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Here at IFA 2015 Panasonic is showcasing this environment here called “A Better Living for Tomorrow” and we’re going to ask Mike all about it to see what’s new. Mike, what have you got to show us? Well, welcome to the kitchen. You may have seen this one before, this is the induction hub that reacts intelligently to where you place the pots and pans. That’s just moving along with the pan. Moving along with the pan, even this here
becomes a sensor for the weight. But let me show you something you haven’t seen before. On this here we’ve got a personal screen, and you’re probably thinking, “why do
I need a screen in the kitchen?” Well what it is this screen does is it’s linked in to my fridge and also knows a little bit about me as a person, and it can see my data, it knows I need to eat healthily, that’s not a secret, and so it’s recommending some recipes based on both healthy living and what I’ve got in the fridge/freezer.
That’s impressive. It’s saying I’ve got all the ingredients here for a vegetable pizza. Do you fancy a vegetable pizza?
I’d love a vegetable pizza Mike. So as we have a look inside it’s going to tell me what ingredients and also even how to chop up a pepper. So you’ve just tapped on the pepper and now there’s a video there ready to play. Yup. And we play the video, step by step instructions. So even I can cook you a nice pizza. That’s brilliant, I’m constantly frustrated with wondering what to have for dinner when I get home from work. This is the product for you.
Brilliant. Mike, is my pizza ready yet?
Here is your pizza. Enjoy. That looks fantastic. Wow, what’s going on with the lights, Mike? So this is an example of the intelligent lighting system we’ve got with Panasonic, it’s picking out some of the colors from the pizza, creating a nice vibrant mood for us to enjoy our dinner. That looks delightful. Did you enjoy your trip last week? I did, actually, and funny you should say because I wanted to show you some video I took. And on our display here, I can pick the video and throw it up to the big screen. And you see the whole window there has been turned into a large display. Wow, that is impressive. Beautiful. Underwater scenery.
How beautiful. So what did you think of the kitchen of thefuture? The kitchen of the future is really impressive, Mike. I can’t wait to actually be in it, there and then. Great.
Thank you. Hey Mike, thanks for the pizza, it was lovely. No, thank you, are you enjoying the music? The music is fantastic, it sounds like it’s coming all around me. It is actually coming from all around you, well spotted. We’ve got these rug speakers that are bringing you surround sound from every part of the room. I can see them actually, on the corners there. Yeah. And do you know what else this sound is good for, it’s movies. Do you fancy watching a movie?
I’d fancy watching a movie, yeah. Want to pick a movie?
I think I’ll pick uh…that one. Oh you’ve got the touch.
And in the home of the future… Oh that’s really impressive Mike. Let’s enjoy the film. Hi Mike, we’re in the bedroom scene here
in the Panasonic IFA Show 2015. I can see an interactive mirror in front of
me and it looks really interesting. Tell me what’s going on. Yeah, so the bedroom of the future has got an interactive mirror which you may have seen before from Panasonic because what you can do is stand in front of it and try out different types of makeup, which I know you love to do.
I love a bit of makeup. So if you’re interested in that, check out the video which is already on the internet. This is the new version of the mirror, which in addition to doing that can also give you vital information about your sleeping habits, about how your heart rate is responding, about how warm you are. And you might be thinking, “well why is that useful?” so let’s go over to the bed and take a look. Okay. Have a seat.
Thank you. So you see above the bed it’s monitoring the heart rate, it’s monitoring the temperature, it’s monitoring how deep you sleep, and it can adjust heat and humidity to make you more comfortable. Okay, I’ve also noticed Mike, here on the right of me on the bed here is like, sunlight shining through with the shadow of a tree and in my ear I can hear the singing of birds. Absolutely, yeah. That’s part of the intelligent lighting and audio system which is gently bringing you out of your deep sleep and waking you up into the new day. So in this case we’ve got birdsong and sunlight, equally you could have it at the end of the day of it gradually getting darker and quieter and helping you drift off to sleep. This is all part of the bedroom of the future as seen by Panasonic. That’s fantastic. Thanks Mike.
Thank you.

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