31 thoughts on “G2A Promises Key Blocking With a HUGE Catch – Inside Gaming Daily

  1. I feel like the list makes sense. If no developer is going to use the function, because they don't like g2a, why spend the money on it?

  2. I use Humble Bundle Monthly, but instead of selling the games i don't want, I give them away to my subscribers for free. Of course, they most likely then go sell, but well I can't make them play it.

  3. G2A's new blocker system is great, you just give them all the keys you don't want them to sell and they promise not to sell them

  4. Why is everyone pointing at G2A!?!?

    Ummm. Maybe we should attack the source.

    You know. Attack the people that are stealing credit cards and keys in the first place instead of killing a key reseller?

    I'm sure everyone enjoyed buying a used game once in lofe. G2A is along the same lines. Imagine if some one bought the games from a toys R us with a stolen credit card then resold the games from Gamestop.

    Well that has happened in real life. Many of times. So let's blame Gamstop for selling stolen games as well when they don't even know what's stolen!?!?

    That makes since?

  5. Why the hell doesnt g2a just give a small percentage of the profit to the developers???? That would solve so much of the issues developers have

  6. Even if they did make this voting thing why do i get the feeling that there gonna manipulate the results.

  7. There are a shit ton of other sites like G2A, why only bash against them ? There is kinguin, g2play, cjs-cdkeys, allkeyshop, cdkeys,scdkey, gamivo, instantgaming… and on and on and on. I hope I'm not the only one who knows about this but I feel kind of unfair to go toward only one company. And by the way there is even dlccompare that compares the best prices in these stores…

  8. Have G2A ever pulled out any of their supposed facts that disproves how hard they lean towards being a black market from anywhere else other than their own ass?

  9. To me it sounds like the developers are looking for a scapegoat for poor sales of their mostly shitty games and resorting to the proven false pirate claims

  10. I wonder what would happen if there was a concerted effort from a large number of people to try and floor G2A with fake keys. If people thought the keys they were going to buy from G2A were unlikely to work they may opt for a legitimate store or piracy instead. Either way its better for the devs

  11. If G2A blocks keys for a certain game then I'll just go to a site that doesn't block keys for that game. Simple as that.

    Where can I say that I DON'T want these "features"?

  12. Just FYI it’s against HumbleBundles TOS to sell HB keys.

    You should’ve mentioned that when you mentioned them.

  13. I agree that G2A is terrible for the gaming industry. However, it kind of bothers me that companies such as GameStop, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy aren't also being scrutinized. They sell used games at full profit to them and 0% profit to the developers. Sure, they aren't selling stolen games but the fact still remains that through these companies, people are purchasing these games and the developers don't see a dime of that money.

  14. They simply put the official keys in a master list for each developer to check for validity…. until its hacked. Giving the entire keybase to hackers.

  15. I bought Far Cry 3 from G2A when I was ignorant to their practices. I lost Farcy 3 within two weeks….I understand Ubisoft, I get it.

  16. for a game that has from 50 – 100 people playing it according to steam DB maybe this developer who had some large investment in his company might blame someone else for lower than expected sales (the game was in early access and very few people played it about 30 a day then the game had a peak then crashed again MAYBE PEOPLE DONT PLAY ALOT OF BIKING GAMES AND YOUR SALES REFLECT THAT) idk just my thought

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