technique or you have to be born singing

  8. It's interesting! Though I'm a Japanese person who is not good at English, I feel your song is almost same as Ronnie James Dio. Interesting!

  9. В начале немного неуверенно, но потом….отрыв башки! Шикарно! Габриэла – не знаю чего больше в тебе, естественной красоты или отличного голоса….но все вместе сочетается фантастически. )))
    At the beginning a uncertain, but then….separation of the head! Great! Gabriela – I don’t know what is more in you, of natural beauty or a great voice….but all together it works fantastically. )))

  10. The hell of a singer, for sure! Love to see her singing rock n' roll. However, that's just a collection of covers – she doesn't sound like Dio at all!

  11. I always come back here to drool over Gabi's vocals.:) Just curious how much effects is used here because I think I can hear some reverb ?

  12. she has an amazing voice, but i think maybe she could usd a little more staccatto punch. you dont always have to drag out a note as far as you can, a punchy short shouted syllable can be very effective. remember, space is music too 😉

  13. She sounds great, but not thrilled about watching her read the prompter! Monitors up at eye level! Just my two cents! @@

  14. Surely from up there the legend R.J.Dio smile..and said :"Oh yeah!!! WTF amazing voice "…Excellent 🤘😎🤘👏👏👏👏

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