Future Jobs: Media Art

(upbeat techno music) – I work as a game programmer
for Digital Dream Labs. My primary job is to program the gameplay, the U.I. implementation, create shaders and various visual effects for the game. People here come from various backgrounds, with a passion to make games
or videos or animations. Even artists, programmers,
designers, and producers. – I animate for all character assets, or almost all of them, for the game. My interest in art has
always been with me. I’ve always been interested in comic books and later on, animation. I think that it’s one of
the most effective ways to do storytelling in
our culture right now. – [Swapnil] The team comes together, and then everyone brings
some ideas to the table, like what are the character, what are the basic actions of
the game and the basic goals? And once we all are
excited about one idea, that’s when we take it to the
next phase of the prototype. – We talk together and plan out what character design did we like best. From there on, we would make spreadsheets of each of their movement
and how they would move. If I were to wave my hand, it’s
very simple, here and here. And then, I would just have to fill out everything in between, and that’s what digital animation is. – [Swapnil] So nowadays,
programming is widely used in everything, not just games. – [An] When it comes to
working as an animator, there are different
ways that you can work. – I feel like the game
industry has evolved a lot, and now is a very good time
to be in this industry.

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