100 thoughts on “Frozen 2 Ending – Elsa Transformation

  1. I think they didn’t give her all the powers because then it would have seemed like she’s basically an Avatar and some people would have had a problem with that

  2. I can see what you mean by her transformation and magic being comparable to the feelings some one who is LGBTQ might go through.. but I don’t see anything to suggest she herself is at all LGBTQ. Indisputable that is is comparable and probably intentionally so but idk if I’d say she is closeted. At least not yet…

  3. I figure sense it’s water. It is basically in everything. Us, life, everything of this Earth 🌎 🌏 🌍 so it does make sense. So ice is just a piece of it, to make wha she needs concrete….? Just my assumption.

  4. I don't think Elsa is gay in the slightest. I think I'm not the only one who feels offended when gay characters are shoehorned into movies/TV just to tick a check box or cause a bit of media storm. And NO Marvel! We don't need a gay superhero movie, thanks!

  5. Grace, please promote family values during this holiday season, not look for LGBT values in a children's movie that are not there.. this is the reason this world is messed up with lack of strong family values between male and female

  6. Guys, I can’t see the rainbow on the dress… I’m so confused I only see white with a little bit of grey.. I think I’m colorblind

  7. Elsa is not a member of the community. It has already been confirmed. Elsa is strong independent woman that doesn't make her asexual either.

  8. If they're planning to do Frozen 3. I've got some great ideas for what kind of storytelling would be.
    Like adding 2 more powerful elemental power characters:
    Red Lava,Magma (Elsa's new boyfriend ?) and Yellow Lightning/speed of light along side with Elsa "the Blue Ice"
    Elsa is such an interesting Disney princess. Obviously the best Disney princess I've seen so far.
    The sequel is much better than the previous one full of suprises and mysteries. Our heroes've grown up
    Keep it mind guys, Elsa has one of the most powerful elemental power which is "Ice".
    You can see throughout the movie she feels guilty of using her power
    She's litteraly the " Blue Articuno " she has to remember : With great power comes great responsability

  9. It's not a node to the LGBTQ community, but I'm sure Disney doesn't have a problem accepting credit for people like this drawing this "conclusion "

  10. Honestly, I’d rather that they’d either make Elsa full on LGBTQ+ or not. All of this queer baiting is just disrespectful. Especially since the LGBTQ+ has been so supportive of Disney.

  11. I feel like Kristof and the Aaron Dell reindeer guy had more queer baiting than Elsa, there was some definite sexual tension between them to! I ship them so hard.

  12. What if Elsa isn't a sexual Noir LGBT maybe she's just part human part spirit and doesn't need to have a love interest hhmmmm????? It's becoming more plain and clear that Elsa looks less human than anyone else with her super white hair and super pale skin maybe she's more Spirit than that's why she doesn't need a love interest.

  13. Well, I'm all for LGBT content as a gay man but I honestly didn't sense anything. Her existence in the movie DID kinda feel off though.

  14. "I saw all the works that were done under the sun,And look! everything was futile, a chasing after the wind."(Ecclesiastes 1:14)"There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, anyone practicing magic, anyone who looks for omens, a sorcerer, anyone binding others with a spell, anyone who consults a spirit medium or a fortune-teller, or anyone who inquires of the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to Jehovah, and on account of these detestable practices Jehovah your God is driving them away from before you."(Deuteronomy 18:10-12) These two bible principles are the only things that I have to say about this matter.

  15. I swear people think Elsa is asexual just because she's lonely 😂 the writers and director's have made it clear that Elsa is supposed to be representation for lgbt community. Disney is scarred of backlash and boycotts which is why they won't come out directly with it. But hopefully they will come out with it next time.

  16. Not everything has to be taken as gay symbolism. Like a rainbow is honestly just pretty to look at sometimes. You do this alot and its honestly starting feel like think there always has to be an lgbt gimmick of some kind.

  17. grace.. enuff of frozen already.. review klaus now.. frozen 2 is not the best reviewed animation this holiday season.. klaus is

    being on netflix doesn’t mean its not good

  18. Just because a woman or man doesnt have a partner, doesnt mean they are actually gay. I know plenty of people who haven't been with anyone for most of their lives and they arent gay or asexual.

    They just chose not to date and get married. Though most I know, are slowly dying due to cancer or autoimmune diseases.

  19. in the beginning elsa's main element was winter similar to Jack Frost, even if she is the fifth does not mean she mastered other 4 element. Ps:i think both jack and elsa's power may… comes from emotion

  20. ok Elsa being lqbtq is so stupid ,just because she doesn't have a love interest , she's strong and independent ,and that she wears pants (lol) , doesn't mean she's gay (does it have to be in everything)

  21. But… Elsa BARELY Interacted with that girl. She was basically like Kristoff with Elsa in the first film where they had almost no meaningful lines together

  22. I saw the movie and i don't know the point of this video…. Then i thought the Elsa love relationship might happen with a post credit scene….. I waited to see Olaf funny scene with other snowmen….

  23. I feel like the LGBT+ community deserve more than nods and winks at this stage. Being unclear about it seems to reinforce the idea that anything other than heterosexuality should be kept secret.

  24. Whaw, Grace, the look on your face from the first part of the entry where you are neutral going into the second part where you feel emotionally connected to Elsa and her coming out made your face change completely and you fought to keep your tears back! So I guess in the movie theatre a lot of crying has happened seeing that part of the movie!

  25. Hi Grace! First, I love your videos. I always learn alot when it comes to the workings of the film industry. So thank you for that. But:
    Two things. First. If Disney was going to make Elsa gay, they would have made a point of marketing the hell out of it to make a buck. We saw this back with the live action Beauty and the Beast (which, in the end was incredibly insulting). Second. At this point, we need more than a damn "nod" to our community. It's 2019 and we're still discussing hidden clues about a character's sexuality in a movie. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've heard the lyrics and seen the photos. Everything mentioned can be attributed to a whole host of marginalized communities from mental illness to people of color. And yes, the gay community. But that's the point. ANYONE can relate to her struggle. And that's ok. But if we're singling out the gay community- and I don't think Disney is, then a subtle nod is not enough. I always appreciate the conversation you start about diversity in Hollywood. I think it's an important topic these days and necessary to think about from all angles. But I'm always a little disappointed with the discussion surrounding the lgbt community and I don't think I've seen an lgbt video on your channel yet where I think you've hit the mark. Especially when you ranted about The Legend of Korra "turning" Korra gay, but then praise Disney for a restrained "nod" to the lgbt community that I really (reeeeeeeally) don't think is there.
    That's just my two cents. Thank you for the great videos!

  26. I disagree. I think people see what they want to see and that is why people have always attached themselves to the "messages" of Frozen. I feel that the journey is unearned and the third act is rushed.

  27. Grace, I love you but you just spoiled the FUCK out of me with this. I didn’t even watch the video. And so what if the still is in the trailer (I haven’t seen the trailer) the fact that you put “ELSA’s TRANSFORMATION” in the title spoiled this. Big time. I’m really disappointed.

  28. I really like Elsa's storyline in this movie. And her final scene, where she's setting of for a new adventure (?), being totally free, is brilliant.

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